Gary Kubiak may coach from the booth on Sunday


It looks like Gary Kubiak will be coaching the Texans on Sunday, but things may not be totally back to normal on the Houston sideline.

For starters, Kubiak may not be on the sideline. John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports that Kubiak said he may be coaching from the booth rather than his customary place on the sideline if doctors tell him that’s best for his health.

If that does happen, offensive coordinator Rick Dennison will move down to the sideline and defensive coordinator Wade Phillips will have control of the red flag should the Texans decide to challenge any calls made by the officials. The decision about throwing it as well as the offensive playcalling will still remain in Kubiak’s control should he be sitting up above on gameday.

It’s not an ideal situation for the Texans, obviously, but it should work more smoothly than things went against the Colts in the game that Kubiak had to leave at halftime. Texans players said after that game that there were issues getting plays in, but Kubiak said Friday that he’s sent calls in via quarterbacks coach Karl Dorrell all season so the difference shouldn’t be too great on that front.