Kaepernick responds to Dilfer’s criticism


In the latest case of ESPN-on-ESPN crime, two of the four-letter network’s NFL analysts have vastly differing opinions regarding 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Ron Jaworski thinks (or, perhaps more accurately, thought) that Kaepernick could be one of the best to ever play the game.  Trent Dilfer thinks that Kaepernick struggles with his progression through the passing options.

“[H]e’s not in the building with us so what he’s saying really doesn’t affect me at all,” Kaepernick told reporters on Wednesday regarding Dilfer, via comments distributed by the team.  “I’m worried about what this team thinks and what I’m doing in here with my teammates.”

But what of Dilfer’s criticism of Kaepernick’s struggles when it comes to looking for the second and third receivers?

“Well, I think you should ask him if he knows what my progression is first before he says that,” Kaepernick said.

On the surface, it’s a clever response, which speaks to the criticism of media efforts to grade players without knowing their specific assignments.  But when it comes to studying a quarterback, it’s not all that hard to see a guy look one way and then become a little flustered and harried, before ultimately trying to run.

That’s the current knock on Kaepernick.  He’s become, in many respects, a one-read-and-then-run-it quarterback who is struggling to throw or to run.

Meanwhile, Kaepernick doesn’t know why he’s being criticized despite the team’s accomplishments last year and its record this year.

“You’re going to have to ask them,” Kaepernick said. “I’m doing the same thing I was last year.  Trying to prepare the same way.  Making sure I’m ready to play.”

He may be doing the same thing, but he’s not generating the same results.  His passing numbers are underwhelming.  His rushing totals are underwhelming.  While that may be good enough given the rest of the roster to win enough games to get back to the Super Bowl, it’s not enough to vindicate Jaworski’s over-the-top preseason assessment of Kaepernick.

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  1. Dilfer is correct. Jaws was out of his mind on lines when he made that statement, anyway. Teams have film on him and he was overrated to begin with. Let him prove it first. He hasn’t yet, and you can’t make definitive statements on him one way or the other at this time.

  2. I think I speak for everyone when I say that I’m glad I no longer have to listen to that buffoon Jaws on MNF anymore. Clearly his studio analysis is no better after anointing someone “one of the best ever” after not even starting 10 games. Talk about setting the bar way too high.

  3. kapernick should LISTEN to dilfer! But no, he thinks he got it better than everybody b/c that is what harbaugh is teaching them. Makes for some real thickheaded players. Maybe he’ll get the point when rob ryan unleashes the hounds this sunday! Saints d- Always hungry, never satisfied

  4. Both guys raise very good points and Dilfer’s concerns are legit and Jaworski’s vision for such a great upside is also possible. I have been saying this since the day he was drafted that I don’t think the 49ers have done a good job with developing Kaep and he needs to work on a TON of mental things if he ever wants to sniff what Jaws is talking about.

    But I don’t see that happening in the present or likely in the future. I think he will never achieve the fullest of his true potential until he can get the right people in place to support him and work on the cerebral elements of the game and his thought process overall which effects everything he does in the game. Until he wants to be the best and goes for it, he’ll never be just that. But he’ll always have the potential there for when he and his team are ready to harness it more fully.

  5. “Flacco is a great quarterback”

    – ron jaworski

    “Kaepernick could be one of the greatest ever”

    – ron jaworski

  6. I have NO idea why CK would respond in any fashion directly to Dilfer or ANY commentator. There is no upside to making a remark, as it will be parsed, sliced and diced, thereby creating yet another round of commentary from any number of directions, and so on , and so on. If he is going to QB one of the premier franchises in NFL history, he needs to stick to business ON the field, and develop a thicker skin regarding matters OFF the field.

  7. Colin, obviously it affects you in some way if you respond like that. And get motivation from what nobodies say on twitter. If it didn’t bother you then don’t say anything at all and prove it on the field. I for one never understood the hype on this guy because he had a few good games against some average defenses when no one had tape on him. He has 2 games over 200 yards this season. I don’t care if Crabtree is out, Vernon Davis is basically an elite receiver with his size and speed and Boldin is Boldin. Strong running game and defense. There is no excuse. He hasn’t improved one bit. Flash in the pan player in my opinion.

  8. Doing the same thing? Good young quarterbacks like Wilson and luck, if asked would say “I’m trying to improve from last year”. Krap seems to just want to swag his way around and kiss himself just like last year.

  9. Yeah, kaep hasn’t been playing as expected,but we heard the same thing last year. Ck7 will never out duel Breese, ha ha he didn’t have to our defense handled business as usual. Saints are good but not as good as they’re getting credit for. They’ve played a pretty weak schedule so far if you ask me.

  10. Kid has started a total of 16 games. He’s 6-3 and has won 2 playoff games. Let’s just all calm down.

  11. Ray Lewis said it best a few weeks ago while sitting next to Dilfer, “If your defense is good enough it doesn’t matter who your QB is”. After 12 years I wonder if Ray even remembered who his QB was when he won his first Super Bowl.

  12. Regardless of what you think of Dilfer as a QB, he has been a player in this league until very recently and he is able to analyze what current offenses defenses are doing. His comments about Kaep are worth listening to.
    Jaws, not so much.

  13. kaepernick assessed his own problem by saying he prepares the same way now as he always has. Good QBs adjust how they play when Ds figure them out. Kaepernick does not have the ability to change how he plays because he lacks skill at the position and we have already seen his best.

  14. Dilfer has a good point and there’s nothing wrong with a little outside constructive criticism, saying what many of us are thinking.

    Kaepernick has an even better point that in the end, the win is all that matters….and as of right now we have a winning record.

  15. Kaepernick’s replies make him sound overconfident. And that bazooka he has for a right arm both helps and hurts him – sometimes he thinks he can just throw a fastball in there and get it through double and triple coverage.

    I agree with Dilfer because NFL coaches are paid to figure out how to confuse and stop opposing QBs. And now that they have plenty of coaches tape and cut-ups on Kaep, they have a good idea what his reads are and they’re making sure they have someone assigned to him if he starts to run.

    Good QBs are happy with their skills. Great QBs work to stay ahead of the competition. There’s 15 years’ worth of film on Peyton Manning, but he still goes out there and pulls a rabbit out of his hat because he isn’t complacent or satisfied with what he’s already accomplished – he works hard to be better than the defense facing him. Kaep sounds complacent already.

  16. The new orleans game is coming at the perfect time. The can run on the saints but have no shot to win if they can’t open up the passing game. There gonna have no choice but to try to keep up with brees and I think thats a good thing. I don’t have a lot of hope for the div at this point but if they get hot they can win anywhere.

  17. I think that the super athletic QB’s sometimes become mentally lazy because they can always just take off and run. It’s easier than forcing themselves to be mentally disciplined and work to improve and utilize their pocket passing skills. Michael Vick is the perfect example of this.

  18. Kaepernick is an above average QB having a classic second year comedown. To be expected from most pros.

    Put it like this, most NFL teams would love to have him.

    Although Differ played on a Super Bowl winner he had little talent and was more of a backup. He’s a successful talking head. Jaws another QB was tough as nails and had twice the talent of Differ. Jaws is always a little over the top.

  19. I blame harbaugh , I mean last week he couldn’t adjust at all to the panthers pressure, call a screen or a quick hitter somewhere, and look at kaep’s receiving core after davis went down, he had a 70 yard t.d. Dropped by the backup tight end

  20. Um, anyone else see the irony in Kap and his supporters pointing to his record as evidence he’s good enough? Just ask Alex Smith how that turned out for him.

  21. Wasn’t Jaws the one that said Stafford’s mechanics were severely flawed?

    And, let’s stop this, “He’s blank-blank as a starter”. One of the most overrated stats in football. Alex Smith is 9-0 this year. Is it because he’s a great QB or KC has a great Defense?

  22. I had the honor of holding Bucs season tickets throughout Trent Dilfer’s Tampa Bay career, and I witnessed his horrendous QB play week after week. I don’t know how anyone could take his analysis seriously.

    (Yes, I know Trent “won” the Super Bowl with the Ravens, but some would say the Ravens defense won the Super Bowl in spite of him.)

  23. Kaepernick is in a slump, but jeesh the man has one receiver/TE from last yr (Davis) and the 49ers have tried Moore, Williams, Patton, Baldwin, back to Williams and now Manningham as #2 receivers! With Vernon missing games and time here and there Kaepernick is constantly trying to build chemistry with a bunch of different skill sets. This can not be good in the development of a young QB! I am tired of Dilfer… If he knows so much then why wasn’t he able to make himself a good QB? Dilfer is a tool and doesn’t have half the ability of Kap! Just keep it real, Dilfer was backup for the 49ers when we had almost nothing at the position (sorry Alex…you were horrible pre Harbaugh).

  24. I know people wanna jump on Kap, but his receivers don’t help him much. Most people that aren’t 9ers fans probably don’t even know who thenumber 2 receiver has been for the first 9 games. Let’s see what he looks like with Crabtree before we crush him

  25. For Comparisons sake, let’s look at Andrew Luck without Reggie Wayne. Last 2 games he completed less than 50 percent of his passes(in a win) and threw 3 interceptions in a loss.

  26. If you play a full game at QB, throw for 98 yards, and your team loses, expect a lot of criticism. Maybe time to shed the thin skin already. This isn’t Little ole Reno.

  27. Kaepernick had a whole year sitting on the bench behind Alex Smith and the best celebration he could come up with is kissing his bicep? lol Dude is/was overrated and San Fran’s defense isn’t getting any younger. No real #1 WR. Crabtree cant stay healthy. Crabtree’s stats for 2013 ZERO across the board. Gotta respect Frank Gore but he’s 30. Vernon Davis is almost 30. A.J. Jenkins was a bust. Spent high round draft picks on the Offensive Line. Those contracts are going to have to be renewed soon.

  28. He’s overated, he’s got one of the best offensive lines, and one of the top defenses to help him out. If Brady, Rodgers, and Brees had those things going for them they could easily be undefeated in 22 starts

  29. I was almost positive that the whole article was gonna be one sentence long:

    In response to Dilfer’s critique of his play Kaepernick replied “Trent who?”.

  30. Teams adjust once they have you on film. Cam Newton had an awesome first year too. His second year…not so much.

    When you have a good defense and they keep the score low, then your OC can mix up run & pass plays which keeps the defense off-balance. Thus, helping the QB.

    I wonder how well Kaep or Wilson would look on the Jaguars.

  31. Just amazing how he’s not the same QB… when he’s still missing his premiere WR – Crabtree.

    Kaep will be fine. He’s learning how to play with substandard receivers. 2 out of the 3 losses came when Vernon Davis had to leave the game.

    SF will make the playoffs, and Kaep should have a full compliment of WRs at his disposal. Boldin, Crabtree, Manningham and Davis.

  32. All Kaepernick needed to say in response was: “Yes, my play has been Dilferesque this year and I’m doing all I can to improve”.

  33. He caught everyone off guard last year

    But with a season worth of game and play call video analysis, the rest of the NFL has caught up to his strengths and flaws

    (And yes folks – every team in the NFL continues to video games and playcalling as they always have – not just the Patriots as some like to delude themselves into believing)

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