Cowboys shuffle up defensive line


The Cowboys are taking the week off from playing games, but there’s no rest for the turnover that’s been going on along the defensive line all season.

Dallas shuffled up the deck up front once again on Tuesday, signing defensive tackle Corvey Irvin and saying goodbye to defensive end Caesar Rayford. Irvin was one of several players who worked out for the Cowboys on Tuesday and impressed the team enough to earn a job.

Irvin was a third-round pick of the Panthers in 2009, but moved onto being a journeyman after playing just two games with Carolina. He spent time with the Jaguars in 2011 and played 12 games for the Buccaneers last season before spending training camp with the Bears this year. He didn’t make the team and was out of work until Tuesday.

The Cowboys traded a conditional draft pick to Indianapolis to acquire Rayford, who flashed some strong pass rushing skills in the preseason. They never showed up in the regular season, however, and the former CFL player wasn’t seeing much playing time even with the myriad injuries the Cowboys have had to deal with up front.

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  1. Never understood why they give up a conditional pick for a preseason stud who, and this the big point, played in a defense that they no longer run. He’s a 3-4 OLB. Sort of like how you took your best defensive player (Ware) and decided he could play 4-3 DE, which takes a much more substantial physical toll on a body and now he’s breaking down.

  2. How is the self titled media mogul Jerry not putting this farce of a franchise on a reality TV show yet?

    I hate reality TV….but I love watching the Cowboys slowly die from the inside out.

  3. It may not be this year – but the Cowboys will suck again next year – the coaching staff will get fired and the team will STILL go 8-8 or worse. Wonder what gets shuffled up then?

  4. Anytime the cowgirls give up draft picks since Jimmy Johnson made the trade of trades the outcome has become disastrous for jerrah and company. Next to Grigson jerrah is the worst GM in the league.

  5. Jerry thinks that this is what the fans want to hear after a horrible loss and thats why we are reading about it today! Just like an old man who thinks his old Phonograph Cylinder plays better than a CD Player! Jerry will never change and this is what we Cowboys fans have to deal with until JJ decides to hire a real GM and sit his @$$ in the owners box OR dies! Sad but true, enjoy the heckling; fans from every team not named Dallas Cowboys…

  6. I love cowboy fans. Every year they swear up and down that their team is going to the Super Bowl, and then every year about this time ALL of them without fail declare that Jerry should fire himself and that the team will never be better. What happens to this undying optimism that was there in August? Why not stop cheering for the team if you suspect things will never get better? The only way to really get to jerry is through his check book. So stop purchasing cowboy garb and declare your undying allegiance to America’s real team. THE WASHINGTON REDSKINS!!!!

  7. It’s starting to get a little ridiculous.

    It’s not pro football for many teams (like Dallas) who are bringing in guys who did not and will not make NFL rosters.

    If you are paying big money to go watch these guys play, you’re a fool. Just sayin’

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