Falcons want Steven Jackson to run more

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When the Falcons signed Steven Jackson as a free agent, the hope was that he’d be able to provide them with the kind of consistent threat out of the backfield that they were lacking with Michael Turner in the lead role in 2012.

Like just about everything else in Atlanta, things haven’t worked out that way. Jackson missed four games with a hamstring injury and he has picked up 74 yards on 33 carries in the three games since his return, suggesting that Jackson may not have much left in the tank whether he’s healthy or not. Offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter isn’t thinking that way and said Tuesday that he wants to give Jackson the ball more in the coming weeks.

“My opinion is Steven Jackson is a workhorse running back and we haven’t been able to work him. I mean, I think Steven is one of those guys that gets better the more he touches it,” Koetter said, via ESPN.com. “We’re not running it successfully enough to get him enough carries. If he’s carrying in multiple times, he’s going to need to come out and then that’s going to lead to [Jacquizz Rodgers] and Jason [Snelling] getting more carries, too. But unfortunately, because we’re not doing anything successfully right now and we’re getting behind on the scoreboard, [the running game] sometimes gets away from us.”

On top of any injury or aging issues that Jackson might be experiencing and the scoreboard problems Koetter mentions, there’s also the issue of a struggling offensive line for the Falcons to deal with when it comes to heavier usage of Jackson. In a perfect world, all of those things would go away and allow the Falcons to ride Jackson to victory, but the unavoidable message of this season is that the Falcons are not living in a perfect world.

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  1. My fantasy team wants him to run more too! This guy looked like a beast against my Ravens in the pre-season. I wonder if that hamstring injury is still lingering

  2. The Falcons haven’t been able to run good since the 2010 season, Michael Turner was great from 2008-2010 but the last 2 years was a 2.5 ypc kinda guy. Running game won’t materialize this fiasco of a year.

  3. And us Falcons Fans want Dimitroff to stop throwing away draft picks when we need a few extra running backs on the roster. Just because the owner is a billionaire, doesn’t mean you can’t keep looking for diamonds in the rough.

    Should have kept Abraham.

    Should have traded Gonzalez.

    Should have picked up several running backs off of waivers as soon as Jackson went down….since he is probably done, absolutely dumb signing.

    Example, the Buc’s Bobby Rainey could start for the Falcons.

  4. Get use to being unimpressed, Falcons fans. He’s a good pass blocker, but his lack of acceleration and surplus of dancing in the hole will have you screaming at the TV. It’s painful to watch him run most games…

    A Rams Fan

  5. I’ve been known to get on you guys for the quality (or lack of it) of the writing on this site (most of which you immediately delete – that’s okay, I understand why, and I still enjoy your site), but I figure ‘credit where credit is due’.

    Since his debut, Josh Alper has been the most coherent and consistent writer on PFT, and this post is an excellent example. Edited, balanced reporting with a natural flow, a coherent presentation of facts pertinent to the report, all of which makes it an easy and pleasant read. And best of all, no smarmy, judgmental or redundant final sentence – rather, an intelligent and original and well thought out final paragraph that summarizes without redundancy. Good job Mr. Alper sir! It’s always a pleasure to read your work.

  6. Falcons fans want Jason Snelling running the ball more…S. Jackson is slow, has a little bounce step cut and gets no push for extra yards. Snelling is opposite, is always good for positive yards after initial hit, runs hard, and is hungry. I would love to see him getting 20 carries a game.

  7. Please for the love of God Falcons fans, recognize that extra running backs or a change at running back is not the answer in Atlanta. The offensive and defensive line has been atrocious over the last 3 years.

    Atlanta does not have a run game because the offensive line never gets any push in the trenches. The run always starts up front especially when your implementing man to man blocks in which the Falcons use. Watch any of their games over the last few years and you’ll see that they rarely ever get to the second level when blocking. In fact, you’ll see that the multiple defenders are more often than not getting behind the line of scrimmage before the running backs have a chance. Pass blocking is different. In pass blocking, it’s more important to hold a block. In run blocking, you have to create holes which involves moving defenders. The Falcons don’t move defenders to create holes, and they rarely ever get to the linebacker level to put a block on them. Atlanta has good, athletic running backs. They have a bad offensive line! You can’t run behind a bad offensive line!

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