Nick Fairley, Willie Young say they were fined for hits on Josh McCown


Earlier this week, Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall said that the Lions defense played “borderline illegal” football during last Sunday’s 21-19 victory over the Bears.

According to the NFL, the Lions crossed that borderline twice during the game. Defensive linemen Nick Fairley and Willie Young said Thursday that they have both been fined $15,750 by the league for hits on Bears quarterback Josh McCown in the fourth quarter.

Fairley was fined for unnecessary roughness for a hit on McCown after McCown threw a pass while Young was disciplined for a helmet-to-helmet hit on the Bears’ first attempt at a two-point conversion with 40 seconds left to play in the game.

“It is what it is,” Young said, via the Detroit News. “I guess it comes along with the territory. Does that mean I’m going to let up? No.”

The Lions defense will be not letting up against the Steelers this weekend.

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  1. Did you hear that Peanut had another shutdown game against Megatron? 2 TDs and the old man got sent to IR trying to cover Megatron. Could have been a lot worse.

    Bear down this winter, Bears. Catch y’all next year 🙂

  2. So judging by this season, nearly all personal fouls are accompanied by fines,

    They should just give the ref’s a credit card scanner attached to their belts…flag thrown, card swiped, done.

    Want to make a difference, NFL? Increase the on-field penalty for a personal foul…make it 25 yards or half the distance for a head shot. This fining garbage when the team’s already been penalized is stupid!

  3. That’s rich coming from a Lions fan. The last decent CB you guys had was the overrated Dre Bly. If you actually watched the game, you could clearly see that the second TD was supposed to be over-the-top coverage from Wright.

  4. Those cheatin ways won’t work against a superior Steelers team. I foresee a post-game Det team photo with an abundnace of fat lips, from being punched in the mouth all day.

    And with the Bear drawing an easy Ravens team….

  5. The fines are getting ridiculous. The NFL is a joke these days. It used to be a non-penalty (Young’s helmet barely clipped McCown, totally incidental), then it went to a penalty, and now it’s a penalty and a fine. I’m sure the money has nothing to do with it… they just want to teach these young kids a lesson. smfh.

  6. typical lions brand of dirty cheap football they play then whine and cry about being picked on when they are caught. this will catch up with them when it counts. also goes to show the Bears knew what they were talking about along with every other team they play. it is one thing to win but do it with class, but then that word has never been associated with detroit in any way has it?

  7. I love all of the moral outrage from random fans after a Lions player gets fined. Fairley’s hit was stupid, not dirty, and Young’s was accidental. But hey, righteous indignation is just too much fun to pass up.

  8. crownofthehelmet says;

    Those cheatin ways won’t work against a superior Steelers team. I foresee a post-game Det team photo with an abundnace of fat lips, from being punched in the mouth all day.

    I’m not a Detroit fan at all (do like watching megatron though), but some of you stiller fans are as dumb as you are ugly! The stillers are horrible and will remain so for a while! So go ahead and keep talking trash like you are still relevant it’s ok because the rest of us know better!

  9. Where was the horse collar tackle fine against Chicago when Bush had a easy touchdown? Talk about dirty, he could have been severely hurt, but hey, Chicago fans didn’t see that obvious one. Little brother does want to thank Chicago though for one title they took from Detroit “Murder Capital”

  10. As long as they keep winning games I’m sure they’ll happily pay those fines. It’s not just the Lions that are being fined for borderline hits. Its the entire league. Late hits should be fined but 99% of helmet to helmet hits are by accident. Such and Fairley would have just as many haters if they started taking QBs out at the knees, which happens to be illegal too. QBs now a days whinw way to much about getting hit! What are you supposed to do when you’re going full speed and a QB ducks his head? Stop completely and let them throw the ball? I like their aggressiveness! I know all of you whiners wouldn’t be crying so much if your defense was the one making the plays.

  11. I’m going to go out on a limb and say, most fans complaining about dirty play NEVER played the game at ANY level. If you did, you’d recognize this as what they called this style of play prior to the Lawsuit era: Football.

  12. metalhead65 says:

    “it is one thing to win but do it with class, but then that word has never been associated with detroit in any way has it?”

    Good one. Original too.

  13. Strategyexpert,

    We’ve exchanged words before but I want to start off by saying that I come in peace. I know you are a passionate Lions fan and by your writing style I know you’re intelligent and study this team, but I do want to hear your thoughts on the success of the team so far this year, since in most of your previous posts you ranted about how inept the lions brass and coaching staff was. The reason I I tried to confront you is that I knew you were wrong, and it bothered me that you led the lions conversation on this site and led people to believe the lions were truly terrible. As egotistical as this will sound, I just wanted to say I told you so.

  14. Expect Young to appeal the fine. He said after the game that he got all shoulder pad and that it should not have been a penalty. He also commented that defensive players shouldn’t be penalized when the QB drops low while being hit (thus making incidental contact with the helmet more likely).

    I’m amazed there was no fine for the flagrant horse-collar tackle on Reggie Bush.

  15. lol all the ppl whining about so called “dirty play” are just butt hurt that the lions beat there team…the majority of these “dirty plays” are either just poor decisions..or incidental…todays football is soft..wouldnt hear any of this bs years ago…im all for player safety..and imo i dont see a problem with some of the fines…some of them are just boneheaded emotional plays…ei fairley thrown Jay Butthurt to the ground…but many of the other so called penalties are just gettin out of hand..helmets are gonna hit helmets..and i think that more desrcetion should be used when calling a penalty..there is a big difference between intentionally going helmet to helmet and helmets contacting via a legal tackle..mostly bs

  16. smstonerock:

    Well glad to hear from you and I think the Lions are in a prime position to win the division. GB and CHI are in partial-meltdown phase so we don’t know if we really need to do that much to get the division win. And we aren’t far off from competing for a bye if we can rattle off a string of wins and considering we should be favored in every game remaining.

    I never disputed that we could win. I always look for the best possible strategies regarding ANY question or issue and I see a large number of things that we missed on such that we could have been much better. I spend a tremendous amount of time to come up with and support these ideas if you happened to know all about what they are.

    This season has been very fluky in that I think with NO roster changes that I would have wanted, that this team could be undefeated this year. EVERY single game we have played was not a respectable effort by our opponent. And also we are somewhat lucky in that our lack of performing on ALL of these issues that I see as problems that we don’t have less than 6 wins.

    With the way the rest of the NFL has made their choices, I feel that if I’m the GM it’s a good chance to go undefeated the whole year because I think the collection of my ideas is way more than enough to tilt the scales towards uber-domination, and that’s just my style and based upon my football logic and other various skills. So I still see the Lions coming up way short of my expectations. For no money at all I see a much better way that we are way short of.

    That being said I think we are going to make the playoffs and it’s only a few games from there. Let’s see if we can go all the way.

    We have Calvin Johnson. And NOBODY else has that. You can’t beat the Detroit Lions if you can’t stop CJ and Suh/Fairley wreaking havoc. And congrats on being correct about how great you saw things!!

  17. Who won the game again?
    Oh that’s right the Lions did.
    Nothing else matters.
    Tillman did some pretty dirty stuff in that game too but of course you won’t hear much about it anywhere around here.
    6-3. Chicago is our little sister. Get used to it.

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