Dungy says Ross’s commitment to improving locker room is “sincere”


On Monday, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross announced that he had formed a committee to help improve the team’s internal standards. Among the membership, which includes names like Don Shula and Dan Marino, is former Buccaneers and Colts coach Tony Dungy.

“Stephen Ross asked me to serve on his committee to make recommendations on his team’s conduct policies,” Dungy said in a statement released by his current employer, NBC. “I accepted his invitation because his passion to take a fresh look at the standards of behavior for the Miami Dolphins is sincere. I look forward to working on this important initiative after the season with Coach Philbin and the impressive list of former coaches and players that Stephen has brought together. My hope is that this will benefit athletes and coaches everywhere.”

Tony is right; Ross seems to be genuinely sincere regarding his commitment to improving the team’s workplace. Regardless of the specifics, Ross seems to realize based on the evidence already produced and Martin’s decision to leave the team that something happened that shouldn’t have happened. And Ross seems eager — some would say too eager — to make it right.

Regardless, Ross seems to be committed to preventing it from happening again. With Dungy’s assistance, that’s the goal.

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  1. There are actions and inactions and intentions that they need to be considered. I never had any reason to ever suspect that Ross didn’t have good intentions, but I’m curious about the choice of actions and inactions regarding this situation. That’s the stuff that counts the most for me.

  2. Tony Dungy has been one of the real class guys of the league for decades , and I think Ross’ reaching out to him is a great move. However , I’m sure Fins haters everywhere will find a way to try and spin this as a bad move.

  3. Has any winning organization in the history of anything needed a committee like this to learn how to create the right atmosphere for winning?

    If your head coach can’t cultivate the right environment in the locker room and the right attitude in his team, then I’m pretty sure you have the wrong guy leading your team.

    Absolutely ridiculous. Just when you think the Dolphins couldn’t get any more pathetic, they find a new way……

  4. It seems like too many cooks in the kitchens. You’d think it doesn’t take that people to implement a new code of conduct where white players don’t call black players the n word, teammates don’t abuse one another, and the GM drafts people with the mental makeup that will fit in with the players already on team since they don’t have any player leaders.

  5. Tony Dungy had no problem being in the same locker room with Marvin Harrison, who has been linked to some mysterious deaths in Philadelphia…
    I have a problem with this “Boy Scout” committee. It’s all “window dressing.”

  6. The owner is not black. Shocked that Dungy would take him up on this offer. Funny they are going to ask for help with a guy who didnt even realize his own son needed help. Sad.

  7. First things first. Act like an owner, and make a statement by firing the GM and head coach. THEN form the advisory committee to draw up plans for moving forward.

  8. What an embarrasment Philbin has become. To have it announced that a committee has been formed to supervise how you run your locker room. If Philbin isn’t fired after this season, I’m sure this will make him resign. It takes a lot of none-effort to surpass Rex Ryan in terms of not knowing what’s going on in your locker room.

  9. Someone needs to order a Code Red on Philbin so he doesn’t put guys like Incognito in team leadership positions

    Maybe that’s why Jason Taylor is on the “committee”

  10. Am I the only one who thinks this whole thing is overblown and that Tony Dungy has no right to talk about sketchy guys in the locker room? Cough Marvin Harrison Cough.

  11. My question is what kind of a consultant fee Dungy gets for all this mentoring and committeeing and general good-guying he’s always doing. It’s certainly a shrewd PR move to involve him, because from Vick to this, he’s usually the first guy to start saying positive things about any situation to his built in platform. Getting kinda sketchy at this point.

  12. Why don’t you all wait and see what happens when the NFL have finished. You jump to conclusions and have no idea at all what happened. No one does, except the guys involved.
    Everyone has wonderful ideas, but no clue what has happened. The only thing that’s obvious, Jonathon Martin walked out on the team. Incognito is suspended, apart from that, who knows anything??? It’s all guess work!!

  13. Well if Saint Dungy says so it must be true, right ?

    I don’t think Ross cares about anything but extorting millions of dollars from Florida taxpayers because the poor little billionaire doesn’t have enough “in reserve” so he can live well enough.

  14. People, people! Have we forgotten the behavior of Warren Sapp while Spock Dungy was Bucs’ coach? Everyone knows it was Herm Edwards who kept them in line. Dungy, nice man, good motivator, sincere, but loyal to a fault. It was his undoing in Tampa. For all you Gruden deniers, just remember “Dungy couldn’t win with Dungy’s team.”

  15. What a joke. Funny, where’s the great NFLPA when all this goes down? Isn’t this a workplace issue maybe they should call in the department of labor! Once again the utopianism team is going to clean up everything and make it perfect.

  16. Doesn’t say much about Philbin. Can you imagine a committee telling Bill Belichick anything to do with his locker room?

  17. Droopy Dog aka Stephen Ross with another brilliant idea on how to run an NFL franchise.

    How did this guy ever become accepted into the club. Money talks.

  18. Twenty century ideas in the twenty first century.

    Talk about HAS BEENS. Shula, Marino, Dungy. How about Bobby Bowden, how could they leave out Bobby?

  19. As much as I like Tony Dungy for his some of his onfield analysis, his righteousness reaches levels of b$ most times…like now. He’s probably got a quiet paycheck directly from Goodell to say things that quell matters exactly like this one.
    And…while we’re at it…if we’re going to question Peyton Manning, shouldn’t he be questioned as well for not winning more SB’s with Peyton Manning as his qb?

  20. What I don’t like about this committee is that it is too specific to one team (Miami) and Ross may be giving too much latitude to individual member idiosyncrasies.

    For example, Dungy is very anti cursing. No cursing is palatable to some but may be an entire vocabulary to others. It is not reasonable to expect them not to curse.

    Is this committee’s new anti hazing and conduct guidelines limited to the Dolphins locker room. This is the reason why I think that the NFL should have been more involved in this whole process (fixing the problem) instead of leaving the Dolphins and Ross to navigate this mess solo.

    I’m sure the NFL is helping to facilitate some things but they need to be more vested because ultimately, the rules this committee generates will impact the Dolphins but will have no bearing on the 31 others. What happens to behavioral expectations i.e. you cannot do x here in Miami but may be OK to do it in Chicago once traded.

    No bueno. @jamaltimore, you are right, this has NFLPA written all over it.

  21. Dungy gives me the creeps. He is setting up to be the Jesse Jacksonesque racial shakedown artist of the NFL. In fact he is already there.

    Let me “counsel” your team or you get labeled.

  22. There’s a ton of money to be lost. I won’t be surprised to see ‘committees’ showing up in 31 other cities to protect their interests. This ‘culture’ is going to go deep underground…

  23. Dumbo Dungy? Heck he only gets involved when he needs to push the black envelope once again. I think he would be happier if all white owners and managers left the game and he could personally insert all of the black people he feels are relevant for the positions.
    He may play the part of a gentleman’s gentlemen, but when it gets down to it, his main intentions are power to my people.

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