PFT on NBCSN hits the road today, sort of

Technically, Pro Football Talk on NBCSN originates from the headquarters of NBC Sports in Stamford, Connecticut.

On most days, I make my contributions from the spot where I’m now sitting, in the first-floor office that used to be my son’s playroom.  (The closet is still full of toys that, yes, I sometimes play with.)

Tonight, my fully-grown 17-year-old bearded man-child participates in his first high-school playoff game, in Greenbrier County, West Virginia.  With the game starting at 7:30 and the field two hours away, it looked like I would miss the game.

We’ve been with NBC for more than four years now, and every once in a while someone asks if I’m still happy with the relationship.  A day like today is the reason that the immediate “yes” comes with an exclamation point.  Once we knew Alex’s team, Notre Dame High School, had qualified for the playoffs and we didn’t know when or where the game would be, NBC Sports Executive Producer Sam Flood told me without hesitation, “You’ll be there.”

Also without hesitation, NBC Sports lined up the satellite truck and the mobile crew that will allow me to do the show and then be present for one of those nights my son will always remember.

After today’s edition PFT Live, I’ll jump into the official black-and-red PFT Audi (yes, Audi is now a sponsor, but yet I still had to pay for the car) and make the two-hour drive to the site of the game, where we’ll broadcast my portion of today’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN.

Hopefully, they’ll win.  If they do, the show could end up going on the road for a second straight Friday.