Investigation will focus in part on offensive line coach Jim Turner

As NFL independent investigator Ted Wells tries to sift through the allegations made by Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin and determine whether anyone crossed the line in dealing with him, it won’t simply be teammates whose conduct is scrutinized.

Apart from the lingering question of whether Dolphins coaches issued a proverbial “Code Red” is the question of whether coaches were actively involved in the harassment.  As we explained back on November 5, offensive line coach Jim Turner could become a focal point of the investigation.  According to Chris Mortensen of ESPN, Turner indeed will be.

Per Mortensen, Turner routinely uses “loud, insulting, and profane language” when interacting with players.  The question becomes whether Turner specifically targeted Martin for more pointed treatment than other players.

A former Marine, Turner was complimentary of Martin during 2012’s Hard Knocks, saying that Martin is very quiet — and that that’s a good thing.

Regardless, it’s clear that everyone’s potential conduct and behavior to Martin could be scrutinized, and that those specifically implicated by Martin during his seven-hour-plus meeting with Wells.

9 responses to “Investigation will focus in part on offensive line coach Jim Turner

  1. So sick and tired of all this Macho Man baloney from coaches and fans. Real Men do this and Real Men do that. A Real Man would deck a fellow player if he hassled him too much. Blah-blah-blah.

    Seriously? All you Real Men, beer-swilling fratboys sound like a bunch of 14-year-olds comparing their pee-pees.

  2. So whats next? Pillow fighting in the UFC? I can tell by the posts here of who actually played sports and the others who were trying on dresses. Quit turning everything into a PC world.

  3. That guy totally is guilty.

    He offered Richie Incognito a Baby Ruth to toughen up Jonathan Martin, and then slid down a pirate ship’s sail with Chunk on his back.

  4. Jim Turner served his country in the United States Marine Corps on the front lines as an infantry officer in Europe, the Middle East and Japan from 1990-94.

  5. So the guy was being a football coach. So now everyone is going to get a gold star for a good play and silver star for a not so good play. Society is getting so wimpy.

  6. It’s a slippery slope – if they start allowing profane language in sports, what’s next? Gays in the Arts?

    Seriously – profane language is not the issue here. Racism, abuse and intimidation – and a coaching staff that doesn’t seem to understand that one size doesn’t fit all when motivating players is the issue.

    Bill Parcells was among the toughest, most demanding coaches ever. But he was also adept at reading his players to know what would work best for each of them. He motivated Terry Glenn (“she”) differently than other players who were more sensitive (Bledsoe) and the proof of his ability to vary his approach was apparent in his W-L record.

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