Pryor’s knee more of an issue than Raiders thought

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Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor said after Sunday’s loss to the Giants that his knee was bothering him throughout the game.

His coach never heard those complaints, but acknowledged the MCL sprain which was downplayed last week might have been more of a problem than they realized.

“No, that was never expressed to me,” Raiders coach Dennis Allen said, via Scott Bair of “But, listen, I watched the game. You could tell that he wasn’t totally 100 percent. So, we just got to go and talk about it. We got to make sure that if he’s healthy enough to go, then he’s up and can go and be effective for us.”

Allen said he wanted to talk to Pryor more, to see how he feels prior to this week, but seemed surprised it was as much of an issue.

“It wasn’t something we thought would be a big factor going into the game, but obviously it was a factor,” Allen said.

There were many factors at play, but it’s becoming obvious that Pryor’s not making progress as a passer. He’s thrown one touchdown and eight interceptions in his last four games, with a a 42.0 passer rating over the last month.

Granted, the Raiders have dropped passes and have had a consistent problem protecting him, but some of the blame still has to lie with Pryor, injured or not.

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  1. Leg or no leg, he hasn’t progressed at all, he’s actually regressed.

    Making excuses for him is lame, it’s not the WR’s fault and it’s not the O-line, he has nothing between his ears.

    I’d try him at TE though.

  2. With a 42.0 passer rating over the last month, I don’t think it’s the knee!!! It’s just simple, YOU ARE NOT AN NFL QB!! And never will be!!!Maybe RB or WR. Bench him and give M. McGloin a chance to prove he’s better! Which won’t take much!!!

  3. Terrrel Pryor CANNOT play Quarterback on an NFL level. Mobility and speed will never be more important than a quarterbacks ability to stay in the pocket and throw the ball accurately!!????!!

    Matt McGloin should be the starter when Jared Veldheer returns.

  4. TP can be a very good QB in this league. As long as he doesn’t turn the ball over, he is fine. Moore dropped two passes that hit him square in the hands, the O-line is a patchwork front, and the other WR are average. Pryor still needs to improve and has a ways to go, but he played well considering that he had an MCL. He’s gifted and works hard. If the team sticks with him, this team can go very far in the future. They just need to build around him. It starts with a strong o-line and you build out from there.

  5. We have a QB who hadn’t played in a live game in 3 years prior to week one…he’s in an offense that was designed all offseason for a pop gun armed QB…our RT is our LT and our RT is down to 3rd string and our LG is 2nd string but should be out of the league…McFadden’s useless…no tight end…no real #1 WR…

    Yes, let’s put it all on TP2. I’d argue that we’d be winless with a solid D that can’t catch it’s breath without TP on the field. I’m not ready to say he’s the guy long term and I realize he needs to get thru his progressions quicker…but damn, live in reality. The kid has put it all on the line and this team is much more competitive than anyone thought they’d be with him at QB.

    If healthy and capable of playing this should be his team for the duration of the season. Let’s see how he looks when some combo Veldheer, Wiz, Briesel, Pashos or Watson and Barnes are on the field….it’s coming…

  6. first year starting with probably the worst O-line in the NFL. give the kid a break. lets see what happens when he actually isnt running for his life every play.

  7. I’d rather have a QB with a weakish arm that is deadly accurate and can get just enough done with his legs when need be.

    Rich Gannon where are you?

  8. TP2 will be a fine QB!
    He has allot of work to do and he knows it, listen to him talk. He knows he has to improve and he is willing to do the work with the team and on his own.

    Until this year he has not really been given any real QB coaching thought out his high school and college years and up until he won the job in pre season the focus of the coaches has been on the starting QB (carson palmer and Matt Flynn).

    It is unfair to assess him on being a pocket passer because he has yet to have a pocket to throw from. The Raider OLine has had more combonation of players in the line up then any team in the NFL.

    Also take into account the McFaaden is a bust and teams don’t have to commit to him like you would have liked.

    They dont need a new QB they need

    OT- to go with Valdeer. May be have it in watson
    G – One for both spots
    WR – Moore drops too many balls
    RB – to pairing with Jennings (bye McFAdden)

  9. I like Pryor’s ability however THE issue is not physical. Everyone can see he can move, throw and improvise. He is also a hard worker each week at practice BUT his decision process is way too slow for this level and his indecision will only get worst if he keeps holding the ball and getting whacked…..That said, I hope he can turn it around a bit in Houston. Go Raiders

  10. Palmer is 5-4 with the Cardials who have the worst OL and no running game plus he is learning a new very difficult Adrians system and did I mention he plays against two of the best defences in the NFL … twice.

  11. I like Terrelle Pryor . He is a maverick….. but unfortunately his ego is writing checks his body can’t cash ; ) Seriously lots of moxie saying the Raiders would make the playoffs but come on . He needs to focus more on extending plays and less on making them . I would like to also see what TP could do with a better group of receivers .

  12. I am delighted that Dennis Allen looks like a fool re Pryor. He threw Matt Flynn under the bus after a single start because he claimed Pryor was sooo much better – even though there was a lot of criticism from scouts that Pryor can’t throw effectively.

  13. Hooterdawg did we see the same Matt Flynn preseason ? The one that couldn’t throw and was continually rubbing his elbow . How about the Matt Flynn that looked totally baffled by the hapless Redskins D ?

  14. slick50ks says: Nov 12, 2013 12:24 PM

    Did he sprain his throwing arm too?

    Another wasted draft pick.

    Dead al strikes from the grave!
    At least it isn’t two 2nd round picks wasted on a guy that has 9 TDs after nine weeks.

  15. Give us a break…his knee didn’t make those stupid decisions…why not start McGloin? What we might loose, please…we been losing regarding who is under center for decades…

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