Bowe will play on Sunday night


As of Tuesday, the status of receiver Dwayne Bowe for Sunday night’s game against the Broncos wasn’t known, in the wake of a weekend arrest for marijuana possession.

It now is.

According to Ed Werder of ESPN, Bowe will play. PFT has confirmed that Bowe will indeed play.

“Under CBA, Chiefs cannot discipline,” Werder tweets.

Technically, Werder is accurate.  Under Article 42, Section 6 of the labor deal, “No Club may impose any discipline against a player . . . as a result of the Player’s violation of the . . . NFL Policy and Program on Substances of Abuse.”  (That same language appeared in the 2006 CBA, so it’s not new.)

Still, teams can — and some do — impose discipline after off-field incidents.

In 2008, for example, the Steelers suspended receiver Santonio Holmes with pay after a citation for marijuana possession.  He missed a key game against the Giants, and the Steelers lost.

In 2010, the Jets benched receiver Braylon Edwards for the first quarter of a Sunday night game against the Dolphins after a mid-week DUI arrest.

In 2012, the Steelers suspended defensive lineman Alameda Ta’amu for two games after a DUI incident.

The more accurate explanation at this point is that the Chiefs realize that they can take action against Bowe, but that they currently choose not to.  As we understand it, the facts are regarded to be sufficiently in dispute to make any action by the team against Bowe premature.  At some point, things could change, and the Chiefs could take action.

For now, Bowe is playing.

It’s still not clear whether Bowe will be starting the Sunday night game against the Broncos.  But if the Chiefs aren’t sufficiently sure what happened with Bowe to sit him down for a game, it makes sense that they also don’t yet feel comfortable enough to sit him down for even a series.

46 responses to “Bowe will play on Sunday night

  1. This just sets a terrible, terrible example for our children. If there is no consequence, why change your behavior? Absolutely ridiculous teams still allow players who do this stuff to play.

  2. Allegedly “bully” a team mate and get suspended indefinitely. Commit a crime by possessing an illegal substance which is also clearly a league violation along with a DUI and still be allowed to play.

  3. he didn’t get a DUI. also, teams don’t care about players smoking pot.

    neither does the league. if they did, they would test for it more than once a year.

    they aren’t going to punish themselves for what is a relatively small infraction in the eyes of the NFL.

  4. “Under CBA, Chiefs cannot discipline,” Werder tweets.

    What a convenient cop-out for teams that don’t care about player discipline. If you’re not going to suspend him, then say so, but you’re not fooling anyone with this “we can’t discipline him” crap.

  5. I have no problem with this. 48 in a 35 with a bag of weed is a lot different than what Aldon Smith was repeatedly getting mixed up in.

    Aldon Smith was a menace to society.

  6. Why shouldn’t he? Hasn’t been convicted of anything.

    “Oh the children, what about the poor children and the message being sent”….Give me a freaking break. Maybe do some parenting and use it as a teaching moment if its that big a deal.

  7. So the best comparison is Santonio Holmes from 5 years ago. You mean to tell me no players have been caught with dope in 5 years? Pfft, please. But now it’s a big deal because the no name, small market, Chiefs are eating up too much of the airways for being 9-0. What did the Broncos do to Von Miller? Clearly he was a repeat offender and the league stepped in this year but what his initial punishment? That would be a good comparison.

  8. The NFL and it’s owners can talk all they want about “the shield”, player safety, moral responsibility, ethical standards, etc. etc. but it is nothing but lip service. If Bowe was a third or fourth stringer they would step right up and make an example of a “nobody” and make sure they let all of us know about it but when it’s a (fading)star player they quickly fall back on the CBA. Just like all the built-in excuses they have for the players, 100 different policies that a player must break at least 5 times each before any type of real discipline. Who needs a “performance enhancing policy” and a “alcohol policy” and a “illegal substance policy” when in the real world, if a person violated any one of those work place policies they would be fired.

  9. Good for the Chiefs, cuz I don’t know how they would’ve been able to replace his weekly 3 catches for 27 yds.

  10. I’m not a fan of either team, but as a football fan in general I would like to see this match up with all of the players available- no excuses that way.

  11. Society is beginning to realize the scam of criminalizing weed that law enforcement and the liquor industry have pushed on this nation. Cops, lawyers, and others in the criminal justice system have hit the jackpot in easy OT busting weed smokers. The liquor industry knows that a natural substance which grows out of the ground without and synthetic process necessary for producting is serious competition. This stuff has been around long before Capt. Morgan. The players need to stay away from poisons such as alcohol and other man made substances and turn to weed.

  12. Chiefs fans will try and tell you that it’s out of the teams hands, because they can’t suspend him due to the CBA.

    Show me where it says you can’t sit him though, show me that.


  13. Bowe has played a larger role as a down field blocker than catching ball this year.

    He lacks speed to get separation from DB’s.

    I think McCluster will have a HUGE game against the Broncos.



    I’ll make a fun weekend out of it.

  15. Very typical of Andy Reid. If the chiefs were playing the Jags he would be suspended for at least the first half.

    Reid cares nothing about human beings only his won loss record.

  16. zoellner25 says:

    This just sets a terrible, terrible example for our children. If there is no consequence, why change your behavior? Absolutely ridiculous teams still allow players who do this stuff to play.

    Survey says ? AAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    The terrible example is criminalizing weed and the wasting of hundreds of billions of dollars prosecuting people for it over the last 40 years.

    Acting like this guy committed some heinous crime with this is what’s ridiculous.

  17. terripet says:

    Just goes to show the owners don’t care about the player it’s all about winning.

    Wow, you’ve just now figured this out?

    At least in this case, the player and owner are on the same page, as Bowe most certainly doesn’t want to be suspended, either.

  18. I can’t believe they put the Ta’amu incident in here as if it even compares. Dude drove from police, drove wasted down a street crowded with pedestrians, right at a cop shouting at him to stop who had to dive out of the way, hit multiple vehicles, caused injury to bystanders, and then ran from the mess and resisted arrest. Had to be tackled and tasered by at least 3 cops before he was subdued. Yeah just a DUI though.

  19. Harisonhits2…… You cant say it any better, and all agree with you, except for the morons that are holding us down. (Those morons now know, they are losing the falsified war they fight for)

    PS… News break for the remaining sheltered 20% of you who believe the lies.

    You know who will also be playing this Sunday? 60% of the league that has puffed this week, but did not get caught.

  20. That’s a wonderful advert to let him play. It’s ok to go and get drunk, smoke pot, and play on Sunday.
    I hope the Chiefs get beaten, because they should have suspended this idiot. Just another one who has no clue.

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