Jerry Jones won’t change coaches, will offer them some help


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Tuesday he wasn’t planning on any changes to his coaching staff during the bye week, but he did offer them a little help.

During his weekly radio show on KRLD-FM, Jones insisted he wasn’t taking play-calling duties away from offensive coordinator Bill Callahan, and saw no reason to otherwise adjust the staff of a team that’s 5-5.

“Say it any way you want to, I’m not even going to address — really I’m not — the coaching staff as to whether they’re safe or they’re not,” Jones said, via Tim McMahon of ESPNDallas. “We’re 5-5. We’re tied for the lead in our division. We’ve got players coming back. We’ve got one of the best quarterbacks in the National Football League. We’re off of a rough loss.

That doesn’t call for major changes out here at all.”

Of course, there are some things they could do differently. Jones said in particular he wasn’t thrilled with the way wide receiver Dez Bryant was being used. Bryant was targeted just twice in Sunday’s beating at New Orleans, and not until late in the third quarter, when the game was out of hand.

“We need to get him the ball more,” Jones said. “I think that’s the kind of thing that’s a reasonable thing that you can adjust over a two-week period that we’re going into with our bye week. How do we work to get him the ball more?”

As to his defensive staff, he suggested more man-to-man coverage in the secondary, even though his hand-picked defensive coordinator was one of the fathers of the Tampa 2 zone scheme.

“You need to probably man up more in the secondary than we’ve been doing, rather than relying on zone,” Jones said. “Because if we can’t get pressure and we’re relying on the traditional zone as you might mentally picture it, then that’s a recipe for what happened to us the other night.”

Of course, so many things went wrong the other night that getting emotional and making changes would be rash and counterproductive.

So while coach Jones was busy, owner Jones wasn’t in the mood to start firing people.

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  1. JJ: “We’ve got one of the best quarterbacks in the National Football League. ”

    Thought they had Tony – choke it away – Romo.
    When did they trade for Nick Foles?

  2. Jerry Jones the owner has been great.

    Jerry Jones the GM has been a disaster.

    Jerry Jones the coach will lead the Cowboys into the abyss, the black hole of football…..

  3. and there is the cowboys new game plan. Bank on it. Next game, Dez gets 35 targets, even when he resting on the bench, lol. and no zone coverage at all.

  4. To paraphrase, Jerry won’t change coaches, as long as they continue to let him meddle and incorporate all his demands into the game plans.

    And every year, Jerry will find a new reason they didn’t win a Superbowl, in the hope that people don’t blame him.

  5. Do you hear any other owner in the NFL talk to the media like Jerry Jones does? My god, you’re a billionaire who owns the Dallas Cowboys, you shouldn’t have to say anything!

  6. Jerry…just sign the checks and nothing else. HE picked the DC so now we’re stuck with him. But please fire him and Garrett after the season at least.

  7. Mr. Jones,

    Your team’s record is 133 and 133 since 1997.

    That is a LONG stretch of mediocrity, 16 and a half seasons and counting.

    This screams that what you have done and are doing is NOT working.

    ONE playoff victory in the last 16 seasons.

    You’ve admitted that you would have fired a G.M. who had the record you did. Please think about that for a moment. It shows you care more about yourself than your team. You said that in so many words. You’d have let the G.M. go if he had your record. Why? Because it is NOT good enough and you want better for your team… unless it means you can’t run the football operations then it’s OK for the team to perform in a manner that would result in the G.M. being fired.

    You said this yourself Mr. Jones. You’ve put yourself above the team. You’re NOT doing all that you can to bring a winner to your organization, it’s employees and it’s fans…

  8. jerry obviously missed monte kiffin’s career if he now wants him to run press man.

    one would think a real head coach/g,m,/media expert would have known that the tampa two is a predominantly zone scheme. unless of course he was also an owner; in which case he doesn’t have to know anything.

  9. now hes a coach too eyy? The cowboys are doomed as long as this clown shoe continues to drag the organization down.

    I feel bad for dallas fans, and im a jets fan.

  10. There’s an old adage, Jerrah, do what you always did and you will get what you always got.

    The rest of the NFL wants you to keep it up.

  11. Jerry,

    Keep on doing whatever you want with your $$$. I’m watching your games for free, so who am I to complain about your decisions around your team.

    When I invest in the Cowboys, then I’ll have a say….

  12. Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett are lost wandering across a vast desert for days in the blistering sun. One day they think they see an oasis with a pool of water but are not sure if it is just the dehydration and heat stroke playing tricks on their minds. But as they get closer it looks more and more real. Finally when they are 5 yards away they realize that is is real. Jason Garrett runs and dives in it and starts splashing around delirious with joy. Jerry Jones walks up to it pulls down his zipper and starts urinating in it. Incredulous, Jason Garrett says “What are you doing?” And Jerry Jones says “I’m only trying to make it better!” (an old reworked writer/producer joke)

  13. jerry you just fire them all and do it all, offense, defense, special teams, drafting, scouting, everythingd you take over all of it. please for the sake of all the other teams.

  14. As long as the Cowboys keep performing the NFL equivalent of “choked on own vomit” they can use any help they can get.

  15. The Team is Mediocrity at best over a long period of time but It is the most envied Franchise in the NFL.


  16. I’m not so sure Jason Garret is a problem. Jerry Jones though, we all know he is.

    We are talking about a man who chose Terrell Owens over Bill Parcells.

  17. Jerry,

    Please keep thinking you know what you’re talking about. One of my favorite things on Sunday is the inevitible camera shot of you in the box with a pissed off look on your face as your team continues to dominate in staying forever .500.

    Please don’t stop.

  18. On behalf of football fans, keep up what you’re doing Jurrah! Don’t change a thing in your approach. Getting rid of Ryan and hiring Kiffin was brilliant!

  19. I think Jerry absolutely, positively has to become more involved in making on field decisions. I am a fan of a division rival.

  20. The Cowgirls are the most overrated team in all sports! Though I do enjoy the Jerry Jones humor.

  21. Only change on this team should be the owner and the QB…

    Jurray Jones is the only owner in the NFL that get regularly interviewed after their loses..i mean games…

    and here’s an interesting fact on Tony “Dont Call Me Bono” Romo…Tim Tebow has the same amount of playoff wins that Tony does….BYE BYE!!

  22. Jerry Jones makes me so GRATEFUL and THANKFUL that my beloved team, GOD’S CHOSEN ONES, the Washington Redskins, have such a fantastic owner in Daniel Snyder. #HTTR #BurgandyAndGoldStandard #CowboysDontPlayInJanuary

  23. Jerry Jones suffers from an affliction common to people with a great deal of wealth. He expects to snap his fingers and have things be the way he wants. Who cares if the Saints were using the kryptonite double coverage scheme on Dez Bryant? Throw it to him because he is a good player. Who cares that the coach I hired for my defense has a 20+ year history of using zone coverage? Let’s see some man to man out there.

    He doesn’t understand the schemes. He doesn’t understand the way personnel fits together. He figures that if you throw enough money and hindsight at it you’ll start getting what you want.

  24. I really do love Jerry Jones. I’m gonna miss him when he’s no longer the owner of the cowboys.

  25. I’m tired of hearing that Jones is a great owner but a terrible GM. A great owner does two things first: hire a great GM and hire a great coach (a third highly favorable option is to get out of the way, but not necessarily required). Jones hired Johnson and has struck out since in the coaching department. Beyond that, he’s hired (an essentially re-hired each year) himself as GM. That alone precludes him from ever being mentioned as a great owner. Dallas has been mediocre at best for nearly 2 decades and it is largely due to their bad owner and his bad hires and drafts.

  26. “You need to probably man up more in the secondary than we’ve been doing, rather than relying on zone,” Jones said. “Because if we can’t get pressure and we’re relying on the traditional zone as you might mentally picture it, then that’s a recipe for what happened to us the other night.”

    What!! You expect cornerbacks to play man to man all over the field when there’s no pass rush? That proves you know nothing about football. Talk about a recipe for wide open receivers. Even the best secondary in the game (Seahawks) couldn’t track receivers for 5, 6, 10 seconds while a QB has a clean pocket.

  27. Why doesn’t Jerrah just get it over with and take the headphones from Jason Garrett already? That’s what he really wants. He wants to be the first Owner/GM/Head Coach (officially) in the NFL. They are the only team in the entire NFL whose owner consistently garners more press than the head coach…

  28. WHY IN THE HELL DO THEY NEED JASON GARRETT. Everyone knows(media) , but scared to say that Jones is the head coach of ALICE (that DAllas w/o the D).
    Please never leave there Jerry. You would be missed by the rest of the league (LOL)

  29. What’s amazing is how the Cowboys are still mediocre after all of Jerry Jones’s meddling, bad trades, bad drafts, and puppet coaches over the years.



  31. “Jerry Jones won’t change coaches, will offer them some help”

    Because, of course, Jerry Jones has a resume of successful football coaching so long he had to build the NFL’s biggest stadium to house it, along with his equaly long resume of successful football general managing.

    HOW ‘BOUT THEM COWBOYS?????????????

  32. Jerry is right. The cowboys are 5-5 and tied for first place. (Technically in first because they beat Philly). After 16 games they will be either 6-10 or 7-9 and in 3rd or 4th place. Bank on it.

  33. I am and have been a lifelong Cowboys fan and I’m not ready to jump ship. I probably never will. But this article has me irate! If I could go off on a profanity laced tirade on this site with impunity I would. Jerry’s statements have confirmed everything I have suspected for years. I have always known that jerry is meddlesome owner when it comes to the decisions of GM, such as firing coaches and other personnel decisions. However, I hoped that he would leave the coaching to the coaches. I am absolutely convinced that Jerry tells Jason when he wants certain players involved more. I can see it in the play-calling.

    Exhibit “A”: A few games ago I saw Romo make one of the most accurate throws of his career to Gavin Escobar. Escobar was well-covered and the ball should have never, NEVER been thrown to him. However, it was, and outside of a 100% perfect throw, that ball is picked or at least knocked down. I am now convinced that Jerry was behind Escobar’s heavy involvement in the offense that day. The only reason for Escobar’s involvement was fact that Jerry had to save face for his pick of Escobar in the 2nd Round.

    Exhibit “B”: In the 2nd qtr of the Saints game when the game was 21-10 with dallas having the ball on 2nd and 2 and then again on 3rd and 2, Romo threw into triple coverage to Terrence Williams. Dez was singled up for the first time all game, Witten was wide open, and Beasely had an easy 1st down. Romo throws to Williams b/c Jerry requires that he look like the genius who stole Terrence in the 3rd round.

    The number of s&%#s that Jerry gives about the Cowboys winning is equaled only by the number of Super Bowl wins he’s won since 1995 – 0. The number he gives about looking like a smart GM is infinite.

  34. ccjcsr just keep telling yourself that crap about your cowgirls. Remember last game 40 First Downs where was your defence. LOL and LMAO. !!!!! how about them Cowboys.!!!!!


  36. Isnt this the same brilliant owner that ran a three time Super Bowl winning coach of his off.
    Jimmie Johnson, because he just knew Barry Switzer was a better coach hehe long live such brilliance..

  37. The Dalllas Cowboys will never win another Super Bowl as long as the GM is still in place.

    My prediction for the next 5 years will all be 7 and 9 at best.

    Time to move to the AFC,

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