Some Texans speak out in support of Kubiak

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As the Texans try to end the longest losing streak in franchise history, some Texans players have begun to publicly support a head coach who could be out of a job once the season ends.

We want [Gary Kubiak] here,” tight end Garrett Graham said, via SportsRadio 610 in Houston.  “He’s a great coach. We want him to stay here so obviously we have to win ball games to help him out and not have that happen.”

“I think we can still turn this around and change opinions,” linebacker Brooks Reed said.  “I love Gary Kubiak and what he does as a coach and as a person.  I would hate to see him go.”

Kubiak’s recent health scare could get him some extra consideration with owner Bob McNair, but that situation could be long forgotten come December 30, the Monday after the end of the regular season.

“The nature of our business, if you don’t perform and you’re not successful, you don’t win — there’s a chance you will be out of the business,” offensive lineman Wade Smith said.  “This business is not kind on those that don’t perform well.”

With Kubiak entering the final year of his contract in 2014 (he opted not to sign through 2015 when he inked his most recent extension), McNair will have to decide whether to fire Kubiak, give him a new contract, or let him coach out his lame-duck year.

One possibility would be a Band-Aid extension that puts Kubiak under contract through 2015.

The broader question is whether McNair would clean house, firing Kubiak and G.M. Rick Smith, or simply hire a new head coach.  After a 2-14 season in 2005, McNair promptly fired coach Dom Capers.  After the 2006 draft, G.M. Charley Casserly resigned amid rumors that it wasn’t voluntary.

The final decision could depend on what happens over the next seven weeks.  Based on what has happened in the last seven games, however, it’s not looking good.

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  1. You have to admire the loyalty but the fact remains, the Texans are not playing good football and that’s on the coach. Add to that the team tanked at the end of last year’s regular season and coaching comes into question. Bottom line, this team is not ready to play every week! I like Kubiak but his teams aren’t performing and his personnel decisions are questionable (i.e. Bullock).

  2. I say they should clean house and then trade the players that love Kubiak to the new team that he ends up as a coach with. They need a new GM first and foremost, and that GM should pick a new Head Coach and rebuild this team for something much better.

  3. I agree with thestrategyexpert that McNair should clean house. However, I think what’s going to happen is Kubiak will either be fired or step down and Smith, the GM will keep his job, unfortunately. Smith’s deal is through 2016, so McNair won’t want to pay a guy that’s just sitting around. Smith should be fired also, more than Kubiak for, quite frankly assembling a not so talented team, and botching the Schaub and Foster contracts. Gave too much money to both people; 1 who won’t be here after June 1 and Foster, who probably will continue to be injury prone the rest of his career. Should’ve given that money to the Offensive Line(Winston and Briesel). There needs to be a “new” philosophy of Offense with the Texans.

  4. Apparently, that one game under Wade Philips has made the players realize that they are better off with Kubiak as their coach.

  5. I’m kinda interested to see what Rick Smith can do without Kubiak there controlling all of the personnel moves and choices. I think he’s realizing that players like Reed, Montgomery, even keeping Schaub in there as long as he did – that he might need to go a different direction.

  6. Kubiak is a big reason why they are failing. They stuck with the turnover machine Schaub for too long, and it set an NFL record for most consecutive games with a pick 6 (including that inexcusible one to Sherman). He also handcuffs his QB by refusing to allow audibles.

  7. Supposedly they have many schemes that they could run defensively but they only choose like 3 a game to play and don’t change it up at all. By the time the 2nd half comes they wise up and pick apart the schemes they won’t deviate from. You seriously got to be a lot less stubborn if you want to win these games. They REFUSE to make 2nd half adjustments. That is on coaching.

  8. Wait. Is this the guy who shipped away pro bowl players Mario Williams and Demeco Ryans? Both of these guys are playing lights out for new teams. There have been quite a few more decent players that he let walk away too. The franchise is a disaster. Losing good players year in and year out is no way to run a franchise.

  9. The Texans are going to win more games this season they have 2 games left against the Jaguars. Still, Kubiak will be fired just because people in Houston are tired of him. Good Head Coaches don’t fall out of the sky and neither do franchise QB’s.

  10. The quarterback position HAS BEEN their problem for years. I am not a Matt Schaub fan obviously. He was not the reason that the Texans made the playoffs the last couple of years. If they fire the coach they had better select a qb in the draft as well.

  11. The Kubiak experiment is working just fine. The stadium is full on game day, beer, parking, jerseys, and foam fingers are still selling like hot cakes.

    What else could Bob McNair want? He obviously doesn’t care about winning or Kubiak (and his .500 record) would have been gone years ago

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