Garrett says he’d also like Bryant to get the ball more


Cowboys coach Jason Garrett’s no dummy.

He knows Dez Bryant remains his best chance of scoring a lot of points. He also knows who’s signing the checks.

After owner Jerry Jones made a not-subtle suggestion to his coaching staff to get Bryant the ball more, Garrett said he too would like to see Bryant more involved.

Bryant was targeted just twice against the Saints, and Garrett told reporters today that he wasn’t satisfied with that.

“The other night, we were not,” Garrett said, via Carlos Mendez of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “I think he got two. Typically, he’s gotten many more than that, and I think his production speaks for itself that way. But he’s one of those players you want to make sure you give him chances.”

Bryant is generally targeted much more frequently, including more than 10 times in four games.

“Dez is, I think, targeted as much as anybody on our team,” Garrett said. “I know he and Witt [tight end Jason Witten] are the ones who are typically targeted as much as anybody, and for obvious reasons. He’s a play-making type player for us and has been, so you want to make sure you give him chances, and we have to make sure we do that week in and week out.

“And one of the issues in the game the other night is we just didn’t have as many snaps as we typically do. They had over 80 and we had just north of 40, so that limits your opportunities. Having said that, he’s one of those players you need to try in every way you can to get the ball in his hands and we’ll continue to try to do that.”

And if they don’t want the owner calling the plays himself, they better make sure it gets done.

21 responses to “Garrett says he’d also like Bryant to get the ball more

  1. Bryant gets double and triple teamed. That was shown on the iso cameras. That’s why Romo didn’t throw to him. So I guess now he’ll be instructed to throw to Bryant regardless and everyone will be calling for Romo to be let go because he throws too many picks….

  2. I for one cannot wait until the day Jerrah Jones comes down from the box with his 10-gallon headset on to call the game….he’ll probably get Romo killed and have the most embarrassing offensive day for the franchise but man I would pay to watch that one unfold….

  3. Even with double teams, you have to find ways to get him the ball. AJ Green has gotta be getting double teamed most of the snaps in Cincy, but he’s still catching 7-10 passes a game.

    There’s no creativity in this offense.

  4. TRANSLATION: Everyone is annoyed and hates Dez Bryant and will try everything just to get him to shut up

  5. Now, when Romo throws pick after pick to the corners shadowing Dez, people will criticize him for “poor throws”. The guy just can’t win for trying. Good thing Jones is paying him like an Arab sheik. At least he’s getting something, while Jones and Garrett mastermind his career into the toilet.

  6. They’ve simply gotta find creative ways to get him the ball. It he’s gonna be double teamed, send him in motion or line him up in the slot. Or how about running some subtle pick plays or WR screens. That falls back on OC-Bill Callahan.

  7. Jurray owned Garrett when he played, and he DAMN SURE owns him right now…Jurray is the only owner that gets interviewed after every one of his teams’ games…that shows you who wear the pants on the field..Just like Al Davis, Jurray’s hard-headedness (and possibly dementia) will be the reason this team doesnt win a playoff game for the rest of his life.

  8. Coach Red needs to stop caring about his job security, because he will obviously get fired if the Cows continue to struggle like this. He may as well do what he can to save his job, even if there’s a risk that he’ll be fired for trying to do so.

  9. Too many games he does not get it enough…what a joke…move him around and design plays that can defeat the defense…you know, like an nfl offensive mind…good gracious, as audacious as it sounds, could Jerry really do any worse?

  10. When you have an owner telling the head coach to throw the ball more to one particular receiver ( or hand it to one particular runner or run a particular brand of offense or defense, etc ) you’ve got a head coach with no future and a team with no hope.

  11. double team 88 WHAT A JOKE.!!!!!! The Redskins just put 23 on crybaby 88 and take him out of the game bye himself. HTTR FOR LIFE.

  12. jerry is right but never words it right ….this offense is way to basic and teams can do an hour film session to prepare for cowboys offense they look the same every week n line dez up in the same spot each week …other teams find ways to force the ball to a dbbl or tripled wr …need motions screens bunch formations plenty of crossing rtes and at least a double move that ain’t a stop n go already …Garrett needs to b canned cus even thou there is a new oc the offense looks like Garretts

  13. I think Romo has been the blame here by letting a double team take Dez completely out of the game.

    Dez has good size, good hands, and is physical enough to go up in traffic and come down with the ball. Even in a crowd, he can go get the ball.

    Not going to him has resulted in losing. Get a clue!

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