Tom Brady’s glad to be off bye week, back to work

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With six days off for his bye week, Tom Brady spent some time on a beach with his family, as evidenced by the pictures his wife posted on Instagram.

But the Patriots quarterback said he was never far from the game while away, either.

“I was talking to my wife two days ago and said ‘I just love football.’ When it’s Sunday and everyone else is playing and you’re not, you’re a fish out of water,” Brady said during his weekly radio show on WEEI, via “You’re watching [and] if I’m not around a TV I’m updating my phone every five minutes to see what’s going on with every score. It’s probably more anxious when you’re not playing because you’re watching games and thinking about the outcomes and watching how teams are doing.

“That’s just the life of a football player. There wasn’t many moments when I wasn’t thinking about the game.”

So while hanging out in the sand with the model-wife and the kids was nice, Brady said he was looking forward to “driving back in, this time of year, to go back to work.”

The Patriots get an extra day to prepare, as they face the suddenly hot Panthers Monday night.

“They went into San Francisco and beat San Fran and we know what kind of team they’re all about,” Brady said. “It’s a tough team, they’re physical, their front seven is as good as anybody – their pass-rusher, their run-stoppers. They have playmakers in the secondary. So it has to be our best game, there is no doubt about it, on ‘Monday Night Football.’ We’ll see what we’re made of.”

While the upcoming game is widely viewed as a measuring stick for the Panthers, who finally beat a good team last week, the fact that Brady’s willing to turn that ruler around is part of the reason they’re so good.

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  1. That and with the way they’ve limped to some of these wins, this really will be a measuring stick for the Pats. If they get punched in the mouth the way they did with the Jets, it’ll be obvious they’re more of a pretender than a contender.

  2. Until Carolina beat SF I wasn’t a believer. Now I am. I thought their schedule was soft, but looking back they pounded those soft teams and held their offense in check. They are for real. I think their offense can be shut down, but their D is elite (allowing 12.8 pts per game). Going to be a tough battle for the Patriots.

    Turns out this is the toughest two game stretch of the season for NE with Denver coming next off the short week.

  3. It’s good he views it that way if he does because against the two best defenses they’ve faced this year they’ve come up short in the W column. And this Carolina team has a nasty defense. The Pats OL has been uncharacteristically struggling for large parts of the season so Carolina’s D has to be licking its chops.Time to see if Scar has whipped that OL into shape. And the young receivers are going to have to win early. Good test for how up to speed Gronk really is if Kuechly covers him.

  4. “It’s good he views it that way if he does because against the two best defenses they’ve faced this year they’ve come up short in the W column. ”

    The Patriots split with the Jets, so they didn’t really come up “short” in the win column against the best defenses they played. Not to mention they didn’t have Gronk for the Bengals game and the first Jets game and didn’t have Amendola or Vereen for either Jets game and in Vereen’s case the Bengals game as well.

    I think people are going to have to judge the Patriots offense in two halves the half with Gronk and the half without Gronk. No player makes a bigger difference on offense top to bottom then him. Calving Johnson doesn’t have the same effect on run blocking as Gronk does, ditto for Jimmy Graham.

  5. Brady is the best. Guys who actually starred
    in the NFL like Rice Theis man and Warner and Simms have rated Brady in the top 3 of all time. It’s amazing how many ignorant haters there are.

  6. If you just look at numbers alone he ain’t the greatest QB of all time. Montana and Bradshaw have more SB’s, Aikmen has 3, he has 1 more SB than Ben Worthlessburger for peat sakes. All his numbers were done PRE SPYGATE. I wouldn’t even put TB top 5 all time.

  7. I would have loved if he was drafted by the Browns. He would not have as much love for football.

    If Romo goes to the beach, he’s not focused. If Brady goes to the beach, he loves football. Seems legit.

  8. It’s more than about how many SB appearances and wins. Geeze. Some people are just real short-sighted. Apparently, Joe Flacco won the same number of SBs as Steve Young so obviously Flacco is as good. And he’s also better than guys like Dan Marino and Jim Kelly, who won no SBs and the latter appeared in 4 straight SBs in a row. What a stupid measurement.

    And all of Brady’s numbers were his entire career. He’s actually had better numbers after spygate. I swear, some people are just so freaking dumb.

  9. better number eh? ya 0-2 in SB, you see his numbers this year? they’re terrible. Sooooo I don’t know what numbers your looking at kid.

  10. jimmyt says:
    Nov 12, 2013 8:08 AM
    Most over-rated QB – EVER.

    He just might be, based on one simple question: how many Super Bowls has Brady (and the great Belichick) won since Bruschi, Vrabel and McGinest left?

    Can anyone answer that question? Anyone?

    Meanwhile, certain other (cough cough) Patriot fans are going around dissing other teams’ QBs, laughing about how they supposedly got carried by their defenses. Talk about clueless.

  11. Let’s see…

    When Brady broke the single-season TD record…after “Spygate”

    When Brady posted the 4th highest single season passer rating ever (2007)…after “Spygate”

    When Brady posted the 7th (2010) and 24th highest (2011) single season passer ratings…after “Spygate” too

    Leading his team to the first undefeated regular season in over 3 decades…after “Spygate”

    Leading his team to two Super Bowls, and orchestrating 4th quarter drives to give his team the lead in both…after “Spygate”

    Posting the highest completion rate in a playoff game, ever…after “Spygate”

    Breaking the record for most consecutive pass completions in a Super Bowl…after “Spygate”

    Posting the 2nd best TD/INT ratio in NFL history…after “Spygate”

    Winning the most games since “Spygate”…believe it or not, that happened after “Spygate” too!

    The dude has posted so many ridiculous numbers and broken so many records over the last six years, I could go on all day. But this should be enough to get a collective thumbs down from trollnation

  12. forsbergler

    better number eh? ya 0-2 in SB, you see his numbers this year? they’re terrible. Sooooo I don’t know what numbers your looking at kid.


    the numbers from thewiz37’s post, jackass, I mean troll.

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