Harvin is expected to simply knock the rust off

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By listing receiver Percy Harvin as probable for Sunday’s game against the Vikings, the Seahawks technically are declaring that Harvin will be available for normal duty.

But since Harvin has never reported for duty with the Seahawks, it’s hard to tell what normal duty will be.

Regardless, a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that the current plan is to play Harvin sparingly, with the goal of knocking the rust off.  The Seahawks have a bye in Week 12 before a crucial showdown with the Saints to cap Week 13.

Harvin had surgery after a training-camp physical revealed a torn labrum in his hip.  The Vikings traded Harvin to the Seahawks in March.

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  1. lol harvin is one of my fav players and ive been dying to start him…gonna have to wait another 2 wks (if my team can survive til then).

  2. I would probably guess about 8-10 snaps, targeting him 3-4 times during the game. The plays will probably occur in the 3rd quarter.

  3. I hope the Hawks are not looking at the Vikings as a preseason game. It sure sounds like it. We need to go into the bye week at 10-1 before we face the Saints and 49ers.


  4. I hope they use him a little more than just “sparingly.” The coaches and his teammates need to get used to working with him and calling plays for him in a real game. They can’t get that used to him in just a few plays against Minnesota and it would be outstanding to have him ready to go when New Orleans comes to town.

  5. Anyone who considers themselves a football person should realize there is no way a player can come in and pick up where they left off. Common sense will tell you he will play very sparingly. As each game goes on he will play more and more, but for now look for Harvin to play very little, a play here and a play there.

  6. Through the first month of last year, before he got hurt, Harvin looked like he was off to a league MVP start. Nobody was having a better season. He was making big plays all over the place. Whether he can ever regain that form remains to be seen.

  7. Harvin’s history does not support “knocking the rust off,” it’ll be more 2-3 weeks of figuring out what’s happening on the field.

  8. Lets face it he is playing in this game because its the Vikes. He may or may not be 100%, but there is no way this selfish diva was not playing in this game.

  9. As a vikes fan I want to see this guy succeed, he is such a versatile player and im sure he’ll adds whole new element to Seattle. Just don’t torch the vikes too bad Percy!

  10. Why in the world should carrol tell Minnesota the truth about his true intentions for Harvin…just like coughlan with brown last week…this has smoke screen written all over it…Harvin will be utilized heavily…he’s been practicing fully for three weeks…so just like Gronk and brown in their first games back, Harvin will produce big numbers…6-10 snaps only…are you serious?

  11. Half of you have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m a Viking and these “injuries” in the past you speak of, aka – migraines! Does not mean he’s injury prone. Percy is and will someday win the MVP award. When we shut him down last year in week 8 he led the NFL in total yards. He returned kicks, lined up in the slot, he lined up outside, and we lined him up in the backfield. Just get the ball in his hands and he will make something special happen. It KILLED me to lose Percy’s talent, it’s just as special as AP’s. The Vikings had a “Percy” play book, hopefully for Seattle fans they do too. Skol Vikings!

  12. jshawaii22 says:Nov 16, 2013 1:29 AM

    I hope the Hawks are not looking at the Vikings as a preseason game. It sure sounds like it. We need to go into the bye week at 10-1 before we face the Saints and 49ers.

    The fans see it as a bye week…if Ponder can’t withstand that initial wave of noise and defense over the first few possessions, it will be a bye week.

  13. Pretty sad that most Viking fans have so much hate for this guy. He gave everything he had for your pathetic team and was a great player for you guys. You can hate the Seahawks for taking him from your team, but to hate on him is pretty pathetic. I hope he has a great rest of the season just to spite you ungrateful, petty “fans.”

  14. Yeah, they will limit his touches just like the Giants did with Andre Brown. If Harvin is healthy enough to lay a whip-en down on his former team he will. Smoke screen people, smoke screen.

  15. Percy is great on the field, and its great he smokes weed, but he is a backstabbing mofo for turning his back on AP

  16. Harving is going to play without question. The sad thing though is I listened to Pete Carroll Friday presser.

    Sounds like Brandon Browner is going to IR when they active Okung on game day. That groin injury is going to take time to heal. Hopefully I read into it wrong but that sounded like the picture he painted.

  17. @thebirdofprey2

    It sucks to lose Browner, but the coaches have full confidence in Thurmond and Maxwell. Even Lane could use some playing time. Hawks are loaded with talent behind Browner. Browner has been getting beat on back shoulder throws downfield anyway…Thurmond will be knocking those away.

  18. We will STACK the box and shut Peterson down.

    We will DARE Ponder to try and beat us through the air with our SUPER secondary.

    GO HAWKS!!!

  19. Ease him into the system…then work him a bit harder on the bye week and the following week leading up to New Orleans.

    ‘Frisco will be a great place to see him truly unload and become a productive cog in the offensive wheel. Beating ‘Frisco at home will be sweet!

  20. Seahawks are overrated and the a Vikings have talent. Look for a good game and and expect an upset.

  21. Viking fan here who lives close to the Seachickens. Only hope for a Viking win today is if 28 runs wild. If Chickens get ahead early that will be out of play. Not a lot of hope here but I’ll watch, Skol Vikings!

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