Matt Flynn: I never thought I’d be back in Green Bay

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After the first practice of his second stint with the Packers, Matt Flynn admitted he never thought a second stint would come.

Flynn, the former backup quarterback in Green Bay who parlayed one good game as the starter into a big contract with the Seahawks, told reporters today that he is excited about his second opportunity, even though he obviously wasn’t hoping to wash out in Seattle, Oakland and Buffalo before returning to Green Bay.

“No, I never did, but standing here right now I’m glad I am,” Flynn said. “I’m extremely happy to be back, extremely happy to be back with people who are familiar with me, see familiar faces and an offense I’m very comfortable with.”

Flynn said his first day of work back at the job felt like being back at the old routine.

“I was here for four years,” Flynn said. “It was a very familiar routine.”

For now, Flynn is the backup to Scott Tolzien. If Flynn does end up playing while Aaron Rodgers is out, the Packers would love it if Flynn could get back on the field and play the same way he did last time he was in a Packers uniform, when he threw for 480 yards in a win over the Lions.

45 responses to “Matt Flynn: I never thought I’d be back in Green Bay

  1. The luckiest man to ever play in the NFL.

    He parlayed one game, ONE FOOTBALL GAME, into more money than every fan reading this will make in their lifetimes…combined.

  2. So tired of hearing about his “one game”. He had an impressive game against the Pats and did well every preseason.

    This guy put in the work and excelled in a system he knew.

    Can’t fault him for taking what opportunities were given to him.

  3. Deep down, Matt Flynn never really wanted to leave Green Bay. Nobody wants to leave Green Bay because of the team’s history, incredibly loyal fan base, and numerous championship titles.

    Everyone who leaves Packerland secretly wants to return someday. Just ask Greg Jennings.

  4. Matt Flynn is one rich man and I can’t hate him for it. How much money he made is ridiculous and didn’t have to pull a Revis, or be broken and battered like Kolb, I wish I was in that position.

  5. I agree with the first guy but the second? I AM A MILLIONAIRE! haha and yes he’s very lucky and no I’m not a millionaire. ha
    I didn’t think this would happen BUT it makes sense. ANY majic left matt?

  6. Green Bay is done regardless. With or without Rodgers. Flynn will not help. The team itself is just not that good.

  7. Hopefully this opportunity will allow him to cement the number 2 position behind Aaron Rodgers! Every team needs a solid backup and I think Flynn could be that guy for Green Bay!

  8. Packers will finish 8-8 at best. They simply don’t have the team to be champions. Hate to break the news to Packer fans, but your team won’t be relevant for few more years.

  9. To be fair, many people forget how spectacular that “one good game” was. 31/44, 480 yards, six TDs and only one INT.

  10. It’s not ONE game. those dudes play ball since they are 5 or 6 years old, they were lifting weights and running track while we were still playing our nintendo’s, they got up early on days we slept in late and studied game film while we were studying song lyrics to bands we are embarassed to admit we like these days.

    Say what you want about Flynn, but he worked harder than most people ever will to even get to that level.

  11. I expect Scott Tolzien to start this week, but Flynn to start vs the Vikings and Lions if for some ungodly reason Eli can must a win this week. Hopefully Rodgers can return for the game @ Dallas.

  12. Anyone who thought Flynn was bad in Seattle, Oakland, and Buffalo should watch some tape of the immortal Scott Tolzien. No reason why Flynn shouldn’t be starting with Rodgers out.

  13. I don’t quite understand why Ted Thompson appears to be reluctant to bring Flynn back to the Pack. He really seemed to drag his feet in this move until he practically had little choice. I hope Matt finds his groove and gives the team some much needed stability.

  14. Mr.One Game Wonder ain’t gonna do much! Romo didn’t take over cause Drew Bledsoe got hurt, he BENCHED Drew Bledsoe because of his amazing skills. That’s what real amazing QBs do. They don’t wait for injuries, they out play the starter. The Saint’s game wasn’t Romo’s fault. 90% of Dallas starters were out. And the refs gave that BS grounding call that made sure Romo wasn’t gonna attempt another of his amazing comebacks. #Americasteamwillbounceback

  15. I really believe in offensive systems. Packers, broncos, saints, patriots all have high output systems. Oakland and buffalo certainly don’t. In Seattle he just got beat by a very good qb but even they are more of a running team. I think Flynn to the packers is the best thing either side could hope for.

  16. I honestly think Flynn could be a good QB in this league if he were put in the right place.

    Seattle: beat out by Russell Wilson… yeah who wouldn’t have been. Being a Wisconsin fan I KNEW Wilson would be successful in this league.

    Oakland: I’d like to see anyone who isn’t as fast as Terrelle Pryor to be a QB with that o-line in Oakland. Pryor is in as QB because of his legs not his arm.

    Buffalo: Buffalo nuff said… no but seriously Buffalo knew Manuel would be back and Tuel had more knowledge of the system. Why play a QB who has been on the team for only a week. Not all coaching staffs are as incompetent as Minnesota’s.

  17. Anybody who watched his one big game knew he was going to be a bust, he played against DB’s that were career special team wide receivers. Anyone with a pulse could have thrown for 300 yds and 2 tds that game. Good for him that he got a big payday though!

  18. WOW… I always thought GB was a friendly place! All those Flynn haters that live in the Lambo house…you may want to leave the back door open. Flynn is about to set the place on fire!!

  19. gertrudegoat says:Nov 13, 2013 10:41 PM

    I don’t quite understand why Ted Thompson appears to be reluctant to bring Flynn back to the Pack. He really seemed to drag his feet in this move until he practically had little choice. I hope Matt finds his groove and gives the team some much needed stability.

    He was holding out hope that he could convince Brian Brohm to come back.

  20. ALL YOU Packers naysayers on Flynn, his statistics for Packers: 82 completions in 132 attempts, 62.1% completion rate, 9 TD’s, 5 INT’s, 1015 YDS for a QB game rating of 92.8—that’s HIGHER than Cutler, Stafford, Eli Manning, Kaepernick, Cam Newton, Vick, Bradford, Flacco, Alex Smith, Matt Ryan, Tannehill, Henne, Sanchez, Freeman, Carson Palmer,etc…career statistics and Equal to that of Roethlisberger and Matt Schaub. Flynn’s statistics in 5 games with Seahawks and Raiders on some bad teams: 27 completions in 43 attempts for 60.1% completion rate, 1 TD, 1 INT, 314 Yds and a QB game rating of 81.3–that rate is HIGHER than a majority of starting QB’s in the league right now. Flynn has proven he can play the game, he plays the BEST in Packers offensive scheme.

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