Andy Reid says Dwayne Bowe will play, and start

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The Chiefs are doing the legally expedient, and football pragmatic thing with Dwayne Bowe.

Since the letter of the law precludes them from punishing him after his arrest for marijuana possession, they’re going to put him right back on the field Sunday night against the Broncos.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid confirmed earlier reports that Bowe would play, and took it a step further when meeting with reporters.

“It is a legal matter and that’s the way we’ll handle it,” Reid said, via Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports. “Let it run its course there. Dwayne will play, he’ll start.”

If Bowe happened to be a backup safety and special teamer, or there was more certainty about the charges, there’s a chance the Chiefs could still have come up with a way to make a statement.

But in a game in which they’ll need every point they can find, it’s hardly a surprise they’ve chosen this path.

16 responses to “Andy Reid says Dwayne Bowe will play, and start

  1. Jaguars > Chiefs

    Ah yes the team that scored 2 pts against the Chiefs and didn’t pass the 50 yard line until 4 minutes left in the game. Genius take.

  2. Pick your poison. For andy, it’s oreos. For Dwayne, it’s that hypnotic. For Jim Brown it was white clam.

  3. This isnt a Chiefs issue, but one for the NFL as a whole. If he was a scrub who wasnt a key part of the team, the team would sit him down. Being a star player that increases the odds of his team wining, he gets to play. Again, not bagging on the Chiefs as this is what all teams do.

  4. Thank god the Chiefs don’t run their organization like a bunch of republicans. Legalize it already, doctors recommend people smoke it for a variety of reasons. I think for some people it not not only be legal but mandatory.

  5. What’s really amazing about Bowe’s woes is back in the 70’s when we lit up we were more worried about getting pulled over for going 13 MPH under the limit.

    Good thing they are playing in CO where weed is legal.

  6. Alcohol contributes to far more deaths, accidents, domestic violent incidents, and far worse decisions. Legalize it. Not defending him. It never said if he was under the influence while driving to my knowledge. Maybe he just bought it and was going home and got caught speeding.

  7. The NFL just doesn’t have their priorities straight. Bottom Roster or Practice Squad guys get made an example of. Stars or big contributors get a pass. If his name was Dwayne Slapdick & he was on the PS or was the 53rd guy on the roster, he would have been cut & they would be beating their chest about how they take this type of thing serious & have zero tolerance. Sort of like when James Harrison was smacking around his girlfriend, the Steelers turned a blind eye but Cedric Wilson did the same & was immediately cut.

  8. I think alot goes to what the charge is. Had he been charged with DUI, which he was not, the NFL probably would have made a move for suspension. However, unlike a DUI charge which is pretty hard to dispute, a possession charge leaves the “hey man it wasn’t mine” defense on the table. Once the court makes a decision the NFL will follow suit. They can’t really punish a guy who is still “presummed innocent. Doesn’t have much to do with how big a “star” you are. Just ask Justin blackmon or aldon smith.

  9. “Jaguars > Chiefs

    Chiefs won’t even make the playoffs this year”

    Wow. Just wow… At least try to hide your homer jealousy a little bit man.

    So, if not the Chiefs than which 6 from the AFC?

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