Colts’ slow starts are hazardous to Chuck Pagano’s health

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The Colts recent trend of slow starts may take more out of coach Chuck Pagano than last year’s battle with leukemia did.

He joked that their latest lethargy, a 14-0 first-quarter hole to the Titans Thursday night, had him in the trainers room getting his heart checked when quarterback Andrew Luck was peeling the paint off the walls with an impassioned halftime speech.

“Whatever he did, I’m glad he did it,” Pagano said, via Mike Wells of “They had defibs on. Believe me, it won’t be cancer that gets me.”

It might not be quite that bad, but over the last three games, the Colts have been outscored 66-9 in the first half, a persistent problem that even Luck’s penchant for comebacks doesn’t offer complete protection from.

“I was sick to my stomach, I’m sure everybody else was,” Pagano said. “But you have to keep playing, keep fighting. One play at a time, 60 minutes, all you got. I don’t think anybody felt good over there.”

The good news is, they’re three games clear of the AFC South with six to play. But as games become more important later in the season, they know they can’t afford to wait a half to get started, lest they risk the health of their coach.

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  1. Halloween Griffin’s idea of an impassioned half-time speech is the one that he gives himself in the mirror – “who’s the greatest in the NFL!?”

    There is a reason that Halloween Griffin’s contemporaries are winners and he isn’t. Considering the decline in Halloween Griffin’s stats in every regard with the same exact offensive players as last year, one has to start admitting that when it comes to acquiring the best QB’s in last year’s draft, Seattle, Indy, and SF did a far better job with less draft hype than did Washington.

    Perhaps what should have happened in Washington is that they should have developed a 2 QB system where two QB’s play the game at the same time – Cousins as the traditional QB lined up under center and shotgun, and Griffin on one side of the pistol as a running back with a throwing threat and then using the other running back slot with Morris. This would have presented a truly awesome attack with multiple run and pass options that would have truly struck fear in the hearts of defenses.

    Right now the passing threat is a joke – no NFL defense has a sleepless night defending Griffin the passer – in fact, they salivate knowing he is Halloween Griffin Santy Claws who gives away the football like Rex Grossman.

  2. You can get away with that kind of crap play in the first half to bad teams(Texans, Titans), but try that against the Chiefs, Patriots or Broncos(in Denver) in the playoffs, you’ll get your ass kicked.

  3. I’m rooting for Pagano and the Colts. I’ve had a soft spot for the Colts ever since 2006, when they prevented a nightmare by defeating the hated Chicago Bears in the Super Bowl.

  4. laserw doesn’t like Griffin because his career stats are still better than Luck’s. Griffin wad nearly perfect last game and his crappy teammates lost the game. Luck laid another stinker and his DST saved the day yet again….against a team that lost to the Jags.

  5. Luck’s QB rating is 3.2 points higher than Griffin’s this year…yet Griffin’s is 14 points higher for their career. Nevermind the injury…Griffin is on a higher level…

  6. Hey, taintedidiot….QB ratings are for losers.
    The difference between them is the little guy in Wash. doesn’t have the “it” factor….he is a loser.
    Skins will never ever win anything with him.

  7. “Stats are for losers” is a saying for idiots that don’t understand stats. It’s a team sport. There is no such thing as “it”. Can you articulate what it is? Oh…you can’t…it must not exist…team game.

  8. Andrew Luck is normally terrible to average. Thank goodness for him he plays in the worst division in football. Past and present.

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