DeSean Jackson: We need fan support, not boos


The Eagles haven’t given their home fans much to cheer about lately, losing 10 straight games at Lincoln Financial Field.

But wide receiver DeSean Jackson thinks the fans can help the team turn things around by being more positive.

He does know he lives in Philadelphia, right?

“[We need] everybody in the stands really encouraging instead of the opposite,” Jackson said, via Rueben Frank of “Trying to get that energy to be on our side. I feel like it’s against us sometimes.”

The Eagles are 0-4 at home this year, and a sparkling 5-1 on the road. They also haven’t won a playoff game since 2008, or a winning season since 2010, so the frustration is palpable.

“Going into the game sometimes, when you’re three minutes into a game when you hear boos and things like that, that’s kind of crazy to hear,” Jackson said. “[I would] never blame that for the reason you’re losing, because you’re a professional athlete and you’ve got a job to do go out there and win a game. Within our locker room, there’s no game where we feel we don’t have a shot to win a game.

“We already have to beat our opponent. Now we’re trying to fight our fans. That energy to help us go out there and help us [get an] interception, delay of game penalty, whatever it is, we need them on our side, not against us.

“Can’t blame anybody but ourselves for losing a game. As long as we have that energy to help us go out there and win, that’s all we need.”

As one of the older Eagles, Jackson said he’s worried about the effect the negative reaction has on younger players, who aren’t jaded by years of experience with a notoriously hard-boiled crowd.

“For myself, I understand it, being here six years,” he said. “I could understand where the frustration comes from and why the fans are the way they are.

“But to the younger guys, I don’t think they really understand the ins and outs of why it is we’re getting booed and the frustration and where it’s coming from. I’ll take the booing. Let them boo me. But don’t boo the younger guys.”

He does know he lives in Philadelphia, right?

42 responses to “DeSean Jackson: We need fan support, not boos

  1. I never thought I’d hear thoughtful and insightful comments from Desean Jackson but let’s be fair, he’s absolutely right on this one.

    Bring some of that brotherly love to the game Philly.

  2. You’re in Philly dude, what do you expect? Your fans didn’t earn the name ‘The Boo Birds” for nothing.

  3. D-Jax needs to also understand that the Eagles are professionals football players and need to put that noise out of their minds and perform as the highly paid athletes that they are, go win a game in front of your fans and you wont hear people boo, bottom line….EAGLES!!!!!!

  4. He’s got a great point and one that I think is underrated. Negative energy is pretty powerful, and considering this team is tied for first in the division(despite Dallas holding the tie breaker) should get the attention of the home crowd.

  5. He’s right, why do something that discourages your own team, even if you have the right to do so?

    Been to Ravens games when they were 4-12, never booed. Don’t understand what positive it accomplishes.

  6. Maybe the boos have been coming from the OTHER TEAM’S FANS who have been buying tickets from the fair-weather Eagles fans and filling the Linc.

  7. He’s right. Too bad Philly fans feel like they have this “rep” to uphold. In reality they are either 17 year old ketchup throwers or potbelly loud mouths.

    Good job booing Bill Burr Philly, how did that work out for you? (youtube it) lol

  8. Its going to be funny to see them lose at least 2 out of the next three home games. the only one I think they can win is Arizona. Washington is going to pound them. always play well up there, and cant see them beating Detroit.

  9. Worst sports fans in America. When they win they show and go crazy. When they lose they turn on their teams so rabidly that it doesn’t make sense. There is no middle ground. It has to wear on the players. After a while, the players must just throw their hands up and say why am I doing this. Probably one of the reasons there are so few championships in Philly.


  11. DeSean…SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!! I’ve a season ticket holder since 1989. I’ve been wasting my Sundays on home losses the last ten times I’ve gone down there. Do you have any clue how frustrating and pathetic it is that you guys have been lighting up the scoreboard on the road then you come home and mess the bed??? I do and so does my family who I didn’t really see those Sundays because I’ve wasted my time and money watching a bunch of sensitive, whiny little bitch, overpaid millionaires underachieve. Shut your mouth and don’t tell me about not booing your ass. Go get us a home win for a change and stop wasting our time & money and you’ll hear something different than the norm your team’s actions has created! BOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  12. @kmac- The same Washington team that got pounded in the 1st half of week 1 and who has an awful defense entering this game? The Eagles may lose, but they won’t get blown out.

    I actually think it would be more likely the Eagles would lose the Arizona, who’s been playinga lot better in recent weeks.

  13. Philly fans will have no problem cheering for the Eagles this week. Foles lit up the Bucs, Raiders and Packers secondary. These ethnic slurs are a gift. Sorry Washington but we’re better then you in every aspect of the game. We run better, pass better, stop the run better and play better pass defense. We’re even better at special teams.

    To quote Biggie, “Your reign on the top was short like leprechauns.”

  14. Please. Every single game starts out with 100% support. When the team starts making the same stupid mistakes that have cost them games in the past, the boos come out. Don’t like it? Win.

  15. Isn’t the fact that our team has been garbage the past 3 seasons and the fact that they have lost 10 straight at home enough reason to boo when they go three and out regularly? Now look at what I just said about the state of the team and then think about how this team is always selling out our games and has a 50k waiting list for season tickets. We will boo when you suck. We’ve earned the right. 1960 DeSean. 1960.

  16. Why is it people act like Philly is the only town that boo’s it’s own team? I’ve heard Packer’s fans boo their time off the field at halftime of a game they were winning! People rip Philly fans for this all the time and while there are certainly some clowns that make me embarrassed to claim the Eagles as my favorite team at least we show up. I can’t even remember the last time the Eagles had a home game blacked out. So while people love to point to Philly as THE WORST FANS EVER I’d like to give a shout out to all the cities that have frequently struggled to fill their stadiums even when the team is playing well (Hey Cincinatti, How YOU doin’?)

    I’d rather have a fan base that’s ornery than a bunch of indifferent @$$holes who can’t even be bothered to show up.

    One last point…the last two home losses came against a winless Giants team and the Dallas Cowboys. Both division rivals and both teams that the Eagles should be able to beat AT HOME. Don’t tell me fans in Chicago, New England or Seattle wouldn’t boo their own team if they lost back to back home games to division rivals with completely pathetic performances (ZERO Offensive td’s in 2 weeks in a league that is geared more towards offense than it ever has been).

  17. I’ve been to 7 out of 10 of those loses. I sat out 3 games last year, I watched them in the comfort of my home. Since they weren’t putting out the effort, why should I waste an entire day. Like Ricky Waters said: For who? for what? Jeff Lurie got his money but I saved a couple hundred by staying home.

    As far as this year is concerned. I’ve been to all of the home losses. I have reserved my right to boo as a season ticket holder and free American.

    The stadium hasn’t been electric in 2 years and after 50 years of mediocrity, it gets a little frustrating once you start adding up the time and money wasted on sub par performances.

  18. DeSean: I’m not blaming the fans but you know its hard when they boo (blah blah blah)….I’m not blaming the fans but we need that postivie energy.

    Charlie Murphey: I’ld have a little more sense than putting my feet up on Eddie’s couch…yeah I put my feet up on Eddie’s couch.

  19. I’ll be a lone voice who is a die hard Philly fan and thinks DeSean is spot on. I, for one, am tired of fans booing in the first quarter. When I asked the guy next to me, he said he the play call was poor. EXCUSE ME? The coaches don’t need your input?!?! This was probably the same guy who called WIP last year on September 9th, 2012 and called for Andy Reid to be fired.

    That was the Eagles 9th consecutive victory.

    What decent fanbase has members calling for the coach to be fired after 9 consecutive wins? Since some won’t believe the 9 wins part of the story, see below…

    12/11/11 – Win 26-10 @ Miami
    12/18/11 – Win 45-19 vs New York Jets
    12/24/11 – Win 20-7 @ Dallas
    1/1/12 – Win 34-10 vs Washington
    8/9/12 – Win 24-23 vs Pittsburgh
    8/20/12 – Win 27-17 @ New England
    8/24/12 – Win 27-10 @ Cleveland
    8/30/12 – Win 28-10 vs New York Jets
    9/9/12 – Win 17-16 @ Cleveland

    Oh, there was a 10th consecutive victory. Over the soon to be World Champion Baltimore Ravens…

    9/16/12 – Win 24-23 vs Baltimore

    Reid was fired 113 days later.

    here’s a small list of other Philadelphia athletes who have an issue with the fans at one point or another:

    Jimmy Rollins
    Ryan Howard
    Jason Kelce
    Allen Iverson
    Cliff lee
    Donavan McNabb
    DeSean Jackson

    Oh, and Justin Timberlake called us out Sunday night while performing at the Wells Fargo Center.

    FACT: There is no statistical evidence to support the theory that Philadelphia has the best fans in the country.

    The first step is recongnizing any problem is realizing there is one. Philly fans, as a whole, are no where near the best fans in the country anymore.

    We’re 2nd in merchandise sales, 4th in attendance, & 5th in tailgating experience. Sadly, the guinness people aren’t attending our games to see if our fans break the noise decibal record. And there is no record for booing.

    We lead the league in only one statistical category. Number of fans who are pleased that Andy Reid isn’t there coach. This number is higher than every other fanbase……combined.

    Andy is 9-0 today, right?

  20. really dude? Counting preseason games in Andy’s 9 consecutive wins? Also, I’m pretty sure only the Seattle Seahawks benefited more from the replacement refs than the Eagles so don’t get your panties in an uproar over close wins against a (terrible) rookie QB in Cleveland or the Ravens when Harbaugh showed he is part of the Andy Reid coaching tree by forgetting about running the ball in a game the Ravens were easily winning.

  21. No athlete really wants to play in front of the Lincoln Loons. Andy Reid is 9-0 in K.C. and the Eagles have one road loss. Ya think there’s a connection? I’m an Eagles fan who grew up in Philly, but I think the people there take perverse pleasure in failure.

  22. I attended both the Cowboys game and the Giants game and they were probably two of the worst games I have seen in my life. We scored 7 points in those two games combined based on a muffed punt at the end of the game when it didn’t matter anymore. They started the game right off the bat with sacks and an interception. You don’t expect to hear a few boos? Funny thing is there weren’t even that many boos. It was really more of a silence because of the Cowboys game mixed with what we were seeing in the Giants game. It took the life out of a lot of people. You’re telling me any other stadium would be rocking after these dismal performances? Yes, continue to bash the bad philly fans you clueless, clueless people.

  23. He is right. I have been an Eagles fan for 23 years. I have never heard a more quiet, Home Team crowd, than the one I heard last Home game. The only time you heard the crowd make any noise was when it was to boo the team and talk crap. It really bummed me out.

    I have ignored the urge to buy into the whole “Philly fans are making it hard for the team to win at home” hype. Then I saw that game and was blown away.

  24. So, Brian Dawkins would have never made such a ridiculous comment. They haven’t won at home in so long Dawkins would say something like “It’s killing me that we haven’t won for these great fans that deserve so much better”. Then he’d go on the field and back it up with a win. Dawkins understood the fans and was and will always be loved in Philly.

    I have a DeSean jersery and like him a lot. But dude, grow up.

  25. it’s not even the offense’s issue with the fans.

    what it boils down to, is defense..
    The fans stand up and scream and shout in that first quarter.
    I’ve been to every home game. the atmosphere at the beginning of the game is unbelievable..

    what happens is, we get so pumped for a 3rd&8, then the defense lets up a 1st down.
    the we get amped for a 3rd & 5,, and the defense lets up a first down.

    but the end of the first half, the home crowd is drained and tired of being disappointed.

    desean gets booo’d on plays where he dives two yards short of the 1st down . but that’s chips fault, a 160lb WR shouldn’t have the ball anywhere in that area.

  26. This whole “give them something to cheer about is ridiculous”. The booing isnt anything new. Athlete’s coming out and complaining about Philly fans isn’t new either. The booing and negativity goes back to 2006. Andy and McNabb had to go. The TO debacle. Or Fire Andy and let’s see McNabb with a new head coach. Or vice versa. Then two years later we went to another NFC Championship game. FTR: Andy has the potential to break career coaching records. It’s a shame that we spent so much time booing him to realize it.

    And if you don’t wanna cheer the offense, how about save some of that booing for when the opposing offense is out on the field.

    There’s a such thing as the 12th man. And right now, Philadelphia is probably among the bottom third of the league. Only a fool can blame the team for that.

  27. People who actually blame the fans are pehonmenal idiots. Why don’t you just tell the fans that some of them must have a metaclorian count high enough that they could be jedi’s and just use the force? A 10 home game loosing streak is pathetic and the team deserved to get booed. You want praise, make a play. Philadelphia fans are loyal and they love their teams like adults, which means you let them know when you are mad with them.

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