Should Chiefs bench Bowe?


Whenever a player finds trouble, or vice-versa, away from the field, a debate often emerges regarding whether the player will be punished by the team.

Technically, the NFL has exclusive jurisdiction over issues like DUI and marijuana possession.  As a practical matter, teams can take action — especially if the player won’t be inclined to fight.

For the Chiefs, the question becomes whether any action will be taken against receiver Dwayne Bowe, who was arrested for marijuana possession during the bye week.  Per a league source, it’s not known at this point whether the Chiefs will take action.

In 2010, the Jets came under heavy scrutiny after not taking aggressive action against receiver Braylon Edwards following a mid-week DUI arrest.  Eventually, Edwards was benched for the first quarter of a Sunday night game against the Dolphins.

The Jets possibly acted in the face of intense local media pressure, and in light of Edwards’ off-field history.  For the Chiefs, where everything is going very well amid a 9-0 start, there likely will be less, if any, pressure to act.

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  1. Tempting. But they need Bowe and this can be an opportunity to show the rest of the NFL how to turn a terrible negative into a positive and constructive solution with no disruption to the football team and still allowing him a chance to contribute while he deals with this difficult mistake. I wouldn’t bench him for one play.

    And I’d toss him the ball on a quick hit pass for the first play of the game, and his punishment can be having to be on the hook to take a big hit, otherwise go make a play.

  2. Should the Chiefs bench Bowe?
    Why not

    With his numbers this year, would anyone on the offense notice he was missing???

  3. Why would they bench him? Sure he got arrested, but DUI is a more serious charge than simple possession. Also, some speeding tickets are more serious/criminal than simple possession. Which is more of a danger to society: someone speeding or someone rolling the devil’s grass?

  4. As a pretty obvious Chiefs fan, I hope he can play. We have arguably one of the worst WR corps in the NFL and I’m afraid the “A.J. Jenkins Show” isn’t going to cut it. Chiefs have not had good Receiver threats since Andre Rison (shudder).

  5. if Braylon got benched a quarter for driving under the influence and putting other peoples innocent lives in danger, then Bowe should get even less than that for having a plant with all kinds of medicinal purposes in his possession … can’t wait until people weed is just as legal as beer is

  6. You kidding me? Of course he should play. It’s weed. He didn’t kill anybody. Did the NFL bench Al Michaels after his DUI arrest? He used a vehicle to potentially kill someone. Get over it. Speak out against dumb marijuana laws and fight for legalization . “A terrible negative” … Give me a break.

  7. I love how the media feels obligated to tell businesses how to operate. As if the pious can do no wrong. “sit that player!’ “cut Ritchie before you have the facts!’ ‘Change your name!” et al.

  8. We get it — 99% of you think weed should be legal. That’s not the issue though. The problem is that 100% of Missouri law, NFL rules, and Bowe’s contract make it clear that weed is illegal and a violation. He was aware he was breaking all three and did it anyway because he couldn’t make it through the season without smoking pot. It’s silly and immature of him, especially considering how badly he has sucked this year.

  9. As much as I dislike the Chiefs, that is not the standard. Let the process complete itself, unless the league wants to immediately do a drug test on him…

    Otherwise this should go forward, and when it completes, punishment if any will be forthcoming.

  10. I can’t believe this guy is one of the top 5 highest paid WR in the league currently thanks to that nice pay day he got in the off-season. The only time I’ve noticed him since the ink dried on that deal is when he’s dropping easy third down catches and now this. Meanwhile the real centerpiece of the offense Jamaal Charles isn’t even in the top 10 making half the money Bowe is.

    Him and Mike Wallace should start a bowling team and ask Joe Flacco to be the captain.

  11. “StrategyExpert”? How is this a terrible negative, & a difficult mistake? Sure, driving a few miles over the speed limit is a *little* dangerous, but how many teams have ever benched a guy for moderately speeding?
    Oooh, it’s the pot thing. Yeah, the potential miracle plant whose benefits are JUST NOW being properly studied after being demonized by the likes of “strategy experts” who spend billions of dollars we don’t have keeping it illegal through the years. In a game where pain is THE job hazard, it’s insane we say pills that contain HEROIN (essentially) are ok, but a sedate natural remedy is wrong, simply because some uninformed people last century guessed it was bad for you.
    (AND NO, I don’t smoke, it’s the principle of the thing).

  12. He’ll eventually have his day(s) in 2 courts. Not sure why the rush to bench him.

    That said, benching for a quarter seems like a pretentious penalty to begin. Either sit him or play him.

  13. I think the Forty-Whiners set the bar EXTREMELY LOW with their treatment of All-done Smith after his escapades.

    No team will hold a player accountable if they can contribute.

    Where is integrity these days?

    Miami is trying….

  14. I don’t know – when a couple of Lions players had similar issues I remember hearing a lot about how the Lions were coddling criminals because they didn’t immediately cut the player. I guess people’s level of outrage is selective depending on the player and the team.

  15. Let’s call it as we see it this is an absurd question only enjoyed by Bronco fans. Same thing happens in Denver he’d just get a speeding ticket….People acting like it’s a PED or something….

  16. I’m saying no, but it’s my bias about the issue. I know the league has policy that was violated, etc., but it’s time to get over issues related to pot. Get rid of the Federal laws and get rid of the league policy.

    The real issue is whether smoking that stuff makes you so stupid and error prone that you can’t do your job. And that’s not about the pot smoking, it’s about the mistakes.

  17. If every player in the NFL took a drug test this week and couldn’t play if it came back positive, then there would be no games this week. It’s weed morons. Losers that drink and drive should be barred from the league. That’s dangerous.

  18. liquidmuse:

    Well I was one of the people in favor of not benching him. I’m not taking a stance on a pot issue on this matter or with how to hypothetically address that issue from a legal and political opinion perspective. It’s only a negative thing in that it doesn’t comply with NFL rules and creates a potential problem for the player and the team.

    From that aspect I’m hoping to distract the player by challenging him to make a play or to take a big hit and eat some humble pie as just a fun way to send a message that this is what you get if you get in trouble and it affects the team whether you have a right to do what you did or not. They are saying you aren’t making plays this year so I’m going to pop him with the ball and give him a positive challenge to focus on and see if he can do something that is indisputably good for the team.

  19. As a Broncos fan, I want Bowe to play because I don’t want Chiefs fans to have any excuses….their team is healthy, let’s play ball.

  20. Innocent until proven guilty. He has To go to court in December, and if he is found guilty, then yes, a game or 2 suspension is in order. As far as the speeding ticket, where I’m from, 13 mph over the limit is less than 100 bucks, and you just take a class and it goes away.

    Now if the NFL drug tests him, and he tests positive, then the NFL can do something per his contract and league rules. But until then, it’s between the team and Bowe.

  21. “The real issue is whether smoking that stuff makes you so stupid and error prone that you can’t do your job.”

    I don’t think that’s an issue anymore, have you looked at Bowe’s numbers for this year?

  22. In many states DUI charges can be brought for any intoxicating substances. Bowe might be in more trouble than it seems if he was driving and tests positive.

    Maybe more pertinent in the short term; in 2001 Andy Reid, while head coach of the Eagles, suspended 3 players who were arrested for possession of marijuana. At the time the Eagles were in first place and Corelle Buckhalter, starting running back, was among those suspended. Maybe he’s softened up a bit as a result of his family troubles but it wouldn’t be surprising if Bowe gets suspended this week.

  23. Bowe should play! it’s his job. He not a kid being punished by not being able to go out and play. Grown ups have to go back to work when they get in trouble short of jail or death. We now know why he drops the ball so much. He hasn’t figured out the weed slows reaction time and depth perception.

  24. It doesn’t matter, what the Chiefs need is more TE’s and less WR’s.

    There’ll be better blocking when Alex Smith throws his 1 yard pass to the HB.

  25. I lived in BIG MO, the police have zero tolerance, and always out to make a name for them selves. Hauling on DB must have been a thrill for this cop. All high five and chest bumping.
    Way to prove your an elite law enforcer.
    Hats off on your big bust.

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