Lechler hospitalized with the flu

Getty Images

When the Wednesday injury report showed that Texans punter Shane Lechler had missed practice with an illness, we shrugged.  Guys miss midweek practices all the time due to illness, especially during cold and flu season.

On Thursday, we stopped shrugging.  According to the Houston Chronicle, Lechler has been hospitalized with the flu.

Coach Gary Kubiak said Thursday that he believes Lechler will be available for Sunday’s game against the Raiders, the team with which Lechler spent his first 13 NFL seasons.

But what if Lechler can’t play?  What will the Texans do, given that he’s the only punter on the roster?

“Go for it, I guess,” Kubiak said.

Ultimately, that could be the key to ending a seven-game losing streak.