Dolphins assistant calls bullying story “overblown”

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It certainly appeared that the Dolphins bullying scandal was a big deal, considering the owner came down from above to talk about it Monday night.

But not everyone in the organization feels that way.

Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald overheard a Dolphins coach say: “This is the most overblown story. Everybody knows Richie [Incognito] has a past.”

It’s possible both could be true, but the second part absolutely is, as Incognito’s reputation has only been underscored, not created by charges he bullied teammate Jonathan Martin.

And while it would be a surprise to hear someone within the team request more coverage of the embarrassing event, it’s also a tone-deaf statement to make.

When the owner’s creating as many committees as the team had rushing yards Monday night (two each), it needs to be taken seriously top to bottom.

Considering Beasley characterized the remark as something he overheard rather than an answer to a question, it’s clear that it’s being talked about behind the scenes in a manner inconsistent with the marching orders that will inevitably come down.

15 responses to “Dolphins assistant calls bullying story “overblown”

  1. A person involved in an organization currently dealing with a scandal tries to minimize it? YOU DON’T SAY

  2. “a tone-deaf statement to make”

    it was an opinion not a statement that was “overheard” given by someone who has more knowledge of the situation than Beasely or the press.

    This continues to be news worthy despite an NFL star receiver being sentenced to 15 years in Federal prison for Drug Trafficking and a racist remark made by Gronkowski on video to a Patriots fan.

  3. Ross is fortunate, he now can get out under both the coach & GM contracts w/ ‘just cause’ and start over once agin this offseason.

    And I know everyone is in love w/ their QB b/c he was a 1st round pick, but at the mid point of his 2nd season its 25TDs to 23INTs. He could be shipped for a high pick and really hit the reboot.

  4. And there’s one of the most telling answers yet of why this issue exists and why this team is not winning. Hey, Mr. Ross, new coaching all around as they have either created, fed, or condoned this situation. If you can’t (legal stuff) and/or won’t, then at least hold their feet to “the fire” and uphold “zero tolerance” in the workplace. Ireland HAS to go!

  5. I honestly don’t think that too many people take any of this seriously anymore. There are too many real problems in our world at this point. I think both of these guys need to mature (for different reasons of course). This has been blown up way out of proportion to what we as Americans should actually be concerning ourselves with.

    Then again, this is a football site and this is a football story…but still, enough already.

  6. Stephen Ross should tell his employees to just shut up already. It makes no sense right now to talk to the press. This organization is not run well and the aftermath is getting as bad as the incident.

  7. I am thinking the owner and the coaches are NOT on the same page! It should be interesting how that plays out! Me thinks the guy that signs the checks is going to have the last word here! But we shall see!

  8. This is blown WAY out of proportion. It was nothing more than a case of guys “bustin’ balls” until one lost his starting job, flipped the eff out, left the team and had to justify his departure. Cue the four-letter network (they’re the worst) to defame Incognito, who may well be one colossal a-hole but not deserving of vilification in this “incident”, and the Dolphins’ locker room.

  9. this was “overheard?” So if the reporter knows this was an assistant, he doesn’t know who? This is reckless reporting in my opinion. This follows in the same category as “unnamed sources.” What a load.

  10. What’s the scandal I hear moaning about?

    Is it that team $hit got out?

    Is there anyone out their who is not dead from the neck up who really believes that guys aren’t cussing, name calling, fighting, arguing in those locker rooms behind closed doors.

    If there are, you people have your head in the sand. I know many of you out there would never think to swear at anyone, and that’s cool, I’m not an athlete, and I try limiting my swearing, but $hit does get out from time to time.

    In athletics, the name of the game is being at the top of the heap. You want to run faster, longer, and stronger than the rest of the guys.

    I played some college ball, and I remember the first time they put me in the pit against our toughest linebacker,he ended up playing semi-pro for the Cowboys I hear. I had never played football in high school, so going off on a teammate was something I was not prepared for. The first time the coach yelled hike I remember just about waking up ten feet behind the pit, knocked completely on my a$$.

    Coach took me aside later at practice and gave me a talking, I needed to toughen up and by putting this guy on his a$$ the next practice, I would show the team I had heart.

    The next day when this guy was in the pit waiting for his opponent, I jumped the line to face my fears. The coach yelled hike and I shot out of my stance so fast he didn’t know what hit him. Did he fall backward, nope, did he even step backward, nope. But he did smack me in the head and yell out there you go.

    For me, that was my induction into what it takes to be a member of a football team.

    That was how I was toughened up, and that was some small college out in the Midwest, so can I imagine the Pro’s have similar pushes by coaching staff to toughen you up, heck yes?

    Does that toughening up require words not commonly heard on the street accept when you are listening to gangsta rap, probably not.

    But when two bro’s go back and forth laying out words between them that would shock and mortify others, I say stay out of their $hit and be glad they weren’t talking to you. But don’t try to tell me one was bullying the other because it was going both ways and they each had no problem with it when they were doing it.

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