PFT Live: Dolphins talk with Armando Salguero, Bears talk with John Mullin

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The Dolphins took the field on Monday night, but that didn’t offer the reprieve from the Jonathan Martin-Richie Incognito saga that the team was likely hoping to receive.

Their 22-19 loss to the Buccaneers was embarrassing because the Bucs hadn’t beaten anyone else this season and it only led to more questions about their mindset to play while controversy swirls around the team. Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald will join Mike Florio on Tuesday’s PFT Live to discuss the loss, owner Stephen Ross’ statement about an advisory group to recommend changes and everything else related to the Dolphins.

John Mullin of CSN Chicago will also be on the program to talk about the Bears. Sunday’s loss to the Lions ended with Jay Cutler injured again and cornerback Charles Tillman lost for at least the next eight weeks, which means the Bears will need to make the playoffs for him to play again this year. We’ll find out whether Mullin thinks they can make that happen during his visit.

You can watch it all live at noon ET by clicking right here.

5 responses to “PFT Live: Dolphins talk with Armando Salguero, Bears talk with John Mullin

  1. Wow the fins kicked butt with press conferences & interviews last night!

    Now the game ….eh …. not so good, but like a train wreck i couldn’t turn away.

    So much for galvanizing like steel Florio, can you write up a new Jonathon Martin article today entitled “Dolphins may fold up like a cheap card table under the media pressure of “Bullygate” ” ?

  2. Last nights game was tough to watch (especially the last 4 min.) but what made it even tougher was John Gruden’s constant mispronunciation of The Dolphins’ quarterback’s name. Hey Chucky, it’s Tannehill not Tann”E”hill. Way to do a fair, impartial broadcast without any Bucs bias…

  3. @phinatic29

    Ha. LOL!


    I like that.
    First I’ve heard it.

    Hope you get credit for it if you indeed said it first.
    Is that yours or did you hear it somewhere else?

    Just wondering.

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