Andrew Luck gets heated at halftime

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The Colts have grown accustomed to Andrew Luck leading comeback wins.

But they’re not used to the way he did it Thursday night.

According to Mike Wells of, Luck delivered a blistering address at halftime, as his side was losing 17-6.

It was to a whole new level,” punter Pat McAfee said. “Normally, he has a calming presence, meaning we know what we have to do to win the game. This was a different Andrew.”

The result was familiar, as he led them back to a 30-27 victory to put them three games clear of the AFC South. But seeing the anger from someone who is normally so calm caught their attention.

“He had fire and passion with his talk,” tackle Anthony Castonzo said. “He had some powerful words behind it. It’s been three weeks in row that we were down at halftime. There was some frustration. He wanted to make sure we came back and won this thing.” 

It was a desperate spot for the Colts, who were coming off an embarrassing 38-8 loss to the Rams last week. And sometimes when backed into that kind of corner, it’s time for desperate measures, like stepping out of character.

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  1. I chuckle everytime I hear or see how ” embarrassing” losing to the Rams is. The Rams are one of those teams you hate to play. No where near as bad as their record, losing games by very few points, where you just know if you aren’t on top of your game they will beat you.

  2. I don’t care if they rallied back for the win or not. In January this team is going to get smoked.

  3. Hey, be careful or you’ll take yourself right out of the Andrew Luck lottery! That’s ok, Christian Ponder will be a great QB in a couple of years. HAHA.

  4. How does anyone not love this kids game? He was the clear cut #1 pick coming out and is still proving it…..Bob Griffin who?

  5. am i the only one missing how great the guy is….yea he has a bunch of 4th Quarter comebacks but why is he in the situation to begin with…wouldnt need to keep doing it week after week if he would get the job done before the fourth…He is so great but tied for most picks in the league last last year led his team to the playoffs and what not, but comparing the facts you can argue he has a little Tim Tebow in him why does Luck get so much rope…All im saying is the greats Manning Brees Brady hell you can throw russell wilson in that mix are coasting around the 4th….Yes i believe Wilson is better because the only vet he had on offense producing was Marshon Lynch, his defense and team seemingly became great together offense and defense when he got there thats when people began to know Seahawks players names….sorry Russell is better even though he smaller Brees proved you dont have to be over 6 feet to be great and win a ring

  6. Mr.TreySeven – Luck was the first overall pick… you know why the Colts picked first? Because before Luck, they barely won 1 game. You can’t throw Russell Wilson into the mix with Manning, Brady, or Brees. He hasn’t won nearly as much as those guys. He also has the benefit of a very strong supporting cast. Want to know how good the supporting cast was in Indy for Peyton Manning? The year he didn’t start, they barely won 1 game. If Russell Wilson was the Colts QB, they would still be sub .500. Better than they were, but nowhere near playoff contenders. If Luck was the QB for the Seahawks, they would be undefeated this year. The Seahawks have built themselves a great team. The Colts have an elite QB, but the rest of the front office decisions are cavalier and have turned out poorly. Without Luck the Colts would be competing with the Jags for the first overall pick again. Even Trent Dilfer could win a Super Bowl with the Seahawks team…

  7. @mrtreyseven..
    Do you even watch football? First off, Luck has lost his 1st and 2nd RB, starting TE and a HOF the Offense isn’t close to full strength. Secondly, to say Lynch was the only performing player on a team that made the playoffs the year before the Luck-Wilson draft is just an idiotic statement. Seahawks WERE much better than the Colts team that won 2 games, had a complete turn around of players and front office…played mostly rookies or 1st year Colt players and still made the playoffs.
    Third, to even compare Luck with Manning, Brady or Brees…3 HOF QBs with 10+ years in the league to a guy that hasn’t even finished his second year shows that you shouldn’t even be commenting at all about anything fooball. To put Wilson in that group…REALLY guy..oh yeah, I forgot how he cruised through the 4th qtr against Panthers, Texans, Titans, Rams, Bucs, and if I remember right, he threw a int against Indy on a potential game winning drive..

  8. blinded by being a fan @Indy

    The only reason the team sucked before Luck got there was because they had no QB…the year befoe 2011 they made the playoffs and the year after the 2011 they made the playoffs minus Garcon….i am implying to you why do you have to comeback in the 4th….when Tebow was doing it everyone was in uproar he so horrible he this he is that but he won the game in the 4th….how is it Tebow managing to keep the game close and Luck keeping the game close cant be compared…..if tebow was so bad that the team shouldnt been in that situation ro begin with why cant the same be said about luck….and by the way name the Pro Bowlers on the Seahawks offense outside of lynch before Wilson got there….took a team to another level….the Colts struggle week in and week out dating from last year yea you won the game but why pressure yourself to go all out in the 4th exposing yourself to potential injuries more mistakes by having to play balls to the wall the last 15….look at the facts the Colts are in a week division struggling with teams within it having to comeback over and over the team will be worn out by playoffs if he continues to do these things, the Seahawks in a tougher division… a division in which you lost to the bottom team in the previous week at home….and Russell has been holding his own without as many comebacks because by the 4th they have 35-40 pointas he is cruising….i brought in Brees Brady Manning up because by the 4th they are cruising as well great QB’s dont live week to week by winning in the 4th its good to know he is able to do it but you shouldnt need it week to week…the Wilson discussion was a. different argument

  9. Dude, yeah the Colts lost to the Rams….and they smoked the 49ers and beat the Seahawks and Wilson.

    They aren’t anywhere near full strength, which has been pointed out to you several times now so I won’t go into details…but you obviously don’t keep up with the Colts.

    Wilson came to a team with a monster running back and a great D his rookie year. Luck came to a team that started mostly rookies, with a new head coach, new GM, new offensive system and a crappy D.

    Wilson was a game manager for most of his rookie year. They were winning games with their run game and D. Not saying Wilson wasnt good but he didn’t carry his team like Luck did last year and has been this year.

    You’re talking about the Colts barely beating teams lol?

    The Seahawks barely best winless TB after being down 21-0, they barely beat Houston after being down 20-3, they barely beat the Titans themselves lol, at home! The Seahawks barely beat the Rams.

    And lets not forget who gave the Seahawks the “1” in their 9-1 record.

    And you must not be watching too many Seahawks games this year if you think think they’ve been “cruising” in the 4th much.

  10. And it doesn’t matter why the Colts sucked in 2011 because most of that team was gone in 2012. Reggie Wayne and Brown ( who was basically a non factor in 2012) were the only returning skill players on offense.

    The 2012 Colts had a rookie RB, a rookie WR, two rookie TEs, a rookie QB, an almost new offensive line which was in flux the whole season anyway because of injuries and a castoff WR who had 3 receptions in 2011 and had missed all of 2010.

    The Colts had a bottom 3rd D too.

    Mrtrey you obviously know nothing about the Colts, (you don’t seem to know much about the Seahawks either for that matter )so you probably shouldn’t talk about them.

  11. Colts fans keep bringing up all their missing players. Who were the last three QB’s you played against? Keenum, Clemens and Fitzpatrick! Colts went 2-1 but barely beat the Titans and Texans. Everybody is missing players at this point. Stop the whining….

  12. Dual nobody is “whining”, just pointing out why the Colts are “barely” winning.

    BTW quit whining about people “whining”….the Internet will survive if you take a day off.

  13. The colts keep getting in holes every game and it has to do with how poorly the defense has played lately they’ve made 3 backup Qbs in a row look like John Elway. There’s no excuse for it.. I expected the offense to struggle a bit initially adjusting without Reggie Wayne ….What’s the defenses excuse?? oh.. and that very flawed run first strategy.

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