Dolphins get to .500 by beating Chargers


In a game in which both teams aggressively pursued losing for long stretches, the Dolphins avoided it best.

The Dolphins beat the Chargers 20-16 to improve to 5-5, though there were few style points to be won for either side.

The temptation is to credit the Dolphins defense, though they were more timely than good. The Chargers gained 452 yards, and Ryan Mathews became the first back to top the 100-yard mark against them this year (going for 127). They were able to force the Chargers into too many field goals, and that was sufficient.

The Dolphins batted down the Chargers’ final pass into the end zone, with cornerback Brent Grimes doing the honors for a needed win.

Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill overcame an early interception to do just enough to allow his side to win, throwing for 268 yards and a touchdown.

The Chargers fell to 4-6 with the loss.

24 responses to “Dolphins get to .500 by beating Chargers

  1. Nice backhanded column, someone is bitter, what’s wrong, you were hoping they would lose again so you can continue to write terrible columns about how bad they are.

    Good win, played well for the most part, especially with a practice squad guard and backup center. Still questionable play calling by Sherman.

  2. Wallace remains stuck on one TD while Cotchery adds another (7) that 60m is paying off big time..Terrible clock management by the Chargers

  3. Even though RT was sacked 4 times in this game I seriously thought this game would be the end of his season with the hodgepodge of O Linemen they had out there. Good win.

  4. Crazy town Miami needed this one badly. Even if the team finishes with a bad record, a win was needed to wash some of the bad taste from the Martin fiasco. Needless to say, the fiasco will not end any time soon.

  5. I’ve been a fan of this site for years.
    It’s AMAZING how bad you try to hate on the Dolphins.
    It’s ok though. All the left handed comments and snide remarks don’t change the fact that we won, were in position to control our own destiny in the playoffs.
    Stop with the hate crimes.

  6. Look up “frustrating” in the dictionary and you’ll find “See also San Diego Chargers.”

  7. Big win if you are still wanting the team to make the playoffs as the sixth seed. Interesting that Dolphins have beaten both Bengals and Colts since they are the potential matchup if Miami does pull off the six seed. I am sure neither team will think they have easy opponent in Miami, unlike the media who wont give them a chance.

  8. @blackngold4life

    Give it a rest already! Your crappy Steelers won a game and you should be celebrating. Instead you are in a Dolphins story spewing the Wallace crap at over and over at week 11? Yeah, he sucks, OK so does our Offensive line, but we find ways to win. Believe it or not he is being a good “team player”. Why do you think other receivers are always open? It is almost like the $60M is coming out of your pocket. Jeez…

  9. Going to be an up and down few weeks following those Dolphins. There does seem to a good feeling on the sidelines even during the last edgy moments of games Tannehill always seems to have a smile on his face which for a leader is a great thing. He was furious with himself for not keeping the clock ticking when he ran OB which could have been costly. Tannehill is a gutsy performer still very raw and inconsistent as we all can see but I wouldn’t swap him for anybody, I think even the big 4 would find it unnerving behind our O lines pass protection.

  10. What a lousy report. How dare you say that the Dolphins were not playing well. I was at the game, amazed that this new version of our offensive line played so well. Our running game did well. Tannehill had time to throw. Our D shut down the 2nd rated passing offense by not allowing them to score multiple TD’s. Despite not selling out we were loud and proud all game and the team EARNED a victory by giving outstanding effort. Wish for this kind of effort every game. Now go report on your favorite team and try to be more even about reporting.

  11. Just glad Natron Means wasnt playing…why dont they put wallace on the left side for a game? Tanne is perfect throwing to hartline, give that side to wallace and let him loose!

  12. Clay is the dolphin of the year, what a surprise! Hope he keeps developing and mathews at that. I love our team! Def player of the year…Patterson just stay healthy boss.

  13. The Chargers are a bad team that can play well at times. I don’t expect much after the AJ era, it will take at least 3 drafts under this new GM to get this team back on track. (I’m making the assumption those will be good drafts).

  14. Hey SD, where’s the “will to win?” Punting from the Miami 37 late in the game and down by 4? Are you kidding me? Also, I think the Chargers need to be reminded that it’s called “tackle” football. Regardless, nice win for the Fish.

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