Rest did Jason Campbell’s ribs a lot of good

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When we last left Browns quarterback Jason Campbell, he was celebrating being named the AFC offensive player of the week for Week Nine and recovering from a rib injury suffered against the Ravens.

Campbell had plenty of time to do both with the Browns on their bye last week and he accomplished the latter. Campbell said Wednesday that he’s all systems go for Sunday’s matchup with the Bengals.

“It’ll be the same as normal,” Campbell said, via the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “Feeling good. Feeling great. I think our training staff has done an outstanding job of getting everything prepared, and now it’s a matter of going out and playing.”

A win Sunday would be pretty big for the Browns. It would leave them tied with the Bengals in the loss column and improve their standing in the Wild Card race, setting up a stretch run that Cleveland hasn’t seen for a long time. Campbell’s play in the last two games and his clean bill of health should provide confidence they can do it.

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  1. As a Browns fan, I sure hope they pull this off and make a surprise run to the playoffs. Their D is the best in the NFL on a per play average. They haven’t allowed a 100 yard rusher or a 300 yard passer. Their o-line has improved since Lauvao took over the RG spot. Campbell played well for 2 games. Can he continue to do it? Who knows? Ted Marchibroda imfamously said back up QBs can win 3 games if they start 3 and they can win 3 games if they start 6. Will this describe Campbell? We’ll see.

    Browns may be the sexy pick this week with a reeling and beat-up Bengals team whose QB is not championship caliber, but Parcells always said that usually the more desperate team will win and I’m thinking the Bengals will be more desperate on Sunday, especially at home. I hope not.

    Browns have made strides clearly, but they may be a year away and another off-season before they can truly position themselves to make a run at the post-season.

  2. AFC Offensive player of the week in week 9? Jason Campbell? No, really, Jason Campbell?Wow, the AFC has really gone downhill. Was the rest of the AFC on a bye that week?

  3. The Browns and Lombardi should have followed their gut instinct on Weeden being a giant mistake. If they would have traded him after last season, they could have had a mid round pick and not have to endure his sucktitude on the field.

    He went 0-4 as a starter and they are 4-5 as a team and the difference with Hoyer or Campbell in is night and day. Possibly one of the worst first round drafts ever in 2012 with Richardson and Weeden.

    If Bess doesn’t drop that punt and the 4th down in KC, Campbell wins that one too.

  4. I was saying this from the start of the season. Campbell is the best QB on the roster. Reports that the coaching staff wasn’t impressed by him cannot be true. He played very well in the preseason.

  5. Aww, man gootball has been fun to watch again aside from the games that Weeden has started. To know that we have a CHANCE to win every wek instead of merely HOPING to win every week is refreshing. I haven’t had this feeling since they came back.

    If Weeden never plays again in Cleveland it would be too soon. Campbell looks decent, which is what you usually get in a journeyman QB. He gives us a chance to win, which as a fan, until you get to New England expecting playoffs every year, is great. Let’s keep winning, let’s stop hurting ourselves in penalties and turnovers, and get this train moving on up.

    Richardson & Weeden have to go down as one of the worst picks of a team that had two 1st rounders. T-Rich allegedly made a tape showing that he knows how to hit holes now, even if it isn’t gaining him any yards to improve his average.

    Go Browns!!!

  6. I wouldn’t be surprised if the game ended in a tie. Seriously! That would pontificate the serious ineptitude of both those sorry Ohio teams. In the final analysis, both those teams will find a way to shoot themselves in the foot when it really matters, because that’s the Bungle/Brownie way. Just saying

  7. coltzfan166 says:
    Nov 13, 2013 2:36 PM

    I was saying this from the start of the season. Campbell is the best QB on the roster. Reports that the coaching staff wasn’t impressed by him cannot be true. He played very well in the preseason.

    Uh, no he didn’t play well at all. Hoyer played lights out better than Campbell. Weeden even looked a bit better, although he had better talent around him.

    You probably think Trent Richardson played very well too…

  8. @ ubepunkedagain
    I think it’s hard to blame the coaches for giving Weeden one last shot. They were hopeful they could turn him around and they couldn’t. Live and learn. All things considered, I’ll take 4-5 with a shot at the division title given the recent history of this team.

  9. It would be great if Browns Beat the bengals this week. It would create an interesting race in the AFC north. I thin they have a better chance with Dalton cooling down and Hayden covering the AJ. The Browns defense playing really good and Jason Campbell doing good, I feel Browns have a very good chance this week on the road.

  10. If the Browns win this week and Campbell stays healthy the remainder of the season, they win the division.

    That combination of words in that sentence is something I never thought I’d think.

    I am a bit concerned that the Browns haven’t gone shopping for another back up QB though. I would take a complete unknown over Weeden’s known at this point.

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