Luke Kuechly named NFC defensive player of the week


The league gives out awards for individual achievements, but what Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly has done to change the face of a team is harder to quantify.

Kuechly was named NFC defensive player of the week after an impressive 11-tackle performance in a win over the 49ers, which included a sack and a pass defensed.

But his play in the middle has helped transform the Panthers into a legitimate NFC contender after a 1-3 start.

His instincts and physical style allowed the Panthers to move out linebacker Jon Beason (who is playing very well for the Giants now), which speaks to his talent. His coverage ability, which he showed chasing Vernon Davis around, will be tested this week against New England and Rob Gronkowski. But so far, Kuechly has passed every test.

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  1. Luke is an absolute BEAST!!!!! Hoping the Panthers continue their win streak this Monday night! Go Panthers…..keep pounding!!!!!!

  2. Commish, I agree, but at the same time it’s going to be hard to beat out Patrick Willis. They are both BEASTs. Luke has to keep Gronk in check on Monday night if the Panther’s are going to pull out the win.

  3. “87hollywoodhorn says:
    Nov 13, 2013 10:58 AM
    Brees will abuse him twice this season, dont try and tell me he could ever cover jimmy graham”


    It’s gonna be hard for Brees to throw the ball from his back!!! Brees gets leveled all game. Brees doesn’t do well with Pressure up the middle and he’s not fast enough to get outside.

    Good try 87hollywoodhorn, LOL

  4. He’s not even the best LB in the division…the kid in Tampa (Lavonta David) is just as good with 3 more tackles this season and 4 more sacks while playing behind a high school D-line. Unfortunately, for him he doesn’t get the same hype Kuechly gets because he plays for a crap team.

  5. Jrbdiddy its kind of easy for David to have more tackles when there isn’t as many talented players around him in Tampa…Kuechly isn’t leaps and bounds better, but he’s better.

  6. OK, NFL, let’s make this fair. Change the name of the NFC Defensive Player of the Week Award to the Luke Kuechly Award. Kuechly would no longer be eligible, and the award will go to the second-best defensive player each week.


  7. @jrbdiddy Tampas d line is all 1st and 2nd round picks. David is good but not even close to Luke’s level. Also, Luke runs the defense, gets every player in the right spot, terrorizes opposing QBs mentally, shuts down routes, teams game plan around him and fail every week. Also the Panthers defense is on the field less than any other team in the entire NFL if im not mistaken. I think that could easily account for 3 tackles if you want to be petty

  8. 87hollywoodhorn says: Nov 13, 2013 10:58 AM

    Brees will abuse him twice this season, dont try and tell me he could ever cover jimmy graham

    Did you watch the last Saints vs Panthers game?

    Jimmy Graham was so frustrated he got a couple of personal fouls.

    So yes, I am telling you, he could cover Jimmy Graham. He has before and won the game.

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