Browns dispute Moffitt’s claims

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Recently-retired NFL offensive lineman John Moffitt recently claimed that the Browns scuttled a trade for him under the “failed physical” designation because he wouldn’t take a pay cut.

The Browns disagree with that contention.

“The only reason John Moffitt is not a Brown is because of our concerns about his health,” the Browns told PFT via email. “Any claims to the contrary are not true.”

Moffitt claims that a doctor initially told him that a twice-surgically-repaired knee is fine, that the Browns later asked him to take a pay cut, that he balked, and that the Browns then concluded he had failed his physical.

“[T]hey suck. Cleveland sucks,” Moffitt told 710 ESPN in Seattle.  “They are so terrible and the way that they did me in that front office is so dirty.  They failed me on a BS physical.”

Regardless, Moffitt ended up in Denver and decided earlier this month to walk away from the game.

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  1. As a Seahawks fan, John Moffitt has always been honest with the media, sometimes a little too honest. Does anyone really find it hard to believe that Michael Lombardi and an owner who is under investigation would act that way?

  2. The statement says they were worried about his “health”, not his knee. That’s their right to come to that conclusion. Did he ask the doctor what he thought about all of his health when they supposedly had a chat about the knee that was fine? Moffitt only has a rant so far and not a case.

  3. I call BS. The Browns tried to TRADE for this guy – to give up a promising D Lineman for him. Seems like a head case to me. He conveniently leaves out that he gave himself a “pay cut” and quit on a Super Bowl contender a couple months later. There aren’t many jobs out there that pay you a minimum of like 800 grand to stand on a sideline and watch 11 other guys play. Most players would consider it a privilege to watch Peyton Manning from the sideline or huddle for 16 weeks.

  4. .

    It would be an odd topic for Moffitt to fabricate a story around. How often do you see a trade and a failed physical, followed by a retrade and a passed physical?


  5. This sounds like a situation where the agent and the player weren’t on the same page with expectations or for how to present himself as a prospect for the Browns. They probably started asking him questions about his thoughts about potentially taking a paycut and he didn’t have a very good response and if his knee is fine then perhaps they were concerned about his mental preparedness to handle life in the NFL business/game. Looks to me that their concerns at this point just received validation from Moffitt. He is sick of this game/business and that’s what the Browns were getting a sense of.

    Personally I think there should be better rules regarding trade transactions and how the process should work, but as it is designed now the player has to figure out how to work within that process and live with it. Or don’t play in the NFL. It is what it is. A dream opportunity for those that can deal with the imperfections and ugly side of the business that sometimes gets in the way of more idealistic football.

  6. He wanted to retire.

    Let sleeping dogs lie.

    Everything he says is probably true. And so what?! As is the fact that Moffitt quit on what may be a Super Bowl team.

    Both sides look pretty stupid here.

  7. Brown’s traded FOR him. They have a large amount of salary room, one of the largest in the NFL. The have shown they are not afraid to pay for somebody they want (Krueger is an example).

    Yet Moffitt was dumped by Seattle, had a documented knee injury, and later QUIT on team that is considered a Superbowl contender.

    Sounds to me like the Browns accurately concluded his salary out-weighed his physical ability. And he concluded he couldn’t keep up, so he walked away.

    Facts speak louder than ignorant assumptions.

  8. Same old same old, never admit failure, blame others, and spin the truth for your own shortcomings. Sheesh, gets real old. Personal responsibility, a refreshing concept…

  9. Moffitt assumes they had concerns about his knee. But I’m inclined to think that their “concerns about his health” were related more to his mental/emotional health. And rightly so, from the looks of it.

  10. He passed his physical with the Seahawks.
    He passed his physical with the Broncos.
    He failed his physical with the Browns.

    One of these things is not like the other. Two top tier Super Bowl favorite organizations pass him, and the mediocre at best one fails him.

    Not to mention the guy in question instead of just going through the motions and collecting his millions was honest with the Broncos and quit because he knew he wasn’t passionate enough about the game.

    Yeah, I’m not buying anything Cleveland is trying to sell here.

  11. What everyone seems to be either forgetting or ignoring is that once Moffitt got to Denver, he was promptly placed on the injured list and deactivated. Obviously the Broncos saw something they didn’t like as well. The Seahawks wouldn’t even let him return to Seattle after the Browns voided the trade.

    He said when he retired’ “how much money is enough?” He was all about collecting a paycheck.

    This guy was lucky to be on a roster as long as he was.

  12. Aug 20th Moffitt is traded to Browns. Per the Browns he fails the physical. He’s still a Seahawk.

    Aug 21 Moffitt is traded to the Broncos. Per the Broncos he passes a physical. He’s no longer a Seahawk.

    It’s strange the Browns failed his physical when the Broncos are giving pretty much the same physical, and he passes.

    The truth is somewhere in the middle.

  13. Good thing he didn’t say that “the Browns suck”
    or everybody would be calling him a racist!

  14. IIRC, he also had an elbow issue that was of concern.

    This smacks of the botched Broderick Bunkley move a couple years ago(?) when then-GM Heckert traded with Banner/Philly for Bunkley, only to have CLE fail his physical for a bad knee. If salary were an issue, we didn’t hear about it then…but it may have been?

    Ironically, the Broncos also ended up with Bunkley after the trade was voided.

    I suspect this stuff happens ALL THE TIME.

  15. We teach our children that if they start a football season they have to finish the season. No quitting ! He gets no sympathy from me. Announce that you are stepping down in the off season, so the ones on your team who are actually professionals can count on the teammates around them during a try at a Superbowl run.

  16. A large amount of posters are saying Moffitt quit on his team. I understand why, and maybe it’s true.

    However, if the team cuts him, for whatever reason, the team quits on him, no?

    There really isn’t that much of a difference between the two scenarios. The team states we don’t need you any more. The player is stating I no longer have the desire to play this game.

    This is a game to the fans, but it’s a job to the players.

  17. The Browns are a crap organization that will never win. Shady or not they did John a favor. I will look forward to seeing Moffit in the media. Dude is a character.

  18. I don’t even understand why anyone has an issue with this. If you realize a guy you traded for is not physically what you thought you were getting, it is completely fine to fail his physical. It seems to me the Browns were doing him a favor by offering him a lower salary to join the team with a washed up body.

  19. He just wasn’t sophisticated enough to understand the accounting is what it was. The Browns really offered him a “rebate on his salary”, it wasn’t a salary cut per say. Plus, everybody knows these danged ol computers aren’t really reliable and always keep making math errors.

  20. Why not believe a guy who just quit on a team heading to a Super Bowl?
    He must be telling the truth since teams go to the Super Bowl all the time. Have a nice life quitter!

  21. The Browns were short a RG, and their RT was struggling – they needed to bolster their offensive line. With that said, do you really think they would have nixed the trade due to salary? I believe that have the 2nd most cap space in the league.

    When you look at the Moffitt side, how many games did he play for Denver? He plays a whopping 2 games and then quits the NFL! I think the Browns were correct in their assessment.

  22. Clearly failing him was the right thing to do seeing as how his body couldn’t hold up for a few more weeks. He may of turned down taking a pay cut but the broncos clearly should have failed his physical also seeing how long he made it on the pine. Saying he shouldn’t of failed his physical when your retiring due to injuries is pretty ironic.

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