NFL says Liuget hit was clean, hit Peyton in the thigh, not the knee

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So why was Chargers defensive lineman Corey Liuget not fined for his low hit on Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning? The NFL says it’s all about the location of Liuget’s hit: Manning’s thigh, not his knee.

The famous “Tom Brady Rule,” implemented in 2009 after Bernard Pollard ended Brady’s 2008 season with a low hit, was designed to protect quarterbacks from hits to the lower leg. In a video distributed to the media. NFL head of officiating Dean Blandino said that rule was not violated when Liuget hit Manning.

“The helmet, the shoulder, it’s mid-thigh,” Blandino said of Liuget’s hit. “It’s not at the knee or below. You cannot hit a quarterback, a passer, in the knee area or below with forcible contact. . . . The contact is at mid-thigh. Legal tackle.”

With the NFL considering still more rules to protect quarterbacks, it’s possible that next year, a hit like Liuget’s would be flagged and fined. But this year, that hit is legal.

37 responses to “NFL says Liuget hit was clean, hit Peyton in the thigh, not the knee

  1. If they call that play an illegal hit, they better be fining every defensive player in the NFL

  2. It’s nothing new for Peyton to complain after he loses. He cried when he was with the Colts after the Patriots beat the Colts in the 2004 AFC Divisional playoffs 20-3, which led to even more restrictions on defenders. Whine, whine, whine…

  3. I bet Manning gets at least 2 roughing the passer calls against the Chiefs, and both will be called after Peypey cries to the ref, and neither will actually be roughing.

    Manning is such a whine bag.

  4. The NFL is revising its rules. Between Tom ‘ the skirt’ Brady and Peyton ‘ watch the neck’ Peyton, the new hitting area for QBs will be 2 ” from the bellybutton.

  5. To the ankle??

    Are we serious here? Can players not hit golden boy without an “investigation”?

  6. Com’on man, a quarterback have on pads just like the rest of the players, I agree goin’ for the head or knees on any player is some dirty ball but above the knee and below the neck should be fair game, before you know it hitting the QB anywhere will be a finable offence.

  7. The hit was classical wrap arms around waist or though and slide down until the man stops. A perfect execution of a tackle taught by all the best RUGBY coaches.
    Manning is such a weed, its time he found out what’s in the real world.
    Well Corey, well done.

  8. Bunch of cry babies Big Ben gets hit like that all the time and face masked never see any fines

  9. Soon guys will have to pay the NFL for the privilege of playing in the league.

    Once they decide to make every tackle a fine-able offense, players will be paying the league back more than they’re making. Then we’ll see who really plays for the love of the game and not for the money.

    Hint, not many.

  10. seriously, you believe there should or there might be a rule change so you can’t hit a qb on the thigh, wow. you really think that makes sense? only can hit from waist to below the shoulder?they are doing their best to ruin the game already

  11. While I haven’t looked at the hit since it happened and so I won’t comment on the legality of the hit, Peyton Manning did not whine about the hit. He wanted the ref’s to enforce San Diego calling their final timeout. And also, Peyton may whine after he loses, but last week wasn’t a loss.

  12. @depotnator

    It’s referred to as the “Carson Palmer” rule. It was implemented after the 2005 season due to a change in the rules committee. You can look it up anywhere yourself.

    It has absolutely nothing to do with Tom Brady. Actually, if you look at the stats for roughing the passer calls, Tom Brady is normally at the low end of the QB’s in every single given year. The past few yrs have him pegged between #26-#30 overall out of all of the 32 QB’s.

  13. As a Broncos fan I thought the hit was ok.. It was the grabbing the ankle and rolling on your back move at the end that pissed me off… Total cheap shot by the Chargers D

  14. I guess they only safe spot to hit Manning now is between the legs because there’s nothing there.

  15. I love all the revisionist historians commenting about how Peyton was somehow “crying” about the hit being illegal. Check your facts Haters! He never complained after the hit, on the field or through the media! It was the media who made a big deal out of it after he got up limping! Just because you want to believe he “cried” and keep saying he did, doesn’t make it true!

  16. Does anyone remember the 2006 Patriots Colts playoff game where Peyton was tapped on the helmet by one of the Patriot defenders and a 15 yard roughing the passer was called? Now he wants to complain about the refs. LOL. Biggest whiner in football. Surprised he didn’t throw his lineman under the bus after the game. “Lets just say we had a problem with protection. “

  17. Brady screams for a flag against Suggs almost hitting his knee…gets it. Manning gets hit low, bitches at reffs because he called a timeout and wants to stay in the game instead of sitting out a play, and no flag/fine assessed.

    But yea….its totally Manning that whines and cries…….:rolleyes:

  18. Peyton should retire. Being smart and having a great arm go a long way in flag football. The NFL is a contact league.

  19. And in other news today, the league announced that it is considering making whining quarterbacks a personal foul because of the high number of game officials who are experiencing hearing loss after officiating a Broncos game.

  20. I believe they should disallow any defender from getting into the offensive backfield. All they need on offense would be a center and 9 receivers. Any touching of the QB would be immediate disqualification and kicked out of football for a year and the family of the player would be thrown out on the street. No player should make eye contact with the QB as that would be disrespectful and a slight bow would be appropriate.

  21. its the carson palmer rule NOT the brady rule. brady rule is about defenders on the ground going for the knees. why can’t people figure this out yet..

  22. good thing it wasn’t Tom Brady, it then be a new rule that the thigh would be am illegal hit and automatic election from the game

  23. get your facts straight, it’s actually the Carson Palmer rule. His low hit by von olhoffen created the rule.
    Brady/Patriot hate on pft is unbelievable

  24. What are we about one or two rules away from making this game a complete mockery of a professional sport?

  25. The NFL said the hit was legit. Manning never complained about it.

    Why are there so many whiny commenters yammering on this post about the decline of football?

  26. For those of you defending Payton for not complaining about the hit being low. The fact that the Broncos filed a complaint/asked for the play to be reviewed. Says that Denver as a team whined, and complained about the call on the field.

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