Report: Eagles to sign Brad Smith today


Brad Smith didn’t have to wait long to find work.

According to Jason LaCanfora of, the Eagles will sign the former Jets and Bills wideout today, pending a physical.

Smith was released with an injury settlement by the Bills last week, after a preseason rib injury initially landed him on IR.

He should be a good fit for an Eagles offense that has enjoyed some good performances of late from wide receiver Riley Cooper, but are still thin at the position. But Smith’s versatility will help them even if his role’s limited to special teams.

13 responses to “Report: Eagles to sign Brad Smith today

  1. Good depth signing. I don’t know if he’s healthy or how much he’ll contribute. But, you can never have too much depth. I love Jeff Maehl. But, I’d hardly call him an NFL receiver.

  2. I don’t make many predictions but i was all over this the second he was released. this guy has no real position but is one heck of an athlete. He will be great on returns and gadgets.

  3. Smith will be the scout QB playing RGIII this week. Freeing up Jackson from PR responsibilities (unless we need it) is another plus. And we can have a true reserve QB if needed who may actually present a read/option threat.


  4. Can’t wait to see him line up as a WR and then flip flop with Foles. We need a solid return man bad. No need to risk DJax and Boykin aka Candy Bar there.

  5. To the people thinking this is the end of Maehl, its certainly possible but it seems to me that Chip favors him over Damrius Johnson. Dj has been none existent on offense while Maehl is good for a reception or 2 a week. Also Chip seems to have lost all confidence in his punt returning abilities and for good reason.

    Maybe if the Eagles signed a regular receiver who didnt return punts I would agree its Maehl who goes, but they didnt they signed Brad Smith. So my moneys on DJ hitting the bricks.

  6. Great move. Damaris Johnson has been horrendous returning kicks…couldn’t possibly be much worse. Plus, Eagles are short WR’s and this could give them another weapon in certain situations.

  7. The Eagles can make whatever moves they want, it’s not gonna change the fact that the Redskins will win against that pathetic ring-less franchise on Sunday. #HTTR #PhillyHasNoSuperBowls #BurgandyAndGoldStandard

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