Mike Adams works back into Steelers lineup at tight end

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When the Steelers drafted Mike Adams in the second round of the 2012 draft, the idea was that he’d join with center Maurkice Pouncey and guard David DeCastro to give the the team a young foundation on their offensive line.

It hasn’t worked out that way as Adams struggled mightily as a pass blocker at left tackle, getting benched after being abused by Vikings defensive end Jared Allen this season and leading the Steelers to make a trade for Levi Brown. Brown never played for the team, but Kelvin Beachum has taken over as the starter. That’s left Adams to take on a different role.

The team has started inserting him into games as a tight end, causing him to report as eligible 26 times in last weekend’s victory over Buffalo. The Steelers ran the ball on 22 of those plays and Adams blocked well, earning him a compliment from coach Mike Tomlin even as Tomlin made it clear that Adams hasn’t solved the problems that forced him off of tackle in the first place.

“He’s doing a really nice job with what we’re asking him to do as a tight end, and it’s provided some good gas for us in that regard,” Tomlin said, via the Beaver County Times. “I don’t want to equate that to tackle play. Obviously, it’s a different set of issues.”

Unless Adams starts catching passes from Ben Roethlisberger over the second half of the season, it’s hard to see a big future for Adams in Pittsburgh when they only trust him to be a sixth run blocker.

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  1. Mike Tomlin was handed the keys to a Ferrari and six years later it is in the AFC North basement chop shop completely broken down sitting on the rims with a bent frame and a cracked engine block.

  2. Even Barry Switzer did better than Tomlin.

    Mike Tomlin: Regular season 70-42 (.625) — Playoffs 5-3 (.625)

    Barry Switzer: Regular season 40-24 (.661) — Playoffs 5-2 (.714)

  3. @citizenstrange …

    From an offensive perspective, Switzer was handed keys to a Ferrari and Tomlin to a Lexus. Not quite the same thing.

  4. citizenstrange | Nov 15, 2013, 4:59 PM EST
    But from a defensive perspective Tomlin was handed the keys to an IndyCar and all he had to do was to give the keys to LeBeau and watch him drive it.

    From an intelligence perspective Tomlin is a Lamborghini and you are a VW bug. But then again everybody knows you are a troll.

  5. Citezenstrange. I’m a bit confused. You are the one using all of these car analogies, so how is calling you a VW bug a personal attack? Unless your referring to the troll comment, but I’d have to say that comment is true, as you and several other well known trolls, joemontanaflacco, doctorrustbelt, to name two, simply log on to steeler posts to make negative comments. It’s kind of hard to respect anything you say, because none of it is ever analytical, it’s just a negative comment on the steelers. That’s why no one takes anything either of you say seriously. At least posters like Deb will make positive comments about the ravens and other teams and players, that’s why people respect her posts. It shows Deb knows the game, and doesn’t just post crap. Try making an objective comment from time to time, and perhaps people won’t call you a troll. Not sure where I read this, but someone posted once, “I’m not calling you a troll, but if the shoe fits feel free to lace it up”

  6. LOL this just means their going with a extra O+lineman. Don’t mean he’s in their plans yo throw him the ball..As far as Tomlin being “Handed” any keys u mean Colbert was handed the keys and Tomlin is riden side car..its a big difference..

  7. I can guarantee if it was up to Tomlin ..Ben would be calling his own plays…well most of them..The Steelers Defenve Ranks inthe bottom 3rd in 3 phases..can’t ever recalling their defence being so stagnant..but That’s Tomlins fault too huh? Tomlin and LeBeau can only use what they are given.

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