Gary Kubiak plans to coach on Sunday


Texans coach Gary Kubiak took a game off on Sunday after collapsing on the field at halftime a week earlier. He plans to make that the only game he takes off.

Kubiak is expected to coach on Sunday against the Raiders, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN. Kubiak returned to practice on Monday and is planning to build his way back up to being able to work a full day.

The health scares of both Kubiak and Broncos coach John Fox (who is expected to miss several weeks after a heart procedure) put a spotlight on the high-stress profession that is coaching football. Most coaches are workaholics, and so it’s not surprising that Kubiak wants to get back to work as soon as possible.

If Kubiak feels good and his doctors have cleared him to return, this is good news. Here’s hoping Kubiak’s quick return is based solely on his medical advice, and not on a feeling that he needs to get back to the sideline to help his team. Players shouldn’t feel pressure to risk their health to get back out there and be with their teams, and coaches shouldn’t feel that pressure, either.

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  1. Kubrick needs to take a long break. The Texans aren’t going anywhere this season.

    He needs to focus on what caused his stroke. Usually it’s years and years of bad habits that finally catch up. He can’t just fix everything in a week or two.

  2. Nobody knows how much longer they have on this planet so you might as well just do what it is that makes you happy. Kubiak loves to coach so let the man coach.

  3. The Texans are probably my second favorite team in the league. …I just about have a stroke every time I watch them too.

    Rest up coach. This season ain’t worth more health problems.

  4. If the Texans struggle against the Raiders, it won’t be only Kube, that’ll be having health issues. The whole of Southeast Texas will be on medical alert.

    I sincerely hope for your sake Gary, that you know what you’re doing.

  5. First things first. He didn’t have a stroke. He had a TIA, or mini-stroke. There is a HUGE difference. My brother had one after working out, at age 28. He recovered fully. But Kubiak should really think this one over. The Texans are done, and he should take the rest of the season off to get some R&R. That said, stress doesn’t cause TIAs directly. High cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetic effects, and family history are the main causes. My brother was in good health and young yet he had one. Kubiak needs to get right health-wise and come back next season.

  6. Kubiak is addicted to coaching. He can;t stand to be away from the team. I agree that he should probably just take the rest of the season off or a t least a more extended period of time and rest up and get healthy, especially considering the Texans current record.

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