Mike Wallace shows up on injury report with hamstring


As the Dolphins try to get receiver Mike Wallace and quarterback Ryan Tannehill on the same page, it would help if Wallace wasn’t on the page titled “injury report.”

Wallace, who didn’t appear on Wednesday’s report, showed up on Thursday’s edition with a hamstring injury.

Wallace, who has 40 catches for 495 yards through nine games, participated in practice on a limited basis.  He was one of 13 Dolphins on the injury report, including a certain tackle who is listed as out — and will get paid his full salary — for a third straight game.

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  1. Wallace will be deactivated this week. One way to get him to refocus and not be a distraction is to have him rest for a week.

  2. He must have pulled it when he went up to contest that Revis interception at the end of the game…wait, he just stood there and watched again. Must have been a different play. Nevermind.

  3. I can’t believe he has 40 catches. As a Dolphins fan I can honestly say that my 11 year old son could get Wallace more involved in the offense than Mike Sherman.

    They paid him $60 mil then had no idea how to use him.

  4. Mike Wallace has a hamstring. Mike Wallace with a hamstring. Mike Wallace on injury report with hamstring. Is anyone else tired of this endless shortening of EVERYTHING? Is it so hard to say and/or type Mike Wallace has a hamstring injury? I see it with commentators and coaches now too. We know he HAS a hamstring. What the hell kind of sentence is “Mike Wallace shows up on injury report with hamstring”. Is hamstring a teammate of his? Is “Mike Wallace on injury report with hamstring injury”, which is less characters, not an option? We have to call all injuries the exact part of the body they are on? Ben Roethlisberger has a knee, Troy Polamalu with a foot and Heath Miller is a pectoral… news at 11.

  5. Now we know why Pittsburgh wasn’t in a hurry to sign him for big money. Not that the Steelers have managed their cap well or have drafted well lately, but they got this one right. Wallace is fast . . . that’s about all . . . but he thinks he’s All-World.

  6. He had Alligator Arms like i never saw anyone. And didn’t want to block at all. I’m a Steeler fan and i know we stink. Maybe we could have used this guy but he hasn’t shown anything. He can’t even run a fly pattern which was the one trick he had. Glad the Steelers didn’t sign him. AB is having a much better year albeit in a horrible offense!!

  7. His blocking last game was the worst I have ever seen in the NFL…. Every time something is dropped in our house, or we see someone drop something…. My wife shouts out…. Wallace hands!

    She watched a lot of Steeler games.

  8. Tedd Ginn Jr. was never a better receiver than Wallace. Get off the crack. All you guys are coming down on Wallace but really when has Tannehill ever thrown him a successful deep ball in stride? The answer is never. Sure Wallce has dropped some easier short passes, but Sherman does not get him the ball enough to where he can warm up and shake off bad drops with more catches. All WR’s drop balls but you keep feeding them and the good ones will catch way more than they drop. I just dont think Wallace is being fed enough. Remember him against Iny this year? he balled out because he was highly targeted. Thats what Mike Wallace needs to be – Highly Targeted. Thats how he will do damage to you. Everytime he touches the ball he gets like 5 yards per stride.

    I think you all are just paying attention to his salary which is no doubt high, but if used CORRECTLY he would be well worth that salary.

    Its SHERMAN who is behind Wallaces lack of production. Every deep ball that he caught this year was behind him and not in stride. I can count at least 5 times that happend which wouldve been 5 TD’s if thrown in front of him.

  9. @officialmiamidolphinsspokesperson,
    Stop. Wallace deserves much of the criticism he is getting.

    The problem is that Wallace is not a #1 receiver. He cannot be trusted to make tough catches and I’ve only seen him “fight” for the ball once. He is a complementary “speed” receiver and not much more. I didn’t like the signing and I thought that the $ was way too much but I see the potential there. Without the fantasy stats Wallace is still making an impact because he draws coverage away from the other receivers but that impact is not nearly enough.

    The coaching staff is not very creative and most of the plays are very predictable. Wallace could be moved around a bit and the QB needs to move in order to extend plays long enough for Wallace to get open. Tannehill’s deep ball is not very impressive but Wallace has dropped more than one perfect deep ball that unfortunately hit him in the hands. s have been up to 20 yards, not 40-50 downfield. Using Mike Wallace to run a curl route is just dumb. It completely mitigates his only advantage which is his straight line speed. He needs to run routes where he continues to run. Curls and comebacks are not the way to go with him.

    When I watch Wallace, I see a guy that doesn’t run clean routes, doesn’t fight for the ball, incorrectly reads defenses thus running the wrong hot route. He also seems to run slower until he gets even with the defender and then kicks it up a notch. The issue is the ball is in the air before he does that. That makes many of the throws seem underthrown.

    Mike Wallace is a good complementary receiver. If this team had Marshall (or a similar receiver) along with Wallace, Hartline and Gibson, they would have a very dynamic receiving corps.

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