Aqib Talib getting closer to a return, just in time


Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib didn’t say much more than the fact he was “day to day,” but the fact he said anything could be a sign he’s close to a return.

Talib talked to reporters for the first time since a hip injury which has sidelined him since Week Six, though he has practiced.

“Definitely man, any time you have to watch the guys go to war without you man, that’s the worst thing in the world,” Talib said, via Field Yates of

Talib said last week’s bye came “at the perfect time,” and all indications are he’s feeling well.

If he’s back Monday night, he’ll have a familiar view, as he’ll be lined up across from Panthers receiver Steve Smith, who he faced twice a year while with the Buccaneers.

“He brings it every Sunday or Monday or whenever the game is,” he said. “Steve’s gonna bring it. If you’re competitive like that, you’re gonna be successful.”

Being successful and building on their five-game win streak will be more difficult if Talib’s out there shadowing Smith.

8 responses to “Aqib Talib getting closer to a return, just in time

  1. I kinda dislike it when these players use the analogy war to describe a game, this aint war its just a game period. War is what/was is happening in Afghanistan etc… battle perhaps… but hey with their limited use of descriptive words we will leave it at that. Maybe over thinking this? Its been a long week.

  2. He can’t come back soon enough…if I have to watch Kyle Arrington try to cover an outside receiver one more time, I’m gonna lose my mind

  3. I hope they don’t rush him back too soon, and he gets hurt again, as often happens with muscle injuries. I’m sure Talib wants to get back(he’s playing for a contract) and the NE D is much better with him, but Carolina’s passing attack is the least of their probs Mon nite. Not saying Carolina is not an outstanding team, but they ave less than 200 yrds/gm passing and Smith ave 50 yrds/gm rec. They’ll need Talib much more next wk against Denver.

  4. He’ll be a huge lift when he comes back but I’d rather see him take an extra week if he needs it.

    He’ll be one of the 3 or 4 most important players for the Pats in the playoffs and far better to have him healthy then than bring him back too soon now.

  5. Nice to have him back. Although maybe he should sit this one out and come back for the Denver game but I suppose having him back might be key to keeping Steve Smith in check.

  6. If he’s healthy he should play. Period. NFL teams don’t think like fans, they won’t be “saving” Talib for Denver.

    He’s been out since week 6. It’s been a month, Talib had been practicing the past two weeks before the bye and just had an extra week of rest. He’ll be ready to go for the Patriots on Monday night.

  7. who’s the getting all defensive about a player using the analogy “war” to describe the game? we all understand his context, we all understand the difference. lighten up.

    with that said, as a panthers fan, i really like Talib and his skills. would make it rough on any receiver, including Steve. Should be a good game. Panthers D seems to be playing more cohesively every week and Tom is, well, Tom. Patriots could still give him a reliable target outside of Gronk. Can’t expect mountains out of mole hills all the time.

    Panthers 24 Patriots 20

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