After two picks, Christian Ponder relieved by Matt Cassel


The Vikings began the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game at Seattle in a precarious spot. Trailing 24-13, they probably needed to play at the top of their capabilities to have any real upset chance against the NFC West-leading Seahawks.

Well, that didn’t happen. Quarterback Christian Ponder, who’s struggled with turnovers all season, threw a pair of early fourth-quarter interceptions, which allowed Seattle to break the game open.

The first pick, by linebacker Bobby Wagner, set up a six-yard Marshawn Lynch TD catch with 13:22 left. Less than one game minute later, Ponder was picked again, with cornerback Walter Thurmond taking it back for a score. Suddenly, Seattle had a 25-point lead.

After that interception, Ponder was pulled in favor of Matt Cassel. Cassel would fare no better early on; he was intercepted by defensive lineman Clinton McDonald on his third play from scrimmage. This set up a field goal, giving Seattle a 41-13 lead with 10:14 left.

Yes, it got out of hand that quickly.

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  1. Flip flopping quarterbacks so much makes the coaching staff look like they don’t know what they’re doing more than the quarterback.

  2. Without a couple drive aiding penalties the Vikings would never have scored .. Easy easy win against a pathetic team. Beat the teams your supposed to. Good job Seahawks .

  3. Please trade Ponder, or just plain release him. He is no good, and if the coaches can’t see that by now, then they all need to be fired. Let Cassel and Freeman battle for the backup QB position next year, and draft a Franchise QB with the first pick.

  4. Kinda feel bad for AP. Arguably the best running back in the game and he’s stuck wasting his career playing for a horribly pathetic organization. He deserves better.

  5. No matter who their QB is, they’re bad. The Vikings will be horrible forever. Should have bolted for LA.

  6. Percy Harvin didn’t run wild in his first game back but he sure had an impact. Russell Wilson is playing football at such a high level and Beastmode need to start getting MVP talk because this team is 10-1 going into the Bye week top of the NFC.

  7. Don’t know why ponder still playing he inconsistent he Kant read defense n make panic throws… Let freeman play n get our 2million worth just saying

  8. Wait a minute, in the Spring, all we heard is that Ponder only needed a few weapons and with the signing of Jennings and the other 1st rounder, Ponder would lead the Vikings to the NFC title this year.

    Ponder should be cut and the Vikings need to move on. As for Jennings, he signed for the money and hopefully nothing else because at 2-8, there is nothing else.

  9. I see worthless and classless Packer fans taking solace in the fact their team lost to a 3 win team while the Vikings were beat by a favorite to win the Super bowl.

    Classy and worthy. NOT

    Tolzien = Ponder

  10. sweetnlow44 says:
    Nov 17, 2013 7:41 PM
    Kinda feel bad for AP. Arguably the best running back in the game and he’s stuck wasting his career playing for a horribly pathetic organization. He deserves better.

    Arguably? You’re kidding yourself if you believe anyone is even in his class. I’ll agree the Vikings are wasting his career by not replacing Ponder. From now on we should draft a QB every year until one sticks. Teams can’t afford to give a guy 3 years like the Vikes gave Ponder.

  11. Take away the 4 turnovers in their own red zone by the QB’s, one returned for a TD and the other resulting in 13 points for Seattle, and the Vikings defense had them in the game 21-20. That’s why we’re 2-8. The defense plays good and the QB’s screw it up and or vice versa.

    Hey Packer fans, how’d your defense look today against New York? 5-5 and sinking fast huh, bummer. Well, at least you have $250 toilet paper to wipe your tears away with.

    Bye Christian!

  12. Not sure what sort of damage packer fans think they are doing coming on here taking shots at Vikings fans.

    The difference between Viking fans and packers fans right now is that Vikings fans know the Vikings are bad whereas packer fans swear the Super Bowl is still within reach of their golden immortal team. Put the kool aid down and stop being brainwashed packer fans. Your team is horrible.

    Once against the giants stomp the packers. No surprise there

  13. it was Cassels turn in the rotation anyway…

    Jk, but they are probably better off treating the 3 QB like a starting pitching rotation. these guys are known to not put up back to back good showings

  14. Flip flopping quarterbacks so much makes the coaching staff look like they don’t know what they’re doing more than the quarterback.

    that’s cause its true

    the really sad part is division leaders are only 6-4 and the Vikings or packers don’t have a chance in hell of catching them

  15. Mr. Wilf it has to be clear now that an influx at the QB position is needed to say the least. We as Viking fans are paying too much $$$$ to attend and watch such horrible play at QB, Ponder has shown he is not the answer!! The defense is playing their ass off trying to keep them in the game. Hell even the commentor said its time for Matt Cassel, I would say inactivate Ponder and put Freeman at backup at least to see what we have since he’s been studing so hard….to earn that 2 mil.
    If you would like I have group of friends that would love to coach the vikes for half price of the staff now in charge… a truely pissed and frustrated fan thinkimg of getting a burn barrel ready even after 35 yrs.

  16. You Vikings fans make me laugh, the Packers are 5-5 one game back and we’ll get Rodgers back by Thanksgiving, I know your starters might have a chance against are 2nd and 3rd string but lets face it the only thing you guys are is preseason champs and will never be anything more

  17. 2 weeks of solid Seahawks football and two wins that were never in doubt. I enjoy this so much better than 21 point comebacks.
    10-1 with the Saints coming to town on Monday night for NFC bragging rights. It doesn’t get much better than this. Go Hawks!!

  18. So why exactly did they pay Freeman all that money to come to town? (I understand he isn’t the answer at this point in time, but at some point you gotta make a move and stick with it)

  19. A QB makes a huge difference. That is why the Packers can be a decent team until Rodgers is hurt, and then promptly begin a losing streak. Take Rodgers out of the mix, and there ain’t a lot else there. To the tune of 0-3.

    The Vikings’ QB answer is not on the roster today. Sure, guys like Trent Dilfer, Eli Manning, and Joe Flacco have won Superbowls. But the better bet is to get a Rodgers, Brady, or Manning on your squad. The Vikings have to do that in the draft. Good news is that they will have a shot at one of the great four QBs coming out in this class.

  20. Packers fan here. To the moron who said he can throw farther than Ponder,

    I’m pretty sure you can’t. There’s a reason why he’s in the NFL.

  21. If you are a GM/Head Coach of an NFL team and you determine your starting QB needs to be upgraded, so you bring in another guy with “potential”. Why would you start the guy when he was no where near ready, then relegate him to the bench and go back to the moron that put your team in its current state of failure? Did Ponder play “well” against the Redskins? Yes, does that mean he’s suddenly your QB of the future? Absolutely not and the Seahawk game showed you why.

    Please GM/Head Coach, go back to Freeman, hang your hat and hope you lose the rest of the way and stop torturing your fan base by playing Ponder. Oh, and good job on losing we now have passed TB for the #2 pick!

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