Baylor could be bracing for a Redskins rush on Art Briles


The news that Baylor coach Art Briles has signed yet another contract extension, extending his deal to 10 years, has prompted warranted speculation that the Bears are guarding against an eventual attempt by the University of Texas to pilfer him.

We’ve got a feeling that the powers-that-be have at least one eye on one higher level of the sport.

With the Redskins again at 3-6 and coach Mike Shanahan under contract only through 2014, it’s possible that Baylor wants to guard against an effort by owner Daniel Snyder to pair Briles with the quarterback who won the Heisman while playing at Baylor.

Yes, it’s all speculation.  But Snyder has proven based on his past actions that it’s proper to wonder what he may be up to, given that he reportedly lined up Shanahan for the job while Jim Zorn still had it.

Briles’ new deal could be the result of Snyder already sniffing around.  Or it could be that Baylor fears that Snyder eventually will make a play.

Absent a chance to scrutinize the new Briles contract, it may not matter.  College coaches continue to leave for other colleges and NFL teams despite having long-term contracts in place.  For now, the announcement of a new deal may be nothing more than a way to deal with questions Briles is getting from recruits about whether he’ll be leaving.

“I just signed a 10-year contract with Baylor!” Briles can now declare.

Even if he eventually signs a four-year contract with the Redskins.

18 responses to “Baylor could be bracing for a Redskins rush on Art Briles

  1. All you really need to know about the Washington organization is that the head coach’s son is the offensive coordinator. You can’t make this up.

  2. Humbling story regarding Art’s background while in college.
    Nice to see he is doing well as losing your parents at 19 is a tough one, especially while waiting for them to show up at the Cotton Bowl to watch you play.

  3. As a proud Baylor alum, this makes me so happy. And from people I know who know Briles, he is happy in Waco. Hell, they just built a new stadium for him. It hasnt been named yet. How about we call it Art Briles stadium and you just stay there forever, Art? We can even bury you there when the time comes.

    Sic ’em Bears!

  4. Mack Brown is getting the boot because they think he is too old at 62. Briles is 57. It would make more sense to go after Gary Patterson at TCU if they want to stay in state.

  5. Not a Shanahan fan. Think he has not done very well in DC.

    But, you can’t compare him and Jim Zorn. Snyder HAD to replace Zorn because Zorn was clearly over the head and beyond as head coach.

    That said, I don’t see Shanahan going anywhere but through to the completion of his current contract. He may not be renewed, but he will be retained through the current contract.

    (and yes, a major problem IS the fact that son is the OC – questionably competent)

  6. “All you really need to know about the Washington organization is that the head coach’s son is the offensive coordinator. You can’t make this up.”

    Um, Kyle Shananan has been an OC for six years in the NFL. His offense has been ranked in the top 5 four of those six years.

    In the past five games, the skins lead the league in rushing and are our second overall in total offense. For the season they are top five in both.

    And he’s doing it all with a QB who is still learning how to play from the pocket because he played in a gimmicky system in college that doesn’t even have a playbook. Sure, that would thrive in the NFL.

    Kyle Shanahan is basically the only Redskins coach worth a damn at this point. But hey, I guess it’s easier just to play the nepotism card instead of looking at the real story.

  7. Makes sense
    1. An egomaniac QB who could never share blame.
    2. An owner who doesn’t learn from his mistakes. (Spurrier)
    3. A team that overpaid for a QB with poor fundamentals and doesn’t throw the ball accurately.
    4. Fire the owner and G.M. Probably be the G.M., since Danny boy could never admit fault.
    P.S. – I’d rather see a connect the dots aricle like this – instead of another Miami saga spin…

  8. How fitting would it be for the coach who was responsible for developing RGIII into the best QB in the NFL and the franchise savior of the Washington Redskins to lead the Redskins, GOD’S CHOSEN TEAM, to another Super Bowl? I’m sure Briles will turn down every NFL team except for the Redskins! HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Please stay at Baylor. I would like to believe that I would value the ability to create a power and legacy at one school….a school who you brought from the depths….over a little more money.

  10. Texas would be far more attractive to a college coach than going to the Redskins. The Skins have promise, but they aren’t going anywhere with Mike Shanahan and crew.

    I just get this feeling if Snyder cans Shanahan, which he should, he is going to go for someone like Chucky. I can’t stand Chucky, but they need someone to start a fire under these players because most of them don’t understand how to play a full game.

  11. nflofficeadmin says: Nov 14, 2013 11:18 AM

    All you really need to know about the Washington organization is that the head coach’s son is the offensive coordinator. You can’t make this up.
    A job he got after transforming the Texans from the number 19 to the number one passing offense in the NFL in a matter of two years. You can’t make up how willfully ignorant people are willing to be about a pretty obvious fact.

    One could also point out that this heinously nepotistic duo have coached the number five offense in the NFL two years running.

  12. I wonder why people still don’t see what I’ve known for many years. Shanny was as good as Elway made him look! He never did much after Elway retired. And his son Kyle is just as awful. Probably the most overrated coach in the NFL. Sure he is a nice enough guy, and good coordinator, but not a good HC….

  13. Shanny took Jake Plummer to a championship game, and was in the playoffs several times after Elway.

    It’s funny how people forget about the 32million dollar cap penalty.

  14. Kyle is a very good OC and if the stats that his offenses have put up in the 6 years he has been an OC then you people are just being stupid and logic has gone out the window. Now as far as poppa Shanny, he can go and replace him, Please don’t get Chucky, I live in tampa now and he screwed up a SB team in a very short time that Dungy built for him. He released players for youth that made several straight pro bowls after leaving. We need to get rid of Haslet too, he absolutely sucks and has never been a good defensive coordinator. Fire Haslet and suntan man and keep Kyle as OC. He just isn’t getting the kudos he deserves for what he has done with actually not much star talent. This season with our 36 million back we need to get some big time studs on the o-line and defensive backfield. A Stud wide out to complement Garcon. He is amazing with the catches he makes and yards after the catch. We have a great core of players we just need to add some proven talent in key positions, D lineman would be nice too so our secondary doesn’t have to cover the receiver’s for 5-6 seconds. Impossible to cover a great WR with the QB not being pressured. Keep Hall too, he is like glue and a playmaker and only 29.

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