Full text of Jonathan Martin’s statement

[Editor’s note:  Jonathan Martin has not spoken publicly since leaving the Dolphins on October 28.  The full text of a statement released by Martin on Friday appears below.]

Today’s meeting is consistent with my commitment to cooperate with the NFL’s investigation into my experience as a player on the Miami Dolphins.

Although I went into great detail with Mr. Ted Wells and his team, I do not intend to discuss this matter publicly at this time. I do, however, look forward to speaking directly with Stephen Ross, Tom Garfinkel, and the Dolphins organization at the appropriate time. This is the right way to handle the matter.

Beyond that, I look forward to working through the process and resuming my career in the National Football League.

13 responses to “Full text of Jonathan Martin’s statement

  1. Sorry but “I look forward to working through the process and resuming my career in the National Football League.” Now who would want a tell all, snitch, tattle tale back in their locker room!? If I was the NFL I would also be worried about putting him back on the field too, Martin is a lawsuit risk! As the term goes Snitches get Stitches! This should have not gotten to this far and it should have been handled within the Dolphins compound! Since it has gotten to this point I hope that Incognito isn’t the only one that has to take the fall on this; management should too!

  2. The decisions the NFL makes are business decisions, nothing more nothing less.

    It’s all about the bottom line, not what is right.

  3. The NFL’s biggest problem is that it went to the press instead of the Phins handling it in house. This speaks loudly about the ownership, coaches and management of a professional franchise who are still unable to create an environment that a player coming into the NFL would expect to see. It is obvious that no one is in charge and the coaches are leaning on players to ” toughen up” other players when it should be the coach’s resposibility to manage the team in a professional manner.
    The Raiders and the Cowboys, as much as I hate those two franchises, always knew who was in charge. Other teams have a strong hierarchy that creates a mystique of pride and ability to win. It is a sad day that old Dolphin fans such as myself have to see a much admired franchise deteriorate to such disarray.

  4. Well said Rod? What, you don’t have your own opinions, so you listen to this ill-advised, so-called “fan?” First of all, Incognito is going to say anything to divert some of this spotlight off of him, and his track record speaks for itself. So you explain to me what the organization was to do about this when no one except baby boy knew there was a problem. People are so desperate to hate on everything Dolphins (especially some “fans” like this Rod guy) that they will actually pretend to believe that everyone in an NFL locker room has not been hazed, or faces the ridicule of overpaid children every single day. What, do Philbin and Ireland shower with these guys? Do they hang out together? No and no. Pull your head out of your a** and use common sense. Baby boy felt picked on, mostly because he probably was, because he is absolutely horrible at his job, and as soon as Bryant McKinnie is acquired, he runs crying for California. This guy is a turd, just like you Rod. Real Dolphin fans don’t want you around. I’m being way too long-winded anyway for a guy who is espousing the virtues of freakin Al Davis?!? A guy who only won because his team out clotheslined and out speared everyone else, and Dallas? Freaking Dallas? Are you kidding me? Jerry Jones? Dude you are lost, and you are absolutely not a Dolphin fan. Your card has been pulled…

  5. A Dolphin fan cares about the stories that come out to tear down the franchise that we love and grew up with. It is obvious that dolphinatic13 is not the fan he claims to be if these stories of discord and combatancy within the team do not hurt him as a lifetime fan. I am not a fan of the Raiders or the Cowboys or the Jets for that matter, I am a fan of Miami Dolphin pride that stretches back to Don Shula and Joe Robbie when a team did not ask for state dollars to build a stadium but built it because they believed in the strength of Dolphin Football and the fact that they would always represent themselves in a proud and powerful manner. Our coaches would Never ask a player to coach up another when we had coaches who could do the job. Nobody pulls my Dolphin card u ntil the Dolphins cease to resemble the Miami Dolphins I grew up loving to watch and respect as the league did. You fanatic13 have no idea what it was like then and will be again once an owner steps up and represents the aqua and orange.

  6. rodh32340: sissy boy Martin took it public, had it not been for that, it may well have indeed stayed in house, or maybe not, we might never know but what we do know is that the media, in every chance they get to blow, which they do very well, the local beaters being the worst…having said that how does this kid coming out of Stanford he is supposed to be smart or smarter than your average bear, what does he think? somehow he will continue to be cuddled? he’s proven he cannot play at the pro level, and/or the coaching staff in Miami needs a lot of work to do on their so-called coaching, Sherman the OC has to go, he sucks plain and simple, Philbin? not so sure but leaning on him going too simply because he let this crap get out of hand and he is the HC and whether or not he had direct knowledge of issue he is ultimately responsible and has to held accountable. That’s it go leave get bye bye!

  7. Justalonewolf, I totally agree with most of your assumptions, if Martin can’t play pro ball then it lands on g.m. And scouting…Philbin is way too blase’ to be a HC. Parcells picked their pockets when he realized how green ownership was and then he ran leaving nothing behind that Jerry Jones wanted to keep. Dolphins are left holding the bag with nothing to show for a decade of re-stabilizing themselves. Shula should have been made President or they could have left Jimmy Johnson do his thing…instead we got Wannstedt and Feidler and have spun our wheels ever since. Its frustrating as hell to be a Dolphin fan.

  8. Just like I said rod, and obviously you weren’t reading when I wrote I never saw undefeated. You espousing Robbie and Shula shows you probably did. What I did see is 17 years of the goat qb who didn’t get to hoist a sb trophy. So don’t you try and tell me about being a Dolphins fan. Oh, and by the way smart guy, it’s in the NFL by laws that a portion of any stadium improvement must come by public funding, there are 32 teams and 50 states, some of which have multiple teams, and every state wants at least one, you do the math. As far as what other people say about my team, who the hell cares. If this wasn’t the social media age, nothing would be made of this story anyway. And the simple fact that you would let all of this baby nonsense bother you is laughable. I don’t need other people to be the barometer of my thoughts about my own team that I watch every time they play. Be ashamed by yourself, but stuff like this nonsense definitely brings the fake fans to the front. I’ve never gotten to see my beloved Phins dominate anything, so shut it and deal with your card being pulled. Just another fake Dolphin fan, of which I’ve seen a few…

  9. Dolphinatic13’…maybe if you had seen the Fins at their best you would come off of that twig you’re hanging out there on. This “baby” thing as you call it, is nothing but a window into all of the problems that this franchise has had since the team was sold. These so-called fake fans as you call us are the lifeblood and the heredity of the solid fanbase that has existed since 1967, sure we get upset by some of this stuff coming out because in prior years, you’d never had heard any of it due to proper team management and solidarity that is sorely missed in today’s Dolphins. You are entitled to your own thoughts as much as I am, but neither of us are in the position to save this team…we’re only using the social media to reach someone with brains enough to know how to do it.

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