Dion Jordan won’t be more than a pass rush specialist this year


Dolphins rookie defensive end Dion Jordan got off to a slow start this season because of a shoulder injury and he hasn’t seen his playing time grow all that much as the season has progressed.

Jordan played nine snaps against the Buccaneers on Monday night, which means he was on the field 14 percent of the time for the Dolphins defense. That’s because the Buccaneers weren’t throwing the ball all that often and Dolphins defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle explained that the team isn’t going to put Jordan on the field if they think the opposition plans to keep the ball on the ground.

“Dion is not going to be in there where teams are slugging it out running the football,” Coyle said, via the Palm Beach Post. “This team threw the ball 21 times in the game, and he was in there for half of them in the rotation that he’s playing in right now. If teams are going to be featuring certain personnel and running the football on first and second down, that’s not Dion’s strength at this point in his time here with us. That’s not going to change this season.”

Plenty of edge rushers play limited roles early before becoming more complete players as their careers unfold, so it’s far too soon to draw any conclusions on Jordan’s ability to be a productive NFL player. If General Manager Jeff Ireland’s job is in trouble, though, the player he traded up to pick in the first round in April isn’t going to be in a position to do much to help him keep it.

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  1. Thought this kid would have immediate impact. He may improve and have a good career but right now he looks like a footnote in the Legend of Kiko Alonso.

  2. I remember this pick well, because I was the only person in the USA that thought he was overrated. That includes the alleged experts commenting now and the national super experts that could not say enough about how super he would be. To be more precise, the clips showing his talent were devoid of blockers in front of him; he had open lanes to the passer. Bid deal!

  3. Am I the only one that notices he is super under weight? Listed at 260 but how much is muscle?

    Players with his height can easily get up to 270 and jacked. It will take him a bit to get his body into NFL shape but has all the tools after that.

  4. Ireland at least got his golden parachute in the summer and fans plan to fly the Fireland banner over the stadium this weekend.

    This is inexcusable and makes no sense. They haven’t really said why he is not playing more unless his injury is more serious than they are willing to admit. I bet he would be a superstar if playing for the Patriots.

  5. Miami is one of the worst teams against the run, maybe a change of
    Personnel is exactly what they need on running plays. I just don’t see
    The logic in not playing the guy they moved up in 1st round to get.
    I really hope Coyle (and Sherman) are done after this year, they
    Have hurt the team far worse than Ireland, Incognito or Martin have!!

  6. The guy has played in 9 games so far. I think he has a good ways to go before anyone can decide if he’s a bust or not.

  7. .
    Drafting a pass rushing OLB early in round 1 is dangerous. Many a quality GM have made mistakes at that position. However, you can’t trade up to #3 in the draft and come away with nothing. The guy had better pan out.


  8. Tweener DE/OLB pass-rushers are a dime a dozen in any NFL Draft.

    When you have the THIRD overall, you take a rock-solid Left Tackle or a can’t-miss skill position player.

    Taking a tweener that high is recipe for disaster more often than not (see: Gholston, Jackson, Maybin, McClain).

  9. If you actually watch him play you’ll see that he does get to the QB a good amount. According to Pro Football Focus he has one of the highest snaps to pressures ratios in the league.What I don’t get is that if you’re the Dolphins, what do yo have to lose? Why not develop him on run downs? Its not like Vernon did that much better of a job agains the Bucs 3rd and 4th string running backs. Calling Jordan a bust right now, as many commenters have, is way premature right now.

  10. …and because that drafting mentality is that Miami sucks. The kid will be good, but was not Miami’s priority at the time…Thank you JI…again

  11. “stew48 says: Nov 14, 2013 1:02 PM
    I remember this pick well, because I was the only person in the USA that thought he was overrated. That includes the alleged experts commenting now and the national super experts that could not say enough about how super he would be.”

    Well, what are you doing wasting your time on a talkboard then? Go send your resume to GMs and football teams to hire the next armchair football expert. What are your qualifications? You came in 2nd in your fantasy football league?

  12. I have supported JI in the past but I have now decided that he as well as the ENTIRE coaching staff needs to be fired. It is not because of the draft picks, which I actually like but the INEPTITUDE of the front office. For crying out loud they drafted 2 corners in the draft, both have yet to get in for more than 5 minutes, if we have no intention of using them even for a few plays well than maybe we should of gone after BAlbert even though I am not a fan of him. It is way way way to early to call Jordan a bust, I think the kid will be a beast when it is all said and done, he hasn’t put on any NFL weight yet but when he does I feel sorry for opposing QBs. I love seeing Jordan cover Gronk though, that was impressive!!

    These coaches are the worst though. What is worse Tony “fist pumping” Sporano or Joe “im more timid than Jmart” Philbin?

  13. Finally an Article speaking about The Elephant in the room for dolphins fans!! about time.. why why why is he not playing? Traded UP to get him at 3 and he is not even playing ?? really? What a waste! he should be in all the time learning.. on the job learning just as tannehill is doing.. period..
    phins up

  14. He’s not playing because the Dolphins are stacked at the line.. or so they think even though everyone runs all over them.

    Honestly if you watch the kid play, he looks awesome and if he got more playing time, he’d be more productive but I like that Miami is bringing him along slowly

    All this hate on Miami now.. they’re not doing everything wrong. And no way Philbin should be fired… I’ve been a fan for 20 years and he’s been my favorite coach thus far.

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