Video shows Gronk mocking Asian fan

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In the latest incident that he probably thought would make for good ammunition for the next sizzle reel that will be used to market whatever TV show the family will be pitching, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski does his best Michael Scott impersonation by mocking an Asian fan wearing Gronkowski’s jersey, via TMZ.

Gronkowski, holding a microphone at a club where an apparent Gronks-being-Gronks event was happening, greeted the man who came dancing toward Gronkowski.  After the fan exited, Gronkowski blurted out, “They told me he could only cook fried rice.”

Gronkowski later referred to the fan as “Leslie Chow,” the character played by Ken Jeong in the 27 Hangover movies.

Someone else immediately mentioned that folks in attendance agreed to sign waivers allowing their phones to be confiscated.  Gronkowski then said, “We basically gave up on that.”

It’s unclear whether Gronkowki’s antics will broaden the current debate regarding racial issues sports.  Eagles receiver Riley Cooper used the “N” word in anger at a Kenny Chesney concert.  Dolphins guard Richie Incognito claims he used it in jest at teammate Jonathan Martin.  Gronk uttered no slurs or epithets in his apparent attempt at humor, but he did make a knee-jerk retreat to obvious stereotypes.

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  1. I am a Pats fan and Gronk is great on the field. I am completely tired of him with his antics off the field. First he is giving people DDT’s on stage in Vegas after he breaks his arm now he has a ladies night event. It is getting pretty pathetic with him.

  2. Let’s see how The Patriots sweep this one under the rug..
    Inappropriate and unacceptable from a professional.
    If I said this, in or out of my workplace – I’d be held accountable.

  3. I mean if the event was intended to be a performance of sorts, than I think he’s in the clear. If he were doing amateur hour at a stand up club, it wouldn’t be an issue, so why is it now?

  4. No, nothing will come of this. Asians don’t brood over stupid comments. They don’t have special interest groups to protect their rights because they don’t need them.

    They get even by studying hard, working hard, saving their money, and making a good life for themselves.

  5. I greatly dislike Gronk AND I’m part Asian, but I’m not offended by this. It’s not funny because I don’t get the context (why he’s talking about cooking), not because it’s a stereotypical joke.

  6. Gronk just being Gronk. He was trying to be funny with a Gronk fan who was wearing his jersey at the event. Actually it looks like a bad attempt to make a joke about the guy’s dancing.

    What a sensitive society we live in today.

  7. Well he is definitely taking money out of his own pocket. His manager, his ‘people’ will tell him that he can kiss goodbye any endorsements. I don’t think a nice big state like California with a large Asian population takes too kindly to racist football players so if you’re trying to sell shavers or whatever you sure don’t want his face on the screen. And companies who want to sell something don’t need the grief. Guy wants to be a moron let him.

  8. To even compare this to what Riley Cooper and Richie Incognito said shows two things. One is that we’ve become incredibly weak and sensitive as a society so that even a good natured joke (the fan was laughing and fist bumped Gronk) has to be seen as offensive.

    The other thing this shows is that the media is more desperate then ever to stir up controversy when it’s not there and make something out of nothing.

  9. Before all of you guys including the damn media get your panties up in a bunch, read more about it. The guy had absolutely no problem with it, he was “the life of the party” it’s not more than what it should be. You know, people still make JOKES nowadays. Stop whining about everything, overly sensitive people.

  10. You could tell he was an entitled creep by his snotty answers to questions about Hernandez. “Next question. Next question. Daddy, help me out here!”

  11. People need to stop trying to be so politically correct all the time. Go listen to any comedian and they say the same things and stuff that’s way worse and no one ever says a word about it. If you say it in a funny setting its ok and if you don’t people act like the world is ending. When dd everyone become so uptight? Relax people

  12. skooter519 says:
    Nov 13, 2013 9:50 AM
    He’s just having fun, leave the guy alone. This world has bigger problems than someone enjoying life.

    Hey Michael Richards was just having fun too

  13. If he said this on at a Patriots organization or sponsored event, I might have a problem with the fried rice comment. But if this was on his own time, not connected to the Patriots, that’s something else. Gronk was trying to be funny, not vicious or hurtful. The comedy sounds like it failed. That’s probably the most offensive part of this whole thing.

  14. Newsflash: Stupid people say stupid things.

    Gronk’s not a rocket scientist.

    If stupid became illegal, we’d have no Congress in Washington.

  15. fwippel says:
    Nov 13, 2013 8:08 AM
    No, nothing will come of this. Asians don’t brood over stupid comments. They don’t have special interest groups to protect their rights because they don’t need them.


    Ask Jimmy Kimmel about that.

  16. Well, either we allow ALL racism or NO racism. Can’t have it both ways just because you like or cheer for one individual and not the other. Incognito thought he was joking too (bad sense of humour), so that “it was in jest” theory, again, applies to everyone for no one. Last I checked, that’s the definition of EQUAL

  17. If he said fried chicken we wouldnt hear the end of it from the Irvin’s or Sapp’s or Dungy’s of the world. But because he said Fried Rice and all they have is Patrick Chung it probably won’t be talked about past tomorrow.

  18. IM a dolphins fan and im saying.. Who cares?? really?? So now are we going to start calling all black athletes in the locker room racist because they use the N word.. Because believe me it is very common in the locker room.. Get over it.. I love how everyone that is always getting in trouble has ONE thing in common?? They are WHITE.. So I guess only whites can be racists. lol

  19. I’m all for a good ole American self-righteousness act of indignation but honestly sometimes it’s just fun to say stupid stuff in a seemingly racist way. You’re not making fun of the race, you’re making fun of racism, which is the best way to overcome it in my opinion.

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