William Moore fined $22,050 for hit on Golden Tate

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Falcons safety William Moore is becoming a frequent offender when the league hands out its fines for on-field infractions every week.

PFT confirmed with the league that Moore was fined for the fourth time this season on Friday for hitting Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate in the head when Tate was defenseless. Moore said earlier this week that he was expecting a fine after being flagged during the Falcons loss last weekend.

“I can’t control what they call on the field,” Moore said, via ESPN.com. “I just continue to play football; run to the ball. And whatever happens, happens. But at the same time, I hope the NFL looks at it from a player’s standpoint and just knows that we’re out there playing ball. We don’t try and go after defenseless players and try to play dirty. We’re just playing football.”

Moore also complained that Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch was not penalized for grabbing him by the facemask during the game. Lynch also was not fined for the infraction.


11 responses to “William Moore fined $22,050 for hit on Golden Tate

  1. I’m a Seahawks fan but I hate this “defenseless receiver” BS.

    Also surprised on the no-call/no-fine on Beast Mode for trying to turn that guy into a Pez dispenser.

    That being said, the roughing the passer call for sacking Ryan was BS too.

    Oh well. GO HAWKS!

  2. What a strange number.

    “That’s $22,000 for the hit, and $50 to cover the dry cleaning.”

  3. I don’t have a problem with the hit. Lynch almost tore the guy’s helmet off with a straight arm later in the game so I think it got settled on the field. I hate the defenseless player drama…they get payed millions to take those hits, let them play.

  4. Packers’ fans might be willing to chip in for Moore’s fine for hitting Golden Turd.

  5. WHAT he said; “We’re just playing football.”

    WHAT he didn’t say (but could have added); “…the good old 1930’s way. Any hit is okay as long as it get’s the job done.”

    Karma is an evil girlfriend Mr. Moore, so maybe you shouldn’t be dating her so much? Might help the team win again?

  6. I seem to remember there being a rule that if a player is fined x-number of times in a given period he is automatically suspended for y-number of games.

    Surely 4 fines in 10 weeks would activate that rule. If not, what is the point of even having it?

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