Saturday one-liners

Sunday is the 45th anniversary of the day on which all Jets fans forever removed “Heidi” from the list of potential names for baby girls.  (It’s still an option for baby boys who look like John Madden.)

Bills P Brian Moorman says he checks “about 60 times a day” in anticipation of open-air games.

Attorneys for Patriots fans accused of instigating a fight with a Jets fan have found a new video that they claim supports the argument of self defense.

The Dolphins suddenly can’t stop the run.

The Bengals could be contending with not only Cleveland but also winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour.

The Ravens are preparing for nasty weather at Soldier Field, too, where the field is always nasty even when it’s sunny.

QB Ben Roethlisberger belongs to the Steelers, but Lions CB Rashaen Mathis owns him.

QB Jason Campbell’s path to the Browns began with an injury against the Browns in 2011.

Jacksonville mayor Alvin Brown and Jaguars owner Shahid Khan opened a new veterans’ service center inside City Hall.

Said a Titans radio announcer on Thursday night of the Colts’ 2009 first-round draft pick:  “Against everybody else, he’s Donald Brown. Against the Titans, he’s Jim Brown.”

Texans P Shane Lechler (flu) was released from the hospital on Friday.

Maybe Colts LB Erik Walden should want to be suspended for the next two games, in order to avoid a rematch with Titans TE Delanie Walker; “I whupped on him the whole game and I’m going to whup on him again in two weeks,” Walker said. “We are not cool.”

Upgraded cell service at Mile High Stadium will be unveiled for Sunday night’s game between the Chiefs and Broncos.

A Chiefs fan swapped a $2,8000 wedding ring set for four tickets to the November 24 game against the Chargers and two tickets to the December 1 game against the Broncos.

The possible ascension of Raiders QB Matt McGloin to starter has an intriguing Pennsylvania subplot.

Chargers linebackers Donald Butler and Manti Te’o finally are getting a chance to play together.

Redskins rookie WR Nick Williams didn’t instantly realize the significance of fielding punts in practice, given PR Chris Thompson’s move to IR; “In retrospect, I probably should have been a little more nervous than I was,” Williams said.

Cowboys WR Dez Bryant bought five PS4 consoles for folks waiting in line to get them.

The Best Man Holiday, a movie released on Friday, shows characters at a Giants game — but the scene was filmed at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

It’s been 412 days since the Eagles won a home game.

Lions DT Nick Fairley revels in his emerging reputation for dirty play; “You got to take pride in it,” Fairley said. “It’s down and dirty in the trenches. We know that. When you put your hand down in the dirt, you just got to pin your ears back and go.”

The Packers lead the league in not dropping passes.

DT Kevin Williams wants to retire as a Viking.

Bears receivers coach Mike Groh is starting to get credit for the performance of Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey.

The Panthers defensive backs don’t think they’re getting enough respect.

Get to know Buccaneers RB Bobby Rainey, before he joins Doug Martin and Mike James on injured reserve.

The Falcons have issued the perfunctory non-statement statement regarding the recent arrest of RB Jason Snelling.

The Saints will be facing plenty of mobile quarterbacks, starting Sunday.

The Seahawks are enjoying a 26-day stretch at home.

A playoff run for the Cardinals could help people forget that QB Carson Palmer has a career record of 59-71.

49ers RB Marcus Lattimore says he has learned more about football in the last four months than in the last 18 years.

Rams QB Kellen Clemens went nearly four years between victories as a starter.

8 responses to “Saturday one-liners

  1. Shouldn’t the Snelling arrest reset the “Days Without an Arrest” ? Also what’s the longest it has been this season in number of days without an arrest?

  2. That’s the first video I’ve seen on the incident during the Jets/Pats game. The original article indicated it was a brawl in the stands where a couple of women pushed some man down on the ground and were kicking him in the head. I said then there was no excuse for a man to punch a woman but that women shouldn’t be brawling in stadiums either. These days you see all kinds of behavior from both genders.

    But this just shows some Neanderthal nut going berserk and punching a woman half his size! His lawyer says off-setting penalties? Not from what you see here.

  3. Glad you got to see the video Deb, that’s why I was sticking to my guns on that one. We’ll never know the whole story, and the whole thing will prob get dismissed anyway, but I couldn’t condone what I saw. The fact that a lot of people could rubbed me the wrong way. Tide should roll tonite.

  4. Thanks, ted. Many times I comment based on just what’s presented here without clicking other links or checking additional info. It’s just a time issue. If it’s about my team, I’ll spend more time fact-checking. Otherwise, these days I just zoom through. Have good friends who went to Miss. St., but can’t cut them any slack today 🙂

  5. Dez will be broke when his NFL career is over. If you want to keep your money, you can’t spend it on random strangers mang.

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