Terrelle Pryor out, Matt McGloin to start for Raiders


Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor will miss Sunday’s game against the Texans.

The Raiders have officially announced that undrafted rookie Matt McGloin will start on Sunday.

Pryor suffered a knee injury last week and was hobbling in practice this week. So the news that McGloin gets the start is not surprising.

McGloin has played in just one game this season, the Week Nine blowout loss to the Eagles. He completed seven of 15 passes for 87 yards.

35 responses to “Terrelle Pryor out, Matt McGloin to start for Raiders

  1. Can’t front, I wanted to see what mcgloin could do… I have a strange feeling that this dude is gonna do something incredible out there, but we shall see…

    One Nation….

  2. Pryor has been stinking it up of late hes had a 4 game stretch that was the worst in NFL history (yes even worse then Russell).

    The McGloin era has begun.

  3. Hell ya! My prediction: McGloin runs the table the rest of the season for a play-off birth capped by a week 17 victory ovrer the donks. Book it!!

    (I can dream can’t I?)

  4. This is what you get with a running QB, and why you should have a solid backup plan (not some undrafted after thought). Pryor is a QB that will wing it a few games and win some, but he will never be a consistent. Running QBs do not win you championships when they have to sit out 3-6 games a year. Look no further than Michael Vick to prove this point. Raiders should have developed Flynn, but they could’nt wait to look for the next thing rather than give that dude a chance.

  5. He’ll yeah! That made this Sunday a whole lot more interesting. I can’t wait to see what this kids got.

  6. As a Raider fan I will not speak ill of Pryor, he may be the reason the Raiders aren’t 0-9, but he is also the reason they aren’t 5-4. I have been a bit dismayed by the regression of late, but on the other hand he is only 9 games into his career. However, I am also intrigued by McGloin. The kid is an athlete. In high school he scored 1300 points in hoops and was 7-0 as a pitcher and hit .400. I realize that means nothing about being an NFL quarterback, but he was a late-comer to the Raiders and gave them enough confidence to jettison Flynn while leapfrogging a fourth rounder. So somebody thinks he has something. If you picked quarterbacks solely on preseason stats, he would have been the starter at the beginning of the year. My main worry is the OL won’t give him a chance to be his best.

  7. I was getting worried about losing the same way every Sunday, at least now I can be entertained in a different way. I’m not delusional like many of my fellow fans…

    Lets see dropped another 300 bucks on direct tv, went to see the game (a flight year B4 last to MIA/8 hour drive from SD this year) both losses and going to the Charger game when we play’em….

    I guess I just can’t enough of how we play. Maybe I should just donate my NFL monies to UNICEF?

  8. Who cares the season is over. they are going to draft a real QB anyway next spring. it’s next year that counts for the Raiders when the 60 mil of dead cap money comes off the books. then you can judge Reggie McKenzie and Dennis Allen who are now operating short handed.

  9. Here we go again. Keep trading and drafting QBs all you want but you keep getting the same results … why?
    It’s the coaches PERIOD!
    How is Palmer doing in the desert? No running game … terrible OL and plays in a tougher division and the Cards 5-4.

  10. with the worst O-line in the NFL McGloin is going to be running for his life all game. look for the texans to make a run at the sack record on sunday.

  11. bigbenownsthenfl says: Nov 16, 2013 4:47 PM

    I am still staring at my tv trying to figure out how the steelers lost to pryor! Hes like the worst QB in the league. He will be outta the nfl in a year!


    Shouldn’t be a shocker, They lost to Tebow too.

  12. I look at my Chiefs roster of QB’s and shake my head, and them I look at what the fade trots out there every week…

    There’s nothing to even build anything around.


  13. Can people give Terrelle a break? He has not been behind a healthy O-Line ALL YEAR and the receivers are inconsistent. Yes, he has had his share of mistakes but seriously the guy has only played barely a half a season in his career. The line is part of the reason he always rolls right because I think him always getting hit is getting into his head. If I was him, I would be paranoid too, wouldn’t you?Yet, he has not said one bad thing about the offensive line despite how bad they have been. Also, lets not act like the receivers have been catching the ball because the have had stone hands and have not been able to get open all year. Terrelle has given us hope in what was supposed to be a rebuilding year. Lets just be thankful Flynn was not our starting QB. We are still 2 games out of the wild card and we play the jets in a few weeks, so the season is not lost. Whether we win or not, Raider Nation for LIFE.

  14. I don’t like Pryor but the guy hasn’t had a full strength oline at any point this season. He gives 100% so I won’t rag on him. With the oline just about ready to full strength it’s a good time to let mcgloin play. In the end it won’t matter considering with their first pick in the 2014 draft the Raiders take Johnny Football. Second third and fourth picks are whatever Stanford lineman are available.

  15. nooooooooooo
    manziel is not the right fit for this team, he is exciting, but not the right fit for this squad, give me bridgewater, or the qb from georgia

  16. Pryor has all the confidence in the world, but unfortunately it does not back up his pocket passing skills. Quick feet, and he is not accurate. His inability to roll left and make plays is known by every team in the league. He can practice all he wants, but he is not a natural passer in the pocket, I have said this all along and have never sang his praise or song.

    The O-line is a mess, McGloin will be average at best, but he is a baller and hard to bet against. I hope the O-line steps up and gives him some protection. I doubt it, it will be blitz, blitz, blitz.

    I want McGloin to succeed, because Pryor is not the answer, but the Raiders offense has major problems to let anyone succeed.

    Good luck Matt.

  17. Pryor has been stinking it up of late hes had a 4 game stretch that was the worst in NFL history (yes even worse then Russell).

    The McGloin era has begun.


    If this is a factual statement, atleast Russell had a decent Oline, or i should say a better line than we have now.

    Imagine if Pryor wasnt running for his life every other play and mcfadden actually had some push (when hes healthy) on the line, Wed have a top 15 offense and defense..

    Our defense is hovering around top 10 as is.. Without Branch and Burris

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