Signs point toward Talib playing


As the Patriots prepare to travel to Charlotte for a Monday night game in which they’re actually underdogs, the road team could have back at their disposal cornerback Aqib Talib.

Per a league source, current indications are that Talib will be able to play.

Talib strained a hip flexor nearly five weeks ago, missing three games since then.  He was limited in practice on Thursday and Friday.

Prediction?  He’ll be limited against on Saturday, he’ll officially be listed as “questionable,” and the next bit of news will come on Sunday, when he does — or doesn’t — make the trip to Carolina.

The Pats definitely could use Talib against receiver Steve Smith, who has explained to us the challenge of facing his old Tampa nemesis.

“I expect a very physical game,” Smith said. “He’s long and lanky. He’s a guy who’s physical, who likes to play press coverage. You’ve got to be patient understanding the press. I expect him to play, we’ve had a long battle in Tampa Bay, I wouldn’t expect anything less from a guy like that he’s highly competitive and he wants to win just like I do.”

For the short version of the Smith interview, during which he says he’s surprised to hear the Panthers are favored to win the game, click the box below.  For the full interview from Friday’s PFT Live, click the box in the right rail.

14 responses to “Signs point toward Talib playing

  1. Even fully loaded the Patriots would struggle against this D. Hoping that there are some individual matchups that Brady and Company can exploit.

  2. Great game to make a large wager on the Pats. Belichick is 9-1 since 2003 when coming off a bye week. Healthier receiving options, more time for Brady to practice with rookies, extra time for Belichick to game plan… All adds up to a big Pats win on Monday night.

  3. Let’s make sure Talib is 100% ready to go before he sees game action again…the last possible thing we need is him going down again with a season-ending hip injury

  4. @ Dr Rusty old Act.

    make sure you’re back here next week chompin your heaping serving of Crow.

    Talib playing means whomever we want taken out of the game is taken out-not Aaron Hernandez style.

    Cam has middling weapons and 3 middling RB’s.
    He’ll need to run for 90 + to stay in this game

  5. doctorrustbelt says:

    All signs point to the low character patriots getting DESTROYED on national television.

    Only in the fantasyland you live in.

    Of course in your eyes a 1 point win over the Pats = “destroyed” so your opinion is valueless anyway.

  6. “All signs point to the low character patriots getting DESTROYED on national television.”

    How’s your Bengals treating you this week pal? Dalton’s showing everybody who he really is, a mediocre at best game manager that will never lead Cincy to anything other then a one and done playoff appearance. And without Atkins and Hall your defense is not that special anymore.

    Enjoy being swept by the Browns this week!

    As for Talib I’d say that he’s had more then enough time to rest. About five weeks to be exact. He’s been practicing for the past three weeks now so I’d say he’s as ready as he’ll ever be, which is great news for the Patriots defense.

  7. Hey guys, Schiano got rid of Talib away because he wasn’t, you know, a Schiano Man. Also gave away Blount basically for free. He made the right choices, I mean yeah our rookie CB got ate up by Brady and we’re down to our 4th and 5th RBs, but we got a 4th rounder out of it (well a late 4th rounder).

  8. .

    ”talib was traded because he wasn’t a Schiano guy ”

    So, they sent him to the Bill Belichick coached Patriots who is :……. survey says….. a Schiano guy.

    Try this theory. Talib was a guy who needed a change of scenery. The Bucs did him a favor by trading him after several off field incidents. At the time of the trade there were no objections.


  9. Smith vs Talib was always good theater. Looking forward to more of it tonight.

    It should be a great game. I still sense it’s going to end up a track meet.

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