Reports: Falcons’ Jason Snelling arrested, charged with possession of marijuana

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Falcons running back Jason Snelling was reportedly arrested after police said they caught him possessing — and trying to eat — marijuana.

The Barrow County News reports that Snelling was arrested by the Winder Police Department and charged with possession of marijuana and various traffic charges.

The arresting officer said he pulled Snelling over at 3:35 a.m. after seeing that his car wasn’t staying in its lane. The officer said he noticed a strong odor of marijuana and said that when he asked Snelling about it, Snelling admitted that he had been smoking marijuana earlier that evening.

“I asked Mr. Snelling if there was any other marijuana in the vehicle, and he told me that there was a grinder in the center console of the vehicle and that it had a little bit of marijuana left in it,” the arresting officer wrote in his report. “I searched the vehicle and located a metal grinder where Mr. Snelling had said it was.”

The officer said that while the vehicle was being searched, he noticed that Snelling was repeatedly swallowing, so he asked Snelling to open his mouth and saw what appeared to be marijuana inside his mouth as well.

Snelling was charged with possession of less than one ounce of marijuana, possession of drug related materials, expired or no driver’s license, failure to maintain lane, failure to maintain insurance, improper use of dealer license plate and no registration.

The Barrow Journal reports that Snelling was booked into jail early this morning and has since made bond.

54 responses to “Reports: Falcons’ Jason Snelling arrested, charged with possession of marijuana

  1. how long are people going to put up with this nonsense before prohibition ends. what a waste of time, money and resources.

  2. I’ll never understand why people who ride dirty don’t make damn sure their car tags are right. You’re just ASKING for it.

  3. Just legalize it and control it. It’s ridiculous that weed smokers are almost treated as bad as child molesters in some states.

    And as far as Jason Snelling… he just seems like the typical dude from the hood. Rides dirty, no concern to get the paperwork right, just blowing herb at 3am in the morning. Yeah he should know better… but sometimes you just can’t take the hood out of some people.

  4. So he can afford to make bail but he can’t afford to pay for car insurance and license plates?

  5. “Wow, is that wrong? Nobody ever told me that was wrong. ‘Cuz if I had known it was wrong, I’d never have done it…”

  6. The real issue here isn’t possession. It’s the associated DUI. If he hurts himself it’s one thing, but if he hurt an innocent person due to his DUI…well that is a problem in my book.

  7. I am getting sick and tired of these idiots jagging off all their Millions because they are ignorant morons who want to smoke weed. REALLY!?! REALLY!?!? GROW UP!

  8. steeltuff says:

    Nothing good ever happens at 3:35 a.m

    Maybe in Pittsburg, but I’ve had plenty of fine things happen at that time of night.

    You just have to, you know, not act like an over entitled moron in what you’re doing and there should be no trouble.

  9. Meanwhile, no Seattle or Bronco players are arrested for gonja because it is legal in those states. So, how will the NFLPA dispute any league suspensions for possession by players in other states? It should be a level playing field regardless of where players play.

  10. This story is just sad on so many levels.

    This guy is an embarrassment and a testament to why the uber talented Falcons are so bad. Way to be a professional there Snelling.

  11. I’m assuming this idiot is active? How can you have no DL, No insurance, and out at 3am in what I guess is not your average set of wheels w/ weed in it. So tired of these dumb MF’s… Just throw his ass out of the league, No 1st, 2nd, 3rd chances.

  12. Oh well, time to update the old “Days Without an Arrest” counter. Shocker.
    Becoming rare for the counter to ever exceed 14 days… You would think all this would go down in the off-season when these guys have nothing but cash to blow…

  13. 6ball had it right. 3am in Winder, he woke the cop up as he rode by….and, for what it’s worth, ain’t nothing happening in Winder after midnight…..nothing except a lil Jamey Johnson music blaring from most every house…AND I’m betting everything he hit the Waffle House on the way home from jail….just saying…..oh, 1 more thing, where is the “outrage” from the powers that be? It ain’t a DUI or concussion inducing hits, or racail epitets so it’s not worthy?

  14. bcajun says: Nov 15, 2013 8:09 PM

    If legalized just the tax money could certainly help pay the defecit in this country

    Not even close.

    let’s imagine for a minute an absurd scenario where pot sales if legalized would equal liquor sales, and the tax rate would mirror the current liquor rated ( average of 3.7% state and .7% federal). The liquor industries sales are about $150 Billion a year.

    State taxes gained? 5.5 Billion across 50 states and DC.

    Federal taxes gained? $1 Billion.

    Current yearly deficit? $700 Billion give or take.

    This of course is assuming pot sales at liquor levels…which is fantasy. Likely 10% is a more realistic number. how about $100Million a year on federal taxes, which is about, oh, lemme see, carry the 3….ONE HOUR of deficit spending…or compared to the entire Federal budget, about 45 MINUTES of spending..

    Stoner Math Fail.

  15. I get the whole “wanting to smoke weed” thing, but….

    no license? no insurance? no registration? He doesn’t have the money to get those?

    C”MON MAN!

  16. improper use of dealer license plate……when smoking weed you might not want to drive around in a car that says dealer on it.

  17. The product does not bother me. But he had no license, no registration, no insurance? And was driving while high? A professional athlete has no excuses for that kind of stuff other than being moronically entitled.

  18. Not another one at it!! For goodness sake what is wrong with all these “losers”?? It’s everyday that something happens to a player. They are so dumb and stupid it’s shocking. Driving a car like that is ridiculous, just continue doing the same thing, eventually something terrible will happen.

  19. It should be legal so law enforcement can use resources for real crimes. But, even if legal, you can’t be allowed to operate under the influence.

    It’s not a sports enhancing drug. I can see an NFL Safety toked up going, “Whooooa man did you see how far he threw that?” So, I wonder how the NFL will treat it when legal :)!!

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