Ed Reed out in Houston

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Ed Reed’s stint in Houston was a short one.

Reed, the veteran safety who signed with the Texans this season, will be released today, according to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle.

The news makes a lot of sense, as Reed has been a disappointment on the field and is expressing frustration off the field. Reed’s playing time has been in decline, and on Sunday he said the Texans were out-coached in their loss to the Cardinals, which couldn’t have endeared him to the coaching staff.

Although Reed was once a great safety, at age 35 he’s not the player now that he was in his prime with the Ravens.

Like all players who are released after the trade deadline, Reed is subject to waivers. It will be interesting to see whether the Ravens put in a claim for him, but considering that they didn’t show much interest in keeping him in the offseason, they may not have much interest in bringing him back now.

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  1. Love Ed Reed, but he should have hung up his cleats after the Super Bowl. Could have retired a champ.

    He’ll probably sign a one-day contract with the Ravens to retire as a Raven.

  2. Only surprising in that, it was so soon. I guess calling out your team after a game proved to not be a good idea.

    Kerry Rhodes? I’m STUNNED no one has picked him up.

  3. Everyone knew signing Reed was a bad idea except for the Texans.

    Nice knowing you, Ed. See you in the HOF in 2018 or so.

  4. He should become a veteran presence on another team as long as he understands that he can not play anymore at his personal level. Just spread your knowledge and work ethic and collect a season or two of a couple millions..

  5. Reed should have retired after his Super Bowl win. He was still smart enough to ball hawk a few picks, but it was painfully obvious that he no longer had the foot speed to keep up, and he flat out couldn’t make an open field tackle anymore. No one will touch him. Reed is going to Canton, but his time as an active NFL player has ended.

  6. TT would never sign him but you can’t tell me that Reed would have misplayed those two deep balls against the Eagles. The Pack need help in the secondary BADLY!

  7. Really hoping the Panthers grab him. He’s definitely not the best he’s ever been but he can still make some plays and even though panthers front seven is possibly the best in the league, still need some help in the secondary

  8. The Texans organization is a joke, and I am a Texan fan. Ed Reed has been a disappointment, but to fire him for one pretty true statement and not fire a kicker who has cost you games is a joke. If Ed Reed went to Texas A&M like Kubiak he would still have a job.

  9. I’m a Pats fan but Ozzie usually knows when to let guys go. Heck they probably did him a solid keeping him last year.

  10. Almost like he wanted to get cut and hope to get picked up by a better team. He’s certainly not going to get scooped up by a team that doesn’t have a better record and still some playoff hopes.

  11. The Steelers will sign him as he will help the defense by keeping teams like the Patriots scoring only 40-45 points per game instead of 55 and QB’s like Pryor only running 85 yards instead of 93 yards for a TD! 3-6 hahahaha

  12. The outcoaching comments may have been the straw but Reed was AWFUL as a Texan.

    He’s being cut because in 7 games he has 0 passes defended, 0 INTs, and he won’t hit anyone.

    He’s been a terrible safety this year. He’s getting out played by Shiloh Keo…..

    I am SO glad they are doing this. Lets the team and fans know that what is going on right now is not acceptable.

  13. Unfortunately the Packers are probably content with M.D. Jennings and Jerron McMillian. Come on Ted here’s your chance for a serious upgrade in your weakest position.

  14. He won’t clear waivers. With Talib dinged up I wouldn’t be surprised if the Patriots picked him up. Belichick has a history of picking up players that have done well against the Pats.

  15. Good riddance. It was cool to say Ed Reed once wore a Texan jersey, but he had no right to open his mouth given his beyond awful play.

  16. glad my team finally made at least one correct personnel decision. other heads need to roll as well.

  17. There was always talk that Ed Reed was a better safety than Brian Dawkins. Now, Reed’s body of work seems to be complete at age 35. Dawk was in the Pro Bowl at 35, and again at 37. Brian Dawkins was the better safety in the end.

  18. Reed is a legend and should be first ballot HOF (IMO) – but his play has slipped for years. Really noticeably.

    I couldn’t believe a team believed to be knocking on the door (Texans) acted like a bad fantasy owner – and broke out the checkbook and a lot of zeroes.

  19. That’s what happens when u jump ship to go to a Overrated team..I can see him back with the Ratbirds by the end of the week..should have just took a pay cut and stayed to begin with..You’re not 25 no more Ed

  20. His play plus his mouth got him fired. If he hadn’t bashed the coaches he likely would still be with the team. Let this be a lesson to keep your darned mouth shut.

  21. Disfunction is an understatement, should have never signed with this overrated offseason paper champs

  22. Not sure if this old dog can still hunt, but it would be pretty amazing to see him and an original Raider, Chuck Woodson, playing side by side in Oakland… for the veteran minimum of course.

  23. Patriots should give him a look.

    Having a legit shut down cb with Talib and moving McCourty back to CB would give Reed the chance to be the ballhawk that made him a legend.

  24. Signed a 3yr/15M deal, he only gets 5M from the deal now. Not a bad payday for a 35 year old, Houston didnt get anything out of the deal but they didn’t get too burned either.

  25. Ed Reed is not coming back to Baltimore. He already turned his back on Baltimore for another team in the same conference and ran his mouth about Suggs. What Ed said yesterday is nothing new from him. The Ravens really don’t need that around their team right now, especially after a big win.

  26. blackandbluedivision says:
    Nov 12, 2013 12:47 PM
    SN: before you call it a career come to the Bears. Those chumps Conte and Major Wright need a lesson in Tackling 101.
    LOL. I take this to mean you have not actually seen Ed Reed play in the past several years. Ed hasn’t been willing/able to tackle anybody for quite some time, ever since his shoulder and neck issues cropped up.

  27. He should have left with Ray. But though he’s one of the most talented players we’ve seen in the last decade, he’s never been quite the guy Ray is. (Sorry, fellow Steelers fans, but I like Ray.)

  28. If he thought the texans were getting out coached, id love to hear what he thinks about the Vikings coaches. Please sign with Minnesota!

  29. What he said about the coaches might be true but when the main reason you are signed is to be a presence in the locker room of course you are going to be gone. Especially when you are a “ball-hawk” safety that can’t run. He’s never been a big hitter so you can’t use him around the line. The guy got benched for Shilo Keo if that tells you anything.

  30. Since everyone else is throwing out unrealistic landing spots…

    Why not the Jets? Played for Rex so he knows the system…They are thin at Safety…and they are surprisingly in a playoff hunt and might take a flyer to help push them into that last spot…Plus Woody likes him some headline generating players…

  31. Pull the trigger Pittsburgh, and we could have the #1 and #2 of all time in Troy and Ed, respectively, roaming our secondary. Just think of the magic……

    Actually, scratch that, my wife reminded me it’s not 2007 anymore.

  32. Probably a planned and calculated move by Reed to get off the sinking ship of the Texans. He got his money. Now go sign with a professional team.

  33. jetgreeeen says:
    Nov 12, 2013 1:01 PM
    Is it just me, or does Ed Reed look like a 70 year old homeless man???


    Ravens fans have been saying that for at least 5 years now.

  34. Imagine that? Insulting upper management, getting fired, and still getting paid like $6 million. Someone will scoop him for the “veteran presence” or to retire him properly.

  35. kremis says:

    The Steelers will sign him…3-6 hahahaha
    Don’t you root for one of the “3” teams?

  36. in a pass happy era, all ed did was cherry pick for bad passes….couldnt tackle, couldnt stop the run, was average……

  37. Shiloh Keo is finally making an impact as a football player. I wonder if Reed’s coaching and presence had anything to do with that. I hope so. Now, Ed Reed as a player this year…..he just wasn’t worth the money.

  38. Deb says: Nov 12, 2013 1:07 PM

    He should have left with Ray. But though he’s one of the most talented players we’ve seen in the last decade, he’s never been quite the guy Ray is. (Sorry, fellow Steelers fans, but I like Ray.)

    You’re right, he’s never been a self-aggrandizing blowhard accused of murder.

  39. Well this is an ideal scenario, Reed is now being paid $5+ mill to not play & put his chronic neck problems at further risk. NFL NETWORK here we come !

  40. gottagoballsout says: Nov 12, 2013 1:15 PM

    One less “The U” playa. Bye bye Ed. Maybe he could be on the ESPN set with his fellow alumnus Ray Ray. Oh wait Ray Ray didn’t graduate from the “U”.

    You’re right…Ray finished his degree at the University of Maryland.

    Please Ravens fans, don’t even suggest they sign him again unless its to a 1 day contract so he can retire a Raven.

  41. One way to QUICKLY collect $6M, get yourself cut, and possibly picked up again.

    Deion Sanders used to do this:
    get picked up – get himself cut & keep the bonus,
    talk new team into quick fix at corner, get himself cut and keep the bonus.
    Deion collected a LOT of mullah in his later football career.

  42. blackandbluedivision says:
    Nov 12, 2013 12:46 PM
    Time to call it a career, bud. All the legendary thumpers at safety are slowly being phased out for cover corners who can catch INT’s and tackle.


    Ed Reed is 10th on the list of most career INTs and was considered one of the best tackling DBs in the game.

  43. He’s from the New Orleans area; the Saints might be interested if Vaccaro misses more than just next week.

    Though really I can’t see any team wanting to take the rest of that contract on…

  44. hands of steel hart of s$$t or whatever – Polamalu was good in his day, but stop drinking the yellow kool aid,,,,,, he’s done. Been done for a couple years now.. The whole D is old… They just gave up 50 points and 30+ twice.

    Ed will go down as the greatest free safety in the history of the game… Numbers don’t lie….

    GO RAVENS…….

  45. Why are they blaming Reed?

    Ever heard of JJ Watt? If it werent for last year, NOBODY would know who he is.

    JJ Watt is the real problem with the defense, he isn’t producing like he was last year when Wade touted him as possibly the best ever…..

    Ed Reed wears a ring, JJ Watt wears 1 good season

  46. No offense guys, but if ever a PFT thread exhibited that posters are ill-informed this is it.

  47. Sad day. As a lifelong Baltimore football fan, Ed “was” one of the most electrifying and game changing players I have ever seen. But in all candor, at least the last 4 years (not including 2013) his physical skill set, primarily due to health, had diminished. He excelled mostly on his knowledge and guile these last couple years. But at a point, he needed the physical skills to continue. He just doesn’t have them.

    He’s never been afraid to speak his mind. He picked Houston because it was the best deal closest to his home in La in a conference he was most familiar with. There will be some interest, only because at the minimum salary he will be a cheap late season addition. He’ll be more of a player-coach at this point.

    If Wilfork were active, I’d say NE would be a destination. But he’s not. Maybe Washington? Maybe the Jets because of Rex? This is his final year!

    @Deb – Hey there. Tough year for us both! You’re right. He should have gone out with Ray.

  48. I could see the Jets taking a chance on him. Rex and reed already love each other. Reed knows the system. The jets are trying to make a run for the playoffs. It just seems like it would make sense to at least take chance

  49. richcranium2112 says:
    Nov 12, 2013 12:55 PM
    Lions, Bears, Vikings – Ed’s looking for a new home.

    Signed, Packers’ Fan
    Packers – Ed’s looking for a new home.

    Signed, Riley Cooper

  50. jerry jones has plenty of money.go see if you can fleece him out of couple mil.you can talk him into how you will fix there awful defence….

  51. The Colts should sign him as a Wide Reciever, Right Guard and Center. He has better hands than DHB, and there is no way he could be worse at blocking that McGlynn and Satele.

  52. He won’t clear waivers. With Talib dinged up I wouldn’t be surprised if the Patriots picked him up.

    Not with that huge contract. Just not going to happen.

  53. A game changer and ball hawk at safety to to say he was a great tackler is just not true.

    He has been a terrible tackler for at least 3 years and was never a great one..

  54. For those of you wanting him to sign, careful what you wish for.

    His comments this week have been the total of his contribution to the Texans. Unless you include he and his representation being less than forthcoming about his health.

    He’s been a complete waste of a roster spot. Time to move on.

  55. He won’t clear waivers. I would expect for Philadelphia, Miami, Dallas, the Jets, New England, and Indianapolis to at least consider making a claim on him. With the playoffs fast approaching, secondary help is a premium. I don’t see how he makes it past his old DCs in Indianapolis or New York on waivers unless his contract was absolutely botched and the new team will be on the hook for a ton.

  56. I don’t think publicly criticizing the coaching staff when the head coach is out is going to make him a popular candidate with other 31 coaching staffs in the league

  57. Going into Sunday’s game I looked forward to seeing Ed Reed on the field and thought Houston had more class and talent than they had been given credit for.I was wrong and they didn’t turn out to be who we thought they were so glad we handed them their *#@^! Go back to Baltimore Ed, that’s a CLASS organization and we want to see you retire in purple and black. Like a few other teams, it seems Houston is having their own set of internal issues and Reed didn’t get what he was signing on for either. Reed was right, against the Cards Houston was outplayed AND outcoached!

  58. Ed Reed would be a perfect fit for the Ravens and their slow aging mediocre defense. Wouldn’t change the fact that the Ravens are Maryland’s second favorite NFL team, next to my beloved Redskins, who are GOD’S CHOSEN TEAM. #HTTR

  59. No way anyone claims on him on waivers…..they would be crazy to give somone that old money for 2 more years.

  60. Come on Cowboys put in a claim. Our defense is horrible and we could use all the help we can get. The Saints just gashed us for over 600+ yards.

  61. CKL says: Nov 12, 2013 12:53 PM

    I’m a Pats fan but Ozzie usually knows when to let guys go. Heck they probably did him a solid keeping him last year.

    Except for the fact that he made the Super Bowl saving tackle on Frank Gore on that final drive that set up the turnover on downs in the final minute. People forget that, but Gore was breaking free for the go ahead score and Reed just barely got him.

  62. imjinrat says: Nov 12, 2013 12:55 PM

    Unfortunately the Packers are probably content with M.D. Jennings and Jerron McMillian. Come on Ted here’s your chance for a serious upgrade in your weakest position.

    duece5 says:

    Ted is too busy playing footsie with dead arm/elbow with Flynn.

    Good luck with that pack fans…..

  63. His contract status is this. he signed a deal for 3 years with the garunteed money for between 5-6 million.he has been paid 5 mil by the texans already and per what i have heard on nfl network he is only owed 400,000 garanteed left. some tea mwill prob take a waiver on him at that price.the rest of hsi contract isnt garanteed after the 400,000 left. again he has been paid 5 mil + by the texans already and his contract was only for 6 mil garanteed. dont think he will clear waivers as the 400,000 will be less than hwat a team would sign him for if he cleared waiveers!

  64. CKL says: Nov 12, 2013 12:53 PM

    I’m a Pats fan but Ozzie usually knows when to let guys go. Heck they probably did him a solid keeping him last year.

    Except for the fact that he made the Super Bowl saving tackle on Frank Gore on that final drive that set up the turnover on downs in the final minute. People forget that, but Gore was breaking free for the go ahead score and Reed just barely got him.



    I just watched the superbowl again the other day and Ellerbe made that tackle.

    Love Ed Reed though

  65. Although Reed didn’t do much for the Texans that’s not the problem! We all know the Ed Reed signing was nothing more than appeasing Andre’s wish to have his buddy on the team. Nice move Rick Smith!!!
    Face it Texans fans… Your entire coaching staff needs to be replaced! When will ownership realize that there should be some level of accountability for coaches and players??? Take a lesson from a team named New England Patriots. You don’t produce… You get released! Teh Texans have a louzy Defensive Secondary who can’t cover anybody and a worthless Offensive Line who can’t block anybody. Your Special Teams coach should have been FIRED seasons ago! Until McNair grows some “balls” you’ll never get past the 1st round of the playoffs!!! Welcome to being “Ordinary”

  66. Reed wouldn’t just be owed his 400K, if a team picked up his contract they’d have to pay him 62,500 for every wk he was active, prob around 800K total. I don’t think Ozzie letting him go was completely about talent. He was asking for 7 mil/yr(which the Ravens didn’t have)and his hip was still bad. I haven’t seen Houston this yr, but the reports on Reed’s play seem to be pretty bad. As for the Pats, they have 4 mil in cap room but Gregory(who was playing well)should be back in a few wks, and they have Harmon in the meantime or could even put Cole at safety. No thanks.

  67. Sadly, father time is undefeated. Time to go Ed. You left it all on the field but its taken a toll on your body and it’s clear by your play. Glad you an extra 5 mill out of the Texans ! Will help you in retirement.

  68. @baltimoresnativeson

    I’m talking about the long run up the far sideline on SF’s final drive that brought them in the red zone. Reed was the final man to beat and it looked as if Gore was going to get past him and didn’t.

  69. Like it or not Flacco haters…Ozzie called this one. Just like he did all the other players he let walk. This, is just another example that skills….not Flacco’s contract is what caused the many departures from last years team. While everyone has the same corny “Elite” joke about Flacco everytime he has a subpar game because of the contract he signed, everyone has also convieniently excussed all the other former Ravens who were all over paid due to the SB win. None of those players (Kruger, Cary Williams, Ellerbe, & Reed) haved played up to the contracts they signed elsewhere. Their replacements however….have. Bottom line, Ozzie spent less & got better production outta the players he brought in. The only true “loss” that team had was Dennis Pitta.

  70. Ed was one of the greatest ever, but he should have left a champ.
    He’s always been a little peculiar but the Ravens were willing to allow their players be themselves…from Ray to Ayenbadeyo to Birk to Reed. I figured that Houston couldn’t handle Ed because they drove Jacoby out of town just like the fans currently are harassing Shaub. You can’t do that and expect championships. Baltimore still loves the OLD Colts as much as the Ravens. That’s the way to do it!
    We love Ed…but…
    In Oz We Trust~!

    And to the Steelers jerks who use other teams’ articles to throw their crap in…that’s what monkeys do. You are classless and other fans are beginning to see what Ravens fans have seen for years.

  71. Ozzie has a great track record, but all the Ravens fans touting how smart he was with the cap and who he signed and who he let go: you do realise your team is 4-5, on the way to 7-9/8-8, right? And don’t give me injuries, all teams have them, some of them worse(like the Pats) than the Ravens.

  72. for $460,000 we’ll take him as a punt returner and even if his skills have declined as a safety he still is better than any of our current safeties.

    Sincerely, The Washington Redskins.

  73. I don’t think he ever wanted to play for the Texans.
    H e tried to bluff the Ravens and failed. then signed when he realized the ravens weren’t interested.
    He had a chance to make his debut against the Ravens, and chose not to play that game, beginning the downfall between him and the coaching staff.
    Using the “out coached” line was probably the last straw

  74. Reed lost his sneaky step a couple years back and can’t tackle with the bum shoulder. Look at film from last seasons second Pittsburgh game where he dove to take out the receivers knees and was hurdled. He got his fast 6 million and can maybe jump to a contender. Everyone bashes Ozzie Newsome but I’d take him as my teams GM as long as someone else is in charge of drafting the o-line. We already have that trouble.

  75. sbc85 says:

    Deb says: Nov 12, 2013 1:07 PM
    he’s never been quite the guy Ray is. (Sorry, fellow Steelers fans, but I like Ray.)
    You’re right, he’s never been a self-aggrandizing blowhard accused of murder.
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, dude. Ray was a kid who kept bad company, was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but worked hard to turn his life around. The facts aren’t as colorful as the blog smack, there they are.

    Hey, bunk. Nope, not a good year for either of our teams. Not sure where we go from here, but Ozzie will get you guys situated if he can find the $$$ to do it.

  76. This is what Houston gets when they acted like kids in a candy store and signed him while he was hurt. Smart move to release him. I bet he was a problem in the locker room. I’m sure the culture in the Houston locker room isn’t what the Ravens and all those overbearing guys were.

  77. Who would be surprised to hear that Danny Snyder is sending Skins1 today to pick up another shiny toy?

  78. Getting old sucks, but Reed was a very good player for a lot of years. Now go shave, sign your one day contract with the Ravens and enjoy your retirement , you earned it.

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