Josh Morgan sees “no particular reason” for decreased playing time


Last year, Josh Morgan was the leading receiver in Washington, with 48 catches. This year, Morgan is hardly playing at all: He has just 11 catches, and his role in the offense has steadily dropped to the point where he hasn’t caught a single pass in the last two games.

So what’s going on? Morgan says he doesn’t know.

Asked by whether there was a particular dropped pass or missed assignment that led the coaches to tell him his playing time was reduced, Morgan answered, “Not really.” Morgan added that if he has made any mistakes, they haven’t been any worse than the mistakes made by any teammate who’s getting more playing time than him.

“You can say, oh, I dropped this pass, I dropped that pass. But then you could point to every other receiver on this roster and say the same thing. Or every tight end on this roster and say the same thing,” Morgan said. “So, no, there’s no particular reason or indication or anything.”

Morgan said he can’t stress about a situation he doesn’t think he can control.

“I don’t even really try to worry about it anymore,” Morgan said. “I know I didn’t do anything to lose my job.”

Whether Morgan did anything or not, it’s clear that Washington’s coaches no longer have much confidence in him. He’s spending his Sundays on the sidelines.

11 responses to “Josh Morgan sees “no particular reason” for decreased playing time

  1. This cat would have NEVER seen the field after that game in St. Louis last season when he caught a ball for a 1st down to put the team in field goal range ONLY to stand up and “chest bump” the defender and caused a 15 yrd unsportsmanlike and the kicker missed the field goal for the Rams to win.

    I thought I ran into Josh Morgan last night in the check out line at Walmart. He held the line up when he asked his manager for more rolls of nickels and dimes.


  2. That position is about production. You have to give them a reason to put you on the field. If you can’t consistently get open than you are not a threat you are a liability. If they can’t count on you to make 3rd down catches or field punts and kickoffs without giving up field position you they will find somebody else period. I like Josh man but he is having an off year.

  3. well i dont know about this guy but i have noticed a pattern here. Shanahan loses players. period. It either that or all the malcontents go to the Redskins. But there are too many for this to be just a coincidence.

  4. I like Morgan but not for the price tag he carries, the injuries he continues to struggle with, and the lack of production he brings.

  5. Hasn’t done much in two years for the money he got. I bet he’ll sign somewhere else and all the sudden start playing like a pro bowler.

  6. I can think of worse things than Josh Morgan`s lack of production…..Like the Redskins god awful secondary and an honorable mention to those special teams guys!

  7. He got more time last year because Garçon got hurt so early and now that he’s developed into a top receiver along with Jordan Reed, Hankerson and Moss, where is there space for Josh Morgan? Couple that with Washington trying to lean on Morris and the run game to switch up the tempo, and there aren’t many reps available for Morgan right now

  8. @zamo854 he got the penalty for throwing the football at the defender and Billy Cundiff would have missed the kick anyway. Fortunately that L didn’t keep us out of the playoffs. Plus he’s had some pretty big plays since then. Josh Morgan is our 2nd best wide receiver and I really don’t know why he’s not being used. Garçon, Reed, and Morgan? Yeah.

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