Wells plans to meet with Dolphins players next week


After spending more than seven hours talking with Jonathan Martin, league investigator Ted Wells is planning to move on to meeting with other Dolphins players.

A league source tells PFT that Wells plans to meet with Dolphins players next week.

The length of Wells’s meeting with Martin suggests that there will be plenty for Wells to look into when he meets with other players on the team. Offensive linemen, in particular, will be asked to describe their experiences working alongside both Martin and Richie Incognito, who is accused of harassing Martin before Martin left the team.

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has pledged the team’s full cooperation with Wells’s investigation.

19 responses to “Wells plans to meet with Dolphins players next week

  1. Wait, Ross has given his players his okay to tell wells everything they know so that this can all be over?

    Oh yeah Ross is such an understanding likable fellow isn’t he?

    The most out of date and out of touch owner probably out there if he is really trying to make the world believe that he has not heard players saying all sorts of $hit to each other in the locker room.

    I’m not buying it

  2. this investigation will completely blow up the Phins….. any type of team building is toast.

    Ireland hired Incognito and Martin and a bunch of other problems and failures and evidently he had a role to play in the whole “code red” idea…. when is he getting canned? It’s unbelievable he’s lasted this long.

    If anybody deserves to get fired, it’s Ireland.

  3. If Wells knows anything, I mean anything about blocking/pass protection I would not be opposed at all for him to pass on any pointers he might have for whatever O linemen the Fins have left.

  4. Philbin and Ireland and some (perhaps several) assistant coaches are history soon. Someone has to swing for it, and this weird affair requires more than one scapegoat.

  5. I have a feeling Wells final report will reveal an overall culture and attitude within the Dolphins Organization that is technically in violation of U.S Labor law in regards to workplace conduct.

    However, we are talking about a band of brothers , the camaraderie of a group of men. This harassment claim by Martin is an assault on Real Men everywhere. Its an Assault on a group of Bar Buddies or a Mens Slow pitch Softball team.. its an Assault on all Mens Friday night Bowling teams .. When a group of guys are in certain social settings .. the “code of conduct” goes out the window. If there should be any place a man can fart , tell dirty racist jokes, cuss .. its in a football locker room with guys he thinks are his friends.

  6. It may be time to think about your next career Rich. I would suggest police officer. You have all the qualities and intellect common to the job.

  7. You will soon see a new NFL policy covering locker room conduct. It will mean nothing to the players at all. Don’t know how the NFL will police this, but you know there will be more fines. They like the money.

  8. The interview was 30 minutes. The other 6:30 was convincing Martin to come out from under the table after he was spooked by the interviewer reaching out to shake his hand.

  9. There has been this kind of stuff going on in locker rooms for decades. It hasn’t really been a problem until this particular case. Why? Out of all the football players to have ever played the game this is the first guy (that I can recall) that had an issue with it. Well, he had an issue with it after he left the team because while he was there he said absolutely nothing. Is what they did/do over the line for most people/jobs? Probably. Is it over the line for their environment? It wasn’t but it will be once the lawyers get done. They always try to shoehorn every social interaction into some sort of twisted utopian standard.

    IF Martin was subjected to harassment after he clearly expressed concern then hammer the team/players. IF the first time anybody was notified that Martin had a problem with interactions among the team was after he left, then this whole thing should be dropped and Martin should be admonished.

  10. can we please give the “code red” terminology a rest?

    This is not the military.
    This is not a movie.
    No one died.

  11. Regardless of whatever happened within the Dolphins or any other team’s organization — I am getting real sick of the “locker room culture” argument, as if being in a locker room somehow excuses you from being a decent, reasonable human being.

  12. Ferdinand says:
    Nov 16, 2013 5:59 PM
    Regardless of whatever happened within the Dolphins or any other team’s organization — I am getting real sick of the “locker room culture” argument, as if being in a locker room somehow excuses you from being a decent, reasonable human being.
    Obviously I can’t speak for everyone that has mentioned that argument but when I have referenced it wasn’t meant as an excuse. I simply mean that there are various versions of “normal” based on where you are at and who you are with. Your standards of decency may not be good enough for a group of Catholic nuns in the same way that the “locker room” standards are not what you would consider reasonable. People are different and perfectly acceptable behavior in one culture could be abhorrent and or illegal in another.

    I am in no way saying that being in a locker room environment excuses behavior that some find offensive. If Martin had said something to someone early on, I would probably be on his side in this mess. The problem for me is that he accepted the behavior through his silence and also through his own participation. He suddenly had an issue after he lost his job and his future was in jeopardy due to his lack of performance. That isn’t being offended or abused; it is looking for an excuse and an alternate means of “earning” money.

    Martin seems easily manipulated and or (for lack of a better term_ bullied. I think he is just along for the ride on this scheme. He wanted out–that was probably his decision. All the rest–throwing teammates under the bus, outrage over the VM and the other stuff–that is probably his parents’ doing. If Martin can’t stand up to teammates teasing him (assuming he really had a problem with it) then there is no way he is going to stand up to his “camp” after all this national attention.

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