Enchanced quarterback protections could come in at least two ways

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The Associated Press recently reported that quarterbacks could get additional protections.  So what new protections could be applied?

Per a league source, there are at least two possibilities for future discussion by the Competition Committee.

First, quarterbacks could be protected against low hits even after they exit the pocket.  Currently, the ban on hits at or below the knee disappears when the quarterback abandons the pocket.

Second, quarterbacks in the pocket area could be protected during and after the handoff.  Currently, the pocket protections don’t apply until the quarterback assumes a passing posture.  The ban on high hits and low hits could extend to quarterbacks who are in the process of handing the ball off, and who have handed off.

These are simply possibilities that the Competition Committee could discuss.  Based on quarterback injury data, the Competition Committee could decide to make no changes.

Regardless, the league has a strong incentive to protect quarterbacks.  While the “next man up” concept works for most positions, the NFL doesn’t enjoy an abundance of high-quality quarterbacks. If more than a few suffer significant injuries, the quality of game play can quickly suffer.

22 responses to “Enchanced quarterback protections could come in at least two ways

  1. What does “enchanched” mean? I’ll answer that for you. It means nothing. You meant “enhanced,” which an experienced copy editor like me would’ve caught. Hire me.

  2. Wow, banning low hits on a QB out of the pocket. Talk about giving teams with running QB’s an unfair advantage.
    So, if the guy is running, you can’t touch him, except basically around the waist. Yeah, I see that working.
    Guess we are really going to the flag-football-league.
    Nothing like taking half the body away from a defender to tackle.

  3. Obviously, the quarterback should wear flags, and all rules of flag football should apply to quarterbacks, and only quarterbacks. Secondly, mandatory suspensions should be handed out to anyone who touches a quarterbacks. And that applies to to opponents, teammates, referees, coaches, fans, mascots, and reporters.

  4. SOLUTION #3: Require quarterbacks to wear pretty dresses, high heals, wigs, and get breast implants to make sure defense know that they are hitting women.

  5. If it becomes where QBs are protected to this level, then QBs need to banned from being the ball carrier. This is tackle football. If you wanna play QB, and don’t wanna get hit often, learn to get rid of the ball.

  6. Let’s just simplify the rules. No defensive player may contact a QB or a receiver, and turn the game into 5 on 5. Virtually no injuries of any kind. Think of all the payroll that would be saved. Why they might could hire some competent officials.

  7. I think the NFL needs a Committee Review Committee to review and suggest changes with other committees that need to make improvements. I would love to be on this committee so that I could critique the competition committee and whip them into shape. They suck at committeeing.

  8. They will eventually settle on giving QB’s the same protection as punters. If you don’t touch the ball it will be a penalty if you lay a hand on them..

  9. I have a novel idea.send less men out for better pass protection. also stop having the qb run the ball so much. there is a reason coaches never designed game plans around running qbs, they tend to get hurt. not rocket science
    I just wish the media would quit pressuring the nfl to girlie up the game. the players don’t want it, neither do the fans. just you and the media. if you don’t agree with me, take a poll

  10. Between all the TV timeouts and new rules football is becoming a lot harder to watch. Why can you hit a WR or RB low but not a QB? Ridicoulous.

  11. At a glance I first read this headline as “Enchanted quarterback protections.” And you know … that is more appropriate. Why doesn’t Good King Roger just kiss them all on the forehead and bestow them with magical powers?

    Whenever a pass rush comes toward them, they’ll swoop safely into the air. When defenders blitz from the blind side, they’ll *poof* disappear, leaving defenders grasping at emptiness. Then these enchanted quarterbacks can complete their plays unhindered, run scores into triple figures, and Fantasy players and casual viewers will live happily ever after. Ding Dong the Defense Is Dead.

    Where are the Flying Monkeys when you need them?

  12. Another attempt to turn pro football into college football. Here’s a thought, shut the NFL down and just play college ball. They hit harder in college anyway and the rules are more practical.

  13. Not sure what you would calk this new game but its not football. i have defended goodell in the past but now he has gotten to radical.

  14. Ok, ok, I see where this is going. A No contact zone will be established around a QB. QBs are no longer allowed to be touched at any time for any reason. Any contact of a QB will result in immediate ejection followed by a four game suspension!

  15. These rules are getting ridiculous. If these were to happen, I would put Adrian Peterson in a QB number and direct snap to him for every run. Can’t tackle a QB in the knees.

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