RG3: Bottom line, I can’t take those amount of hits


Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III got hit way too much against the Vikings in last Thursday’s loss.

Griffin was hit 18 times over the course of the game and the blame for those hits can be spread out in several directions. The offensive line needs to block better, receivers need to win more battles with defensive backs and Griffin has to know when to get rid of the ball or slide to avoid a big hit from the defense. That’s been the case in other games this season and Griffin said that the number of hits has to drop regardless of the reason why they’re happening.

“Bottom line, I can’t take those amount of hits,” Griffin said, via John Keim of ESPN.com. “You don’t want to be hit that much. A lot of great quarterbacks don’t get hit that much. It’s not just me, it’s a lot of things that go into that. We just have to get better.”

Outside of the hits, last week’s performance was one of the best of the season for Griffin. He completed 24-of-37 passes for 281 yards and three touchdowns and running for 44 more yards, numbers that the Redskins will need most weeks if they want to make another late season run at a playoff spot. They can’t get them if Griffin is sidelined, of course, so cutting the hits down to a more manageable level should be a big focus in the weeks to come.

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  1. This comes off whiny for Griffin but he’s right; the O-line is subpar and the receivers are pretty average minus Garçon. If they can get sine linemen in the drafts and a good slot receiver that would help a lot.

  2. LOL and now you have to face the Eagles and that defense just keeps getting better and better each and every week. Especially the front guys with the addition of Bennie Logan at NT. Goodluck Washington Whatevers

  3. Setting aside some of the injudicious and egotistical things he has said off the field, I really like the way Griffin comes to play. Hes all in for the win, which is exciting to watch.

    But he’s correct, holding the ball that extra second, taking that extra step before running out of bounds or throwing it away, absorbing the extra physical punishment play after play, is not good for a qb, or ultimately his team, either.

  4. I loved him in college and last season, but as times have gotten hard, he’s started to come off as increasingly immature. What he says is correct, but what’s the purpose of saying it publicly? Will his line play harder after having him diss them in the press? And it’s in his own control to limit some of the hits he takes.

  5. How many times have we heard Vick say this same thing year after year? And how many times did he keep to it? Exactly. This is at least the 3rd time I have heard Griffen say this in just a year and a half, and each time he says it nothing changes.

    He is the exact same player as Vick. Except Vick has a stronger arm and was much more dynamic with the ball in his hands. Which says to me that he will probably have a slightly less effective career then Vick.

    Which isnt that bad. Vick could dominate games like no one other, but he’d also get hurt. Vick’s a gamer though and Griffin is the same way. If he didnt have to miss a game he wouldnt. He would play hurt, but that led to the bad play and inconsistencies. He would never heal and he would either get re-injured so bad that he would miss multiple games or just play poorly.

    There’s no way around it for guys like Griffin and Vick. Their body type and style of play is always going to lead to the same thing. Guys like Wilson, Mcnair, and Cunningham figured it out quick. You either forgo the extra yards and get down or end up nothing more then a few good highlights.

    I dont see the ego of Griffin aka “RGIII” allowing him to do it. Which is the same problem MV7 had.

  6. I truly wonder (sincerely) if Griffin CAN slide to avoid hits? Two ACL surgeries have no doubt left him with major cartilage loss. That has been painfully obvious in his restricted running this season. To force his knee to absorb more pounding in sliding may be asking more than he can give.

    This isn’t Christian Ponder getting his dislocated shoulder “popped” back into place.

  7. Wow. Now he is comparing himsef to the great quarterbacks!! And not to mention throwing is O line under the buss as well as the defense. This guy has only a season and a half under his belt and to make those kind of remarks is really showing everybody that he is a real TEAM player. Those remarks will make those O lineman block for ya!! He just needs to shut up and quit crying!!!

  8. I love how he considers himself a great QB after one season in a gimmick college offense. I wonder if it ever dawned on Bobby, that what make a QB great is knowing how not to get hit. It’s called having a quick release and the ability to quickly go through there progressions.

  9. logicalvoicesays says: Nov 14, 2013 9:45 AM

    Top 5 QBs in Professional Football – Griffin III, Rodgers, Stafford, Dalton and Brees. In that order.

    Please. Gimme a break. Brady? P. Manning? I guess they don’t count? Where would their teams be without them?

    There are 3 tiers of QBs: The elite (top tier), the good/sometimes great (mid-tier), and the rest (bottom tier). Griffin is mid-tier, for now. Dalton needs to be more consistent to move to the top. No argument for Rodgers and Brees as Tops.

  10. Jake Locker was playing better than RG3 before Locker’s injuries. The R#$%#% should trade RG3 while they still have the chance. 2014 is Kirk’s year!


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