Harbaugh says Crabtree won’t be activated for Saints game


Like many of his peers, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh likes to keep his cards pressed tightly to his ubiquitous black long sleeve T-shirt-sweatshirt hybrid.

When it comes to whether receiver Michael Crabtree will make his 2013 debut on Sunday against the Saints, Harbaugh was uncharacteristically chatty.

“It doesn’t look probable, no,” Harbaugh told reporters on Friday.

To say the Niners need Crabtree would be an understatement along the lines of saying Harbaugh needs to expand his wardrobe.  The passing game has sputtered this year, with Colin Kaepernick averaging 157 yards passing per game since hanging an unexpected 412 on the Packers (who were expecting that many rushing yards) in Week One.

Crabtree tore an Achilles tendon during offseason workouts.  He returned to practice on November 7, which means the 49ers have until November 28 to add him to the active roster or shut him down for the rest of the season.

“[H]e had a week of running routes, of sprinting, pushing the sled, lifting, training and catching,” Harbaugh said regarding Crabtree’s practices in recent days.  “He wasn’t part of the team workout, but controlled would be the best way to say it.”

After traveling to New Orleans, the 49ers visit Washington for a Monday night game, then host St. Louis and Seattle.

16 responses to “Harbaugh says Crabtree won’t be activated for Saints game

  1. Harvin has been out the better part of two NFL seasons. He also suffers from chronic migraine headaches, so no…I wouldn’t say the Seahawks “beat” the Niners on that deal. Crabtree returning from a torn Achilles tendon in ~ 6 months is an incredible time frame. Nice try though!

  2. 9-1 > 6-3…

    Which team did better without their #1 option at WR?

    Even without Harvin Seattle would be better than frisco with Crabs. Harvin is a luxury. Lynch, Wilson, a healthy O line, and an elite defense are more than enough to get homefield advantage and a trip the the SB. Harvin is the chess piece that wins the Hawks the Lombardi though. You guys see it coming, don’t you? You’ll see it first hand when you get mopped up on Dec. 8.

  3. another former Packer with an injury. Note to 31 nfl teams, don’t trade or pick up former packers, they are all injury prone. Bishop to Vikes, one play, out for season. Zombo, not sure if he ever made it through pre season.

    Teddy boy has a penchant for drafting late round picks other teams passed on due to being injury prone, or smallish div II players, or slow of foot, third round forgotten Div I players.

    That is why they have all the injuries, they also have all the bums.

  4. I hate to admit it but I think I am actually starting to root for the seahawks as they try to win something of significance… maybe then their immature/asinine fans will start acting like they have won something. Hats off to Seahawk fans who are enjoying their teams current success in a classy way…good luck to you.

  5. @assuredmutualdestruction….. Harvin is Seattle’s #1 option? He hasn’t played a snap of Seahawks football! I’m sure most Seattle fans do not agree with you. He’ll be a great addition when healthy, but you disrespect your own team when you call him your #1. Positions are earned in football.

    As for December 8…… Seattle currently has the better record and confidence in your team is justified. I happen to believe SF will come out victorious at home. They (as well as Seattle) are getting healthy at just the right time. That game should be a fun watch. Can’t wait.

  6. They need him but its to early. Judging by how long he held out on rookie signing he’s gonna want to be a ten million dollar a year guy and I don’t think they will pay so even though we need him we should get used to being without him

  7. Pacific, Niner defense will slow Bree’s down to a reasonable 20 points at home(nobody stops Bree’s). The question is can Roman dial up a passing attack that gets the Saints out of 8/9 men in the box.

    Niners 21, Saints 20

  8. Oh I’m sorry, what have the Seahawks won that has any significance in the last couple years? That’s right…NOTHING!!!

    Begging, and Whining, and starving for attention…everywhere you look Seahawks fans are yelling like little brothers that they are to look at them, praise them, give them their due!

    Even ‘whiner’ haha seahawks fans call nfl xm radio shows DAILY begging for attention LOL.

    Win something that matters and you’ll get it you ‘whiners!’ Until then all you have to hold on to are your victories over the 49ers – Losers.

  9. stanleybucasas: you sound terrified of Seattle. They’re not that great. Don’t worry.

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